Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chapter 15: The Face of His Father

"Listen," Aouregan says, snuggling closer to Farrell, "The sun has barely set and the Hunt is already howling. They seem more...agitated...than is usual. Even for a full moon."

"Why are you so frightened of Ametair?" Farrell asks, "What is he? What has he done?"

"They say he is part man, part wolf. He prowls the forests at night with his pack, hunting humans."

"How much of what they say is true?" Farrell asks, "Have you ever seen him? Have he's killed anyone that you know of? Or is this all legend?" If it weren't for MorcuCorp's documents claiming this Ametair as one of his ancestors, Farrell would doubt his very existence as no more than, well, the medieval equivalent of an urban legend. Even Moth's claim to be acquainted with this Ametair is not enough to make Farrell believe with some hard evidence to prove it.

 "I've never seen him," Aouregan answers, her eyes grown wide, "I would not be so foolish as to go out into the woods at night. No one is, and that's why there have been no deaths, not in centuries."

"So, your people have been handing these tales down for generations about a werewolf that prowls the forest, but no one ever sees him?" Farrell asks, more skeptical than ever.

"Healer!" a shout and a loud banging on Aouregan's door interrupts them. "We need you!"

"That's Treveur Brannon," Aouregan recognizes the voice, "It must be serious, if he's come all this way through the woods so close to moonrise"

"It's Trifine," Treveur gasps as Aouregan opens her door for him, "As soon as the sun started to set, something...strange...happened to her. Her hands have become claws, fangs have sprouted from her jaw and fur has grown all over her body. She tried to run out into the woods, but we locked her in  her room. She's become wild, raving like a lunatic, demanding we let her out."

"I have never heard of anything like that," Aouregan says.

"Please, healer, you must come," Treveur pleads, "You must help us."

"I'll do what I can, of course," Aouregan answers, biting her lip, afraid that there will be nothing she can do.

Farrell stands back, watching the exchange. This man is a Brannon, and therefore one of his ancestors, but he can see no resemblance at all. That's not surprising, really, given the many generations that have passed between them.

"Wait here," Aouregan says to Farrll as she gathers up a supply of herbs and elixirs, not sure which, if any, will be of any use when she gets to Trifine, "I should be back by morning."

The Brannons are farmers, but not poor. Their crops have long sustained this village, and made them prosperous, allowing them to expand their homestead into an estate over the generations that they have worked this land.

Gayle Brannon rushes out to meet her husband and the healer as they approach, "Oh, thank the Lady, you have come," she says to Aouregan, "Quickly, quickly! Herve stands guard by her door, but I'm afraid she might break it down all the same in her fury."

Herve blocks the door with his body as Trifine pummels it with her fists, screaming at him to let her out. He hopes the door holds against he assault, for he's not sure he could use his sword against his own sister if it came to that.

Trifine gives up beating on the door and instead rattles the lattice covering her windows, but she cannot break the iron, and cannot get free this way either.

When Aouregan enters she finds Trifine slumped on the floor beneath her window. It is as Treveur described, her hands have become like claws, sharp fange protrude from her jaw, and hair grows over her body. Aouregan kneels to examine her more closely.

Trifine lunges at her as she draws too close, growling and snapping at her like a rabid dog.

Herve steps in, pulling his sister back. "What is happening to you, sister?" he asks sadly as he struggles in his arms.

Perhaps wandering the woods on his own wasn't the best idea, Farrell thinks as the howling of the wolves grows closer. But he has all the pieces of the puzzle before him, a girl of the Brannon family sick with an illness that sounds suspiciously like tales of a werewolf transformation, and his own mysterious ancestor, Ametair, described as half man, half wolf...their union is the beginning of the line MorcuCorp traced through his family tree. 

"Ametair?" he asks in a hoarse whisper hearing the soft approach of...something.

In a flash, he's knocked to the ground.

Farrell understands on a rational level that this fanged, clawed man snarling at him as he pins him down could rip him to pieces, and that he should be very afraid. But he looks up into his face without fear. Despite the claws, the fangs, what he sees is the face of his father, his own face looking down on him.

Ametair's nose wrinkles as he sniffs this intruder into his domain. "Kin?" he asks in his growling voice, easing his grip on Farrell, "How?"

"My name is Farrell Brannon," Farrell says, sure that the name alone will mean enough to give Ametair pause.

