Friday, September 7, 2012

Chapter 9: Geniuses Don't Need Goggles

After Ashlynn, Heath didn't think he would ever love again. But Bianca has stuck with him despite his commitment issues, still wants him even though middle age is creeping up on him.

He can't imagine being without her, so he does the one thing he'd never anticipated he would; he gets down on his knee and asks her to be his wife.

She accepts tearfully, holding him tight. 

There's no point in waiting, they decide, and plan a simple for this coming Saturday, just enough time to get something simple together for their relatives.

Graduation is also coming fast for Elliot and Rochelle, and she begun to reveal her plans for their future together. He's is school's star athlete, and he's dating the most popular girl in their class, and there's no question in Elliot's mind that this is the way everything should be, he'll marry Shell and they'll raise children whose lives will be as perfect as theirs were. 

After meeting with his mother, Farrell has begun researching MorcuCorp's history. They have their corporate statement of course, as bland and uninformative as any large company's. And they are the subject of much conjecture and  conspiracy theories surrounding their secretive research, some of it so improbable that Farrell wonders how anyone can take it seriously. Mummy shock troops unleashed on a small farm town, fairies held prisoner in secret labs, clones of former President Harris Landgraab running MorcuCorp from behind the scenes, intent on world domination. He's tried hacking into MorcuCorp's computers himself to find the truth, but, genius though he is, they've protected themselves with encryption algorithms he cannot decode.

As for Pearl herself, Farrell can only delve so far into her career history as a genetics researcher until she, too, disappears into the black hole of MorcuCorp. She had said he'd been 'bred' for genius, which can only mean she intended to get pregnant when she met his father, that, indeed, she had targeted Heath as part of some breeding program. Of course, everything he knows about his father would contradict the idea that someone would choose him to conceive a genius baby with. But, Heath and Pearl had produced Farrell, so she must have known something.

Heath's family history is open to anyone who wants to search any ancestry website, a long line of farming folk going back centuries until they get lost to a time before birth and population records were kept for posterity. There is seemingly nothing special about the Brannons, so why did Pearl select Heath as breeding partner?

Farrell takes a break from his research to mess around on his work bench while his athlete brother keeps himself in shape.

Geniuses don't need goggles.

As their wedding day approaches, Heath has a few nagging doubts. Does he really want to get married? Really?

He's at the top of his career, still bringing in the young audience with his romantic lyrics and golden voice. 

But he's not getting any younger, and he knows it. Making the marriage commitment is frightening, but not as frightening as the thought of losing Bianca. When Saturday comes, he's ready for his wedding.

Shasta is first to arrive for the party, and she has her own news. Brian recently graduated and they rekindled their romance. Rekindled to the point where she thinks she might be pregnant.

The coupe take their vows as the sun sets over the ocean.

By the time night falls, Heath is officially married.

Bianca thinks her sister Thelma could at least have put a dress on, even if she is pregnant. And those cowboy boots, what is she thinking?

While the boys say goodbye to their gusts, the newlyweds head up to their bedroom to celebrate, having decided to put off the honeymoon for a few days until after Elliot graduates.


Heath's new facial hair comes from a midlife crisis wish to get a beard. I like it. Hopefully Bianca likes it, lol.
Both Brian Lecocq and Marvin's husband Brad were invited to the wedding and actually showed up, but they both ran off as soon as they arrived. Sims, so annoying sometimes, lol.
Heath has achieved his Perfect Careers goal. And Elliot will be aging up the next day. Farrell ages up 5 days later. Soon, the gen 2 heir will be revealed.

My heir is already chosen and has been groomed for his roll, but boy, what a choice!

I admit I like Farrell little better. =D


  1. I really hope you chose Farrell, just considering the fact that you're pulling back the Morucorp storyline (And I friggin LOVE Morucorp).

    My guess is you rolled single with Help, and something bad is goanna happen to miss perfect- I mean Rochelle.

