Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chapter 8: You Never Saw Me

Heath drops by Shasta's house early on Saturday.

Marvin had the same idea an is already there.

"You were right, you know," Shasta tells him, "Things have totally changed now that I'm an adult."

"Got tired of feeling chained to a kid in high in school?" Heath asks, and Shasta nods.

"I felt so bad telling him I wanted to break it off," she says,  "But, it was just too weird, you know? Every conversation with him revolved on what was going on in school. It just felt wrong."

Marvin had felt quite the opposite; he waited for his high school boyfriend and never even considered breaking it off. Now that Brad has graduated, the two of them are married and are adopting a little girl.

"That's quite a big decision, adopting a child," Heath says, "You're awfully young..."

"No younger than you were when you had Elliot," Marvin pints out.

"True enough," Heath laughs, "At least you're better prepared than I was. I was such a mess."

"If it weren't for you...well, who knows where I'd be," Marvin says. "Thanks for everything."

Bianca's father has passed on.

No stranger to mourning, Heath consoles her as best as he can, inviting her to spend the night with him.

Early the next morning, Bianca checks on the stove, worried it might have been left on all night.

As he gets breakfast going, Elliot tries not to ogle his father's topless girlfriend in the kitchen.

"Baby," Heath says, coming downstairs to find Bianca wandering around less than half-dressed, "I have two teenage boys here. You really should get dressed before you leave my room."

Elliot is totally not staring at Bianca's ass.

Heath gets Bianca back upstairs and into some clothes. And then thinks about getting her out of her clothes again.

With her father's recent death, Bianca has been thinking about her parents, their loving marriage, and happy family. When she chose music as her career, she was aiming for a different lifestyle altogether. But sometimes, and much more of late, she's been thinking about how alone she really is. Her siblings all have families of their own, and when her mother follows her father into the graveyard, she'll have no one. 

"We've been together awhile now," she says in a small voice, glancing at the photos he keeps of himself and Elliot's mother like some kind of shrine, worried she'll never have a ral place in Heath's life, "Do you think...I mean, how do you feel about me? About us?"

"I love you, Bianca," Heath answers. He's always regretted not saying that to Ashlynn before it was too  late, being afraid of the commitment those words implied. It's not a mistake he plans to repeat, "And I'm serious about us. You're the only woman in my life, you know that."

Bianca  smiles at his word, and doesn't bring up the other woman in the pictures behind him. How do you compete with a ghost?

Farrell got a strange email asking him to be at Doug's Hangout on Sunday afternoon. So of course he showed up. How else would he find out who sent the email?

A blonde woman in braids sits beside him as he has a drink.

"I'm Mei-zhen," she says barely opening her lips and not looking at him at all, as though she's talking to herself.

"Beautiful Pearl," he translates her name. Farrell has been studying Chinese in his free time, or sometimes during class when it gets too boring. "You're my mother," he deduces.

Pearl's eyes widen beneath her sunglasses. She should have expected this, she tells herself, he is her son after all. "Keep your voice down. Try not to look at me," she says.

"Did you escape from prison?" Farrell asks.

"There's more than one kind of prison," she says, "I'm afraid I will never be truly free. I tried to give you the freedom I can never have."

"Explain," Farrell says, the one word being all that needs to be said.

"It's better for you that I don't. I came here only to give you this one warning, stay below the radar. I know you're brilliant, a genius, it's what you were bred for. Your school will push you towards a career in science. But, if you value your freedom, you'll stay away from any kind of research that will make you known in the scientific community. Above all, stay away from MorcuCorp. They're looking for me, and they're looking for you."

"What do you mean I was 'bred'?" Farrell asks, "You and my father met by chance, and I was the accidental result of that meeting."

Pearl turns away, "You better go," she says, not answering his question, "I won't be able to contact you again. You never saw me."

Wrinkles. Heath is getting older.

"You're still the sexiest man alive," Bianca assures him when he asks her if she still wants to date a man so much older than her.

"What are you reading?" Elliot asks.

"The Warlock of Palladia," Farrell answers, not looking up from his book, and ignoring as much as he can of his brother's idle breakfast chatter.

"Dude, you a worse at this than my sister!" Elliot taunts Brian as they play some ball after school.

Just the mention of Shasta makes Brian all emotional, and Elliot regrets his ill-chosen words.

"Have you talked to her?" Brian asks, "Do you think you could? Tell her I still love her?"

Elliot sighs, "I don't think Shasta wants relationship advice from her kid brother," he points out. "She's not dating anyone, as far as I know, so maybe when you graduate, you can ask her out..."