"Brannon," Ametair says, tugging Farrell up to his feet, "You aren't the Brannon I was expecting to meet with tonight."

"When the change came on Trifine, her family locked her up. Her father came to ask Aouregan for help," Farrell explains.

"What do you know about the change?" Ametair asks, "Who are you?"

"What I know is just myth and legend, but I see some of it at least must be true," Farrell says, "I am your descendant, Ametair. I've come here from the future, looking for my past."

"My descendant...a Brannon," Ametair says, "My Trifine is your ancestor as well then. She...she is my mate. My...wife. She wanted to be like me, to join my pack. Because I cannot be like her, join her family. She was supposed to meet me here before the change took her, and stay with me."

"But her family has prevented her from coming to you. So we must go to them," Farrell says.

"I'm not sick," Trifine groans once they've calmed her down and got her to sit on her bed. "I'm like him now. Ametair," she says his name almost defiantly, knowing the superstition that makes her people afraid to even whisper it, in case the sound of his name might summon him.

Aouregan does back away from her a little, instinctively, but forces herself to stay by her side and try not to shudder.

"What did he do to you?' she asks in a whisper. The stories about him tell of monstrous depravities.

"He loves me," Trifine says, "As I love him. I asked for this, Aouregan. He told me it would painful, and that it would make me an outcast, but I insisted. I want to be with him, to be like him."

"It seems a high price to pay, for love," Aouregan observes.

"It's not," Trifine says vehemently, snapping, then backing off again, holding her head in her hands, "The transformation comes only at the full moon. The rest of the time, he is, and I will be, normal in appearance, and less wild. Please, healer, convince my parents that there is nothing wrong with me, and to let me go. I must be with him, and I must hunt."

Herve greets the intruders with a snarl. Nothing so fierce as what a werewolf can do, but it does convey his anger. "You dare!" he growls.

Ametair lifts the young man by the throat, growling, "You will not keep me from her, mortal."

"That's probably not the best way to get acquainted with her family," Farrell observes, "You should probably put him down."

Ametair shoves Herve roughly against the wall.

"Or, you can just force your way in," Farrell says wryly.

"He's here!" Trifine cries, rising from the bed at the same time as Ametair bursts through her chamber door. They meet in a tight embrace.

"Unhand my daughter!" Treveur shouts, his outrage overcoming the sheer terror of having his home invaded by the legendary monster he'd been taught to fear since before he could walk.

Trifine takes her lover by the hand and brings him to her father. "Ametair is my husband," she says, her chin thrust forward defiantly, "If you cannot accept him as a son, then I will have to leave you forever, for I will not be parted from him."

Questions and accusations come forth in a jumble as Treveur tries to come to terms with what his daughter is telling him.

Leaving the family to discuss their business in private, Aouregan turns to Farrell. "How did you know?' she asks. 

"I never believed werewolf stories, but I recognized the details in the symptoms Treveur described to you. Ametair is my ancestor, and I am a Brannon. This where it began."

"What if you hadn't been here?" Aouregan asks him when they are alone in her bed, "Without you, her family may have kept her from him, or maybe killed him. Or she might have slipped away from them and disappeared into the forest, and her descendants would not carry the Brannon name. Do you think you ensured your own existence just by being here to help see this resolved peacefully?"

"It's possible," Farrell answers, "There's so much I don't know, that I may never know, about what I'm doing here, what MorcuCorp wants from me, or how much of what I do is just part of their master plan," He wraps an affectionate hand over her buttocks, "Maybe Ametair and Trifine would have found a way to be together even without my intervention. Maybe the reason MorcuCorp pointed me to this time, this place, was not to find my origin, but to meet my future. To meet you."


I keep forgetting to mention, the name Ametair is taken from a fae character in the game Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. In that game, he's a fae who is the embodiment of the hunt. Most of the names I use  for my dragons in Summerdream are Celtic, primarily Welsh, names but when Riain and Shayeleigh were expecting, I happened to be doing the mission involving Ametair in KoA, and the name, along with him being the Hunt embodied, really struck me. KoA also frequently uses Celtic names for its characters, but a google search for Ametair brought up nothing. The closest I could find was Amaethon, but he's more of an agricultural god than anything to do with the hunt.

Aouregan's name is Breton Celtic meaning 'shining gold'. One of the many variants of that name is Oregon, which is a name I frequently use for Sims. Though, lol, I always thought it was Native American in origin, like many of our state's names are in the U.S.
Trifine, Treveur and Herve are also Breton Celtic names.