    1. I love MorcuCorp, too. And conspiracy theories with actual conspiracies to back them up.

  2. Pft, no contest. It must be Farrell.


    "Mummy shock troops unleashed on a small farm town, fairies held prisoner in secret labs, clones of former President Harris Landgraab running MorcuCorp from behind the scenes, intent on world domination"

    I got quite a kick out of that. =P

    1. Also, glad Shasta and Brian are back together, even if the poor boy did feel the need to knock her up to make sure she doesn't get away. x.x


      I also like that we get to know something about Heath's family background, even if it's simple. I remember in my first blog the founders popped up out of nowhere, as sims do. And then in my following blogs, the poor founders were just overloaded with backstory. Heath gets the middle road. xD

    2. Thanks, Becky, I got a kick out of that myself. Even though I don't continue my legacies through the same family all the time, I do end up tying them together. (And dragging yours in along with it). Blame MorcuCorp.

      I know, I'm happy Shasta and Brian got back together too. I look forward to seeing their baby, but, yeah, Brian was sure in a hurry to secure Shasta, lol.
      I wanted to give Heath a bit of a past to tie into his Green Thumb trait.

  3. I also like Farrell best. I think he would have a very fun story to read. Elliot would too, especially with his perfect life hopes. I have a feeling Rochelle won't live up to his expectations. Glad to hear that Shasta is gunna have a baby. I hope you can get pictures of it as it grows up. :D My sims never have babies after they move out. I don't know why, I have story progression enabled.

    Anyways, the simple wedding was nice, even if Bianca was upset with her sister's choice in outfit. I anticipate seeing who you choose as heir and seeing how the rest of Heath's life plays out. He has so much time left!

    1. Farrell certainly has the more interesting personality and story.
      I will definitely get pictures of Shasta and Brian's baby. =D
      I use Twallan's story progression, so I get lots of marriages and babies. EA story progression kind of fails to keep the town going.

      I loved having a beach wedding at sunset, it was so pretty.

  4. I like the title: "Geniuses don't need goggles" That's because they don't have a head for reality. lol

    I too, like Farrell, and I hope he gets chosen. Both boys are good looking though. :)

    1. LOL, I joke a lot about the no goggles for inventors. And I notice EA does make the chemistry set users put on full lab coats and goggles, lol.

      Well, if I had an heir vote, I guess I'd know who the winner is.

  5. I like Farrell's thoughts on why Pearl chose Heath. They made me laugh :)
    But then he has it right, she must have known something because Farrell was born.
    Nice to see that Heath took the step and married Bianca :)
    And Shasta looked very happy....

    I would vote Farrell. :)

    1. Thanks, Zhip! It's true, Pearl must have known something to make her select Heath as a breeding partner.
      I'm happy for Heath and Bianca too. And for Shasta, too.
      Farrell is very popular, I see. LOL, if only real life high school worked that way.

  6. Is it pronounced Fair-rell (like Will Ferrel) or Fah-rell? I'm pronouncing it both ways in my head dag-nammit.

    I love that boy! I hope he gets chosen as heir because the MoruCorp subplot is just too good to pass up. :) I'm intrigued as to why Heath was chosen as a breeding partner as well.

    The wedding was great! It looked like they both enjoyed it and I'm so glad that Heath has found someone to spend the rest of his life with after his sordid/tumultuous romantic past.

    1. It's pronounced like Colin Farrell. *swoons* *swoons again*
      I love him too. I mean, my Farrell. Also, Colin Farrell. *swoons*
      Yeah, the MorcuCorp subplot is pretty golden and hard to just drop on a spare.
      I really loved the beach wedding. The sunset was spectacular. And Heath finally has a partner. =D

    2. I get Colin Farrell and Colin Firth mixed up on a regular basis - just because they're both sexy Colin's. Just... throwing that out there.

      At least now I'll be pronouncing his name correctly. :D

  7. Hi - I'm finally catching up stories again - thanks for commenting on mine!

    You just HAVE to choose Farrell, his story is too perfectly intriguing, as all the others have already commented! I am not really fond of Rochelle and her 'perfect' family plans... bleh!