Elliot escapes Brian's heartbroken pleas for help to go home for dinner, finding Farrell seated in the same spot he was in this morning, glued to his book like he'd never left.

"Can you help me out with my homework?" he asks, "This geometry stuff is kicking my ass."

"I'm almost finished, just a couple of pages more."

"Yeah? Is it that good? What's it about?"

"I wouldn't want to give you any spoilers."

Elliot laughs, "It's not like I'm going to actually read it."

"Then you probably don't really care what it's about," Farrell observes.

"That's true," Elliot admits, "I was just making small talk."

As son as Farrell is done with his book, he helps his older brother with his geometry. Elliot will never understand how Farrell can know so much about a subject he hasn't even had a class in yet, but he doesn't really care, either, as long as he can get the help he needs.

Marvin experiences the embarrassment of running into his father while coming out of the photobooth after a little woohoo with his new husband. Having been there and done that quite literally, Heath is completely unfazed.

As father and son hug in greeting, Brad tears up he evidence of what went on in the photobooth.

Marvin and Heath catch up on each other's lives, while Brad thinks about having another go in the photobooth.

Heath leaves the newlyweds to each other and goes to set up the stage for his gig.


  1. Hahaha Elliot and Bianca was too funny! What a great picture. :P

    Now I'm curious about Farrell's mom, what did she mean he was bred?

    I think that Heath should give Bianca a chance. He isn't getting any younger as his wrinkles prove. And maybe, just maybe, one more baby would be good. :D

    It's sad seeing your sim kids move away, I always hate choosing an heir and I can't help but have a baby before the mother gets too old. I just get too attached to my sims I guess.

    1. I'd love to see what a kid from Bianca and Heath would look like. =D
      Farrell's mom did drop a kind of bomb there, didn't she. For now it's a mystery, but I'll be getting into that more later.
      I get attached to my Sims, too, it's hard letting the pares go and hard to watch my heirs get old and die. But it's good we have blogs so we cn go bck and look at them again. And of course I save all mine in the bin so I can use them again and again in other towns.

  2. Ooh, what did Farrell's mum mean by him being bred? That sounds highly intriguing as story potential!

    1. Thanks, Ali! She let more slip out than she meant to, and there's definitely a story there.=D

  3. Haha! I have never seen a sim rip up photos from the booth. That's priceless.

    Poor Brian. =(

    And I gotta disagree with you Farrell... sometimes it's cool to know what people are interested in, even if you don't share those interests.

    The Pearl thing has me intrigued. Genetically engineered super genius genes? =D

    1. Oh... and given what we've learned... or the questions that have now been risen... is Farrel a play on the word "feral"?

    2. No, lol, it's not a play on feral, it's just a name I like.

  4. They do that after every photobooth woohoo, lol.
    I really hope SP gets Shasta and Brian back together when he ages up. Or at least settles them both happily with someone else eventually.
    Farrell's not really a people person, lol.
    In Sunlit Tides, Pearl works in the science career, and her description has her concerned that her 'life-altering' scientific discoveries go unnoticed because she's so pretty. That's a little trite, lol, but I stuck onto the idea that she's done important 'life-altering' scientific research. And you know me and my crazy conspiracy theories about Big Science as it run by MorcuCorp. Yes, yes, MorcuCorp again. But, no Landgraab clones this time I promise. Maybe.

    1. But...but...I loved the Landgraab clones.

    2. Well, I'd have to retcon, my Roman legacy a little, since Geoffrey Landgraab declared his intentions of being the last Landgraab clone when he took over MorrcuCorp.
      But maybe he didn't really destroy all of Harris Landgraab's DNA and MorcuCorp has been saving it..hmm....but anyway, Farrell is obviously not a Landgraab clone.

  5. Farrell is STUNNING, I just love him :D He definitely seems Aspie to me, glad he has a big brother to protect him :D

  6. Thanks, ebec, I'm pretty happy with how Farrell came out, too. And it's true, life would be a lot harder for him if he didn't have a protective older brother.

  7. Elliot looking at Bianca's ass was priceless - loved it! She's so cute too, glad Heath's still serious about her, would be nice for him to have someone to grow old with after all those years of raising kids!

    Loved the photobooth scene with Marvin and Brad, hah!

    I think its his hairstyle and hair color, but I think Brian is just the most adorable boy, I hope he gets back with Shasta, they'd make a pretty family together!