I have no idea why my werewolves' eyes aren't glowing. They glowed fine in CAS, and toddler Ametair's eyes (in Summerdream, where he was born) glow just fine. My censor blur remover mod (Twallan's) is updated. The eyes also glow in their portraits, just not in game. So, forgive the non-glowy eyes.

I promised a copy of Aouregan to Heaven. She is saved with no Store or CC stuff, and her outfits are pretty random, as I assume anyone downloading her would want to dress her themselves. She is saved as a witch, so she does require SN. Download HERE (mediafire)


  1. I think their non-glowy eyes look just fine. I didn't even notice they weren't glowing until you pointed it out in your post-blurb.

    I love the way you're telling this story, with Farrell's presence ensuring things go the way they were supposed to. It's one of my favourite time travel tropes. Assuming of course that is what happened.

    Why must you always bring out my inner romantic? Becoming an awful werewolf for love... *Swoons*

    1. Thanks, Cece. We'll probably never know if Farrell's actions ensured things happened the way they were supposed to or not. While he helped Ametair and Trifine get together, it's impossible it would have happened without him. I love the various pardox issues that come with time travel and wanted to leave a lot of room for doubt.

  2. Here, the picture of the two weres talking to the father was somehow very cute. Their jaws were just set in a very... puppyish way. If that makes sense.

    I'm really admiring all the trouble you must've gone through for the sets and costumes.

    1. The sun is directly in my eyes. I had to drape a blanket over my monitor to read your update.

      I'm blaming this for the extraneous "here" beginning my first comment.

    2. I went through a lot of effort to make the werewolf faces as normal as possible, because the way EA handles it the transformed Sims are pretty unrecognizble. But the jaw underbite was necessary to see the fangs, and it is a little funny looking.

      The set and costumes are also a lot of work. I've downloaded some lots to help out, though even those I feel the need to tweak at least a little. When Summerdream moves into the middle ages, I will at least have some of the sets ready.

  3. AAAAGHH This chapter was so good!! I love the time travel aspect! (Medieval European themes are some of my favorites.)

  4. I like all the creative fantasy names, thanks for explaining where they came from historically and from another game, that's neat! I play a lot of other fantasy games but haven't done single player rpg in a long time. I'm living vicariously through your sims for that haha!

    I appreciated Farrell's cool/calm demeanor when advising his ancestor how it might be best to get his wife back, haha that was great!

    1. Outside of Sims single player rpgs is pretty much all I play, lol. I'm afraid I'm more familiar with the Standard Fantasy Setting ( than real medieval history. Though I do have a smattering of that as well from art history, because you can't understand the art and architecture without at least some knowledge of the politics and culture.

      I love Farrell. I kind of see him as almost Spock-like, but not to the point of pardoy. (So, I won't have him say 'fascinating' all the time, but it's in my head.

    2. Yeah my knowledge of actual historical medieval life is pretty slim and likely forever distorted by the fantasy game genre too. Haha, that's ok - the reality wasn't nearly as romantic or chivalrous, and in fact was quite crude and unexciting for the most part. I also caught you saying "It is known" once, somewhere in a comment. I picked up on it immediately. ;) I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan as well, one of my most favorite series of books and now the HBO series too. THAT is how I imagine the fantasy medieval setting... moreso than a Tolkien sort of world though those were the first I ever read as a tween.

    3. Yay, someone caught my silly GoT reference. One of the things I love about that series is it deals with political intrigue much more than the standard fantasy fare. So far there hasn't been any hordes of always chaotic evil to fight; though there are characters who are sinister and conniving, they aren't some menacing eye of doom on top of a tower, they are people with faults and weaknesses and even the worst of them usually have a shred of decency that shows itself occasionally. (Except for that little shit Joffrey, lol) Though I am looking forward to seeing more about the Others, they could take the always chaotic evil route, but since we know so little about what they are, I'm hoping Martin will give them more depth than that when winter finally comes. I also love that the magic is toned way down, and the story is much more human and real. I loved Tolkien as a tween myself, but I tend to be more interested in grayer stories, not so much the good vs. evil meeting in an epic battle trope that Tolkien exemplifies.