    I also love anything to do with MorcuCorp plots. I really got into it with Niua Simoa and my sister island (I've never written it publicly) "Survivor" story but I know its a long running Sims theme for many worlds including Al Simhara ... so many good sinister plot opps, I will likely incorporate some of it eventually into my legacy too. Love the reference to presidential conspiracy theories and mummy shock troops. Begs for zombie invasions too ... *starts plotting* ... I looooove zombies!

    1. Thanks, Envie. Farrell does have an interesting story, and I'm really getting antsy about *finally* getting my copy of SN so I can get back to it. I'm expecting it today and have been checking the mail like every hour.

      My long running MorcuCorp conspiracy theme started, for me, in my first legacy with an adventurer I had. Since then, MorcuCorp has popped up in all of my legacies, and in my Roman legacy, it became a major theme when one of my heirs (an adventurer again) started working for a Landgraab clone (my Landgraab clones predated EA's Lunar Lakes Landgraab family, lol) who was trying to get away from MorcuCorp. The references I made here are to that story, with one reference (mummy shock troops) to something from Becky's first legacy that I won't spoil here.
      I was a big X Files fan, and it really shows when I bring in the MorcuCorp plots, lol.

    2. Oh, if you were a big X Files fan, or love any of the Illuminati stuff, you might really enjoy the MMO "The Secret World" a lot! I 'officially' quit playing massive online games years ago, but TSW really dragged me in when it recently released under the radar of most gaming review expectations and was an immediate success. A real 'sleeper' game most won't understand but has SO much fun references to many X Files and other supernatural / occult stuff. I play it very casually now, maybe once or twice a week at most. The story missions are amazing, and difficult!

    3. I was very attracted by Secret World, it looked so awesome! Except, I don't really do MMOs, I'm a single player gamer. Though, if I ever did go for an MMO it would be that one, for sure.

    4. I can totally understand staying far from MMO's - they are a serious time-sink and life waster haha! (that's why I finally quit ages ago)

      However, I will say this, TSW has such an immersive roleplay / story line factor, its completely possible to play it like a single player game. Log on, do a few of the stories solo, log off. You don't even really have to interact with the other players in the game. I typically turn off the chat channels anyways because other players will invariably spoil the answer to a difficult puzzle mission you're trying to solve. :( - I really do play mostly solo like a single player game.

  8. What a beautiful wedding. Here's to a happy ending. I hope Shasta and Brian have a happy ending, too.

    Ah Morcucorp. They just never quit, do they? If you bring in another clone, I will laugh.

    Geniuses don't need goggles, eh? I guess goggles don't help much if your butt is on fire, but you never know...

    1. Thanks, it was a really lovely wedding. You can't go wrong with the beach at sunset.
      Brian and Shasta are going along well so far.

      Yeah, MorcuCorp. They arelike a Pinky and the Brain episode.."Hey Brain, what are we going to tonight?"
      " Same thing we do every night, Pinky, try to take over the world..."

      The Goggles do nothing.

  9. This chapter made me happy in all the right places. :-D

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed Heath and Bianca's wedding. And I miss that house so much.

  10. So happy Heath is finally happy in a committed relationship. :-)
    I like Farrell more too, not that makes any difference now lol.

    1. I was really happy Heath was able to find love and finally get married, too.
      Farrell was nearly everyone's favorite. He's still one of my favorite Sims ever.

  11. This was a happy and sweet chapter. :)

  12. lol, the woes of not controlling every sim. It can get frustrating at times ;)

  13. So glad Heath ended up being happy and settled down. I can only imagine what you have planned for the next generation. Farrell has a very interesting story going, and if he is not the heir I hope we can learn more about him and Heath's family linage.

    1. I was happy to see Heath finally settled as well.
      And there's most definitely more about the Brannon family lineage coming up. It consumes the next couple of generations, lol.