    The mysterious words of Farrell's MIA Mother was cool - and his matter-of-fact blunt conversation with her without a lot of emotion was spot-on, I must say. :)

    1. It would be nice for Heath to have someone to grow old with. And so far, despite the Commitment Issues, he hasn't rolled any wishes to break up with her. So, so far so good.
      I love that with woohooer, non-active Sims will autonomously woohoo. Marvin and Brad really did get right back into that photobooth once Heath left them alone. Newlyweds, lol.
      Brian is adorable. He looks lot like his mother, who is also very cute. I'd like to see him get back together with Shasta, too. But SP can be a bitch sometimes. We'll see.
      I'm glad you are enjoying Farrell's character. =D

  8. Oooh--a mystery. *eats popcorn*

    Sounds like there's another long story I'll have to read, the Roman Legacy. If nothing else to see where Wolf comes in! (I don't think I'll ever catch up on all these stories!)

    1. Yup, there is a little mystery here. ;D

      Well, if you want the story of the Landgraab clones, the Roman legacy is where that is. And it's also where the fairy and dragon characters from Summerdream make their first appearance. But Wolf Roman, I'm afraid, is not in that legacy. He was actually the 10th generation heir of my Foster Enmity legacy. The 9th generation Enmities all ended up taking their father's last name, Roman, so the last generation in that legacy has that name, as well as the first generation of of the Roman legacy, which was founded by the Gen 9 spares from the Enmity legacy. LOL, that just sounds like such a soap opera.

  9. Elliott's eyes on Bianca's ... funny funny! and the little smirk he had on his face was perfect :)
    I am happy for Heath that he is feeling well and is in love with Bianca. Maybe he will marry her.
    Farrell is such a handsome boy. His personality is very blunt. Succinct. I love him :)
    I can only say poor Brian about Brian. Elliott is such a clowny, normal teen compared to his very unique family ... Looking forward to reading more, this is such a captivating story :)

    1. Thank you, Zhip, I'm so happy you like this story. =D
      Heath has found love and happiness at last. And he's getting older, so maybe it's time for him to settle down.
      Farrel did grow up well, I must say. And I do love writing the blunt, succint types.
      Poor Brian is right, that has to be hard to have your first love grow up and leave you behind. SP hasn't made either Shasta or Brian get involved with anyone else since breaking them up, so I have hope they can get back together when he's YA.
      Elliot is just a regular guy, lol.

  10. I love Farrell. Short, sweet and to the point. Who needs social niceties, anyway?

    I still don't trust Pearl. Not one bit.

    Eliot and Bianca's photo is hilarious.

    1. Farrell certainly doesn't have much use for social societies,or society,really, lol.
      Pearl isn't really very trustworthy, is she?
      And Elliot is scarred for life! Okay, not really...

  11. OH snap! Mysteries abrewing. Poor Brian. He and Shasta made a really good pair. I'm sad she had to be all grown up. It makes a lot of sense, though.

    1. Farrell's life starts to get complicated after this.
      I let SP handle Shasta and Brian's relationship, but it really it makes more sense to me that a grown woman wouldn't want to be attached to a guy stillin high school.

  12. Oh yeah, totally not looking at her ass. Mmmhm.

    Yes, Heath, u r still damn sexy even if you have a few wrinkles!
    Poor Brian. My heart goes out to him.

    Wow! Hello again, Pearl.! Geez imagine meeting your mother for the firsttime like that. No hug. Nothing.
    That science company that I'll embarrass myself if I try to spell it without scrolling up is scary. They're always the evil guys.

    1. Oh , that scene was fun. Bianca was such an exhibitionist.
      Heath was a fine looking Sim. And poor Brian, that was tough for him.

      Farrell and Pearl's first meeting was odd, and not very maternal. But I think Farrell would have been put off if she tried to get affectionate.
      And yeah, MorcuCorp are always the evil guys. They've been evil in my previous legacies, too. It's like a running theme with me, lol.

  13. Awe Newlieweds. That's so adorable. ;)

    I wonder what's up with Ferrall's mom? So strange. :P

    1. Farrell's Mom does have a lot of secrets.
      And Heath finally got married, I was so happy for him.

  14. I love how the women in your story are so nonchalant about their nudity. Lol. I hope Heath and Bianca get their happily ever after. Also, I find the story surrounding Pearl to be very intriguing and I hope we find out what all that was about.

    1. It's my fault, I give them topless sleepwear, so they don't know their tits are out for everyone to see.
      You will definitely get to see more of Pearl and her backstory.