    4. I totally agree! I'm definitely interested in 'gray characters' who display realistic flaws as well as good/bad motivations. That's why my sims always tend to have at least one flaw that brings them down a notch or two (or in the case of my founder, a few of them haha). GoT is amazing, absolutely amazing. To me, Martin is the modern day Tolkien (as far as epic writing goes), and sadly his works probably won't get nearly the accolades until he's passed away in time as well. I also agree Martin's world is more gritty and real. Low fantasy (less magic) seems more intriguing to me, making magic more rare and special. Your "little shit Joffrey" remark made me laugh because that's the exact title I gave him too. ;) But he gets his paybacks soon we know! I don't really like the way HBO portrayed the Others at the end of last season, a bit too Day of the Dead for me, but hey - they've done a bang up job with the drama and character portrayals so I'm anxious to see next season. Also hoping Martin gets the next book out sooner than his last, my gawd we waited so many years. :(

  5. Non-glowy eyes thing is a bug. I read that using resetsim with MC, may temporarily fix it, but that it comes back the next time you reload the game. Unfortunately! (I've just ignored the fact that my werewolves' eyes don't glow anymore.)

    I love Celtic/Welsh names. The names you pick out for your sims fits them so well! And Ametair, yet another good looking sim!

    I really love how Farrell handles himself! Nothing seems to bother him, he just stays calm. How sad that his week timer is clicking away---

    Terrific chapter! You do such a great job of weaving both Summerdream and the Brannon stories together! :)

    1. Yeah, I won't want to have to reset every time, that's just a pain. So I'll probably just deal with the non-glowy eyes.

      I've been using Celtic names in all my legacis pretty much, because I love them. But in this story and Summerdream I get to use the weirdest ones, lol. I'll probably steal a few more names from KoA, too, because I like those as well.

      Thanks so much, Nirar!

  6. So are those wolves/dogs with Ametair other werewolves, or are they just wolves/dogs? xD

    1. Those are just wolves. Ametair has been living sort of alone with his 'pack', who at this point are just other wolves. Not that he's completely cut off from his fae/dragon kin. But that's for Summerdream more than this story.
      I'm not doing a great job syncing the two blogs, I wanted to get Summerdream up into the middle ages by now but I have more stuff to tie up there before I can move on, and I didn't want to hold my legacy back.

  7. Loved the chapter! It's fascinating to think about what effect Farrell being there had on events and whether Ametair and Trifine got together. I also loved Farrell's various comments to his ancestor - so funny!

    1. Thanks, Ali! Time travel paradoxes are fun. I'm hoping to get a lot more complicated with them as this story goes on.

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    Farrell stands calmly by as a werewolf throws an ancient relative against the wall. And his comments throughout, Too funny. :)
    The Brannon farm looks amazing :) And their clothes and the everything, lovely sets and gorgeous pictures.
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    1. Thanks,zhip! Farrell's detachment is pretty funny, I'm really enjoying his character. It will be very difficult for him to leave, but he's going to work hard at finding a way to bring Aouregan into his time with him.

  9. "You should probably just put him down."

    This is why I love Farrell. He reminds me of my brother with Asperger's when he says things like that.

    I hope the old Brannons learn to accept Trifine and Ametair.

    Will Elliot and Shelly actually notice Farrell is gone or will no time have passed when he returns? Or can you not say yet?

    1. Thanks, Hayley! Farrell has been an interesting character for me to write.

      I'm trying to stick fairly close to the Sims reality of things, so Farrell's time travel trip would only take a few hours of his life back at home, and Shelly and Elliot won't notice he's gone.

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    1. Thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying it. Have fun with Aouregan. =D

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    1. Thanks, mypal!
      Ametair has kind of dropped out of sight in Summerdream, but he'll be around during the medieval era there, too.

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    1. MorcuCorp does love setting traps for people...

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      I love Farrell and Aouregan, too. =D

  14. But..if Gael is her mother and Treveur is supposed to be her father...isn't she really Ametair's daughter? Maybe I am remembering things wrongly as it has been a very long time since I started the Summerdream story...

    1. She's Morvyn's daughter. Though at the time I was writing this part of the Brannons, I didn't even know Morvyn was going to exist and was writing as though Trifine was actually Treveur's child.

      That's another story that I'm looking forward to expanding on in Summerdream. The events there won't happen exactly like they did here, since it's an alternate universe. And the fact that Trifine's real father is actually a dragon will be important as well.