Friday, September 21, 2012

Chapter 12: It's Supposed to Be Perfect

Finding the fuel needed to power his time machine was a huge step forward, but Farrell still has a long way to go before his project is completed. At least the different components he's had to build to construct it can also be produced for sale on their own.

As he finishes his business with the cashier at the consignment store, he hears someone come in through the saloon style doors. He doesn't have to see her to know who it is; he couldn't explain how he knows, he just does, though that knowledge defies all logic.

"Mei Zhen," he greets her by the name she used when he last saw her. Which was also the first and only time he'd ever seen her. "You said we'd never meet again."

"I also warned you to stay below the radar, and avoid MorcuCorp. Instead, you marched right into their lair."

"Are you saying MorcuCorp knows I infiltrated the Landgraab estate in Champs les Sims?" Farrell asks.

"Have you ever wondered why such a powerful and secretive organization stores important files in chateau protected only by antique traps that are so easily disarmed by anyone with a decent level of mechanical expertise?" Mei Zhen asks, and then continues without stopping for his answer, "They use it as bait to lure in people like you, Farrell. People willing to do whatever is needed to get the information they seek. Whatever you found in there was left for you to find."

"MorcuCorp wants me to go searching for my ancestors," Farrell says, "Why? And why did you choose Heath Brannon as a breeding partner?"

"I didn't choose him, MorcuCorp did," Mei Zhen says with a slight shrug, "I'm the product of a long series of experiments in genetic engineering. I have no parents; I was designed to be perfect, my DNA specially crafted in the lab. I spent my childhood being trained for covert missions, educated in genetics to continue the work that had gone into creating me, and being indoctrinated to serve MorcuCorp's quest for world domination. But even though I was completely their tool, I was also no more than a tool, so they didn't tell me why they'd selected your father as a breeding partner for me, or why they even thought it necessary that I breed naturally instead of merely using my DNA as a base to create...whatever it is they were trying to create with you. They simply told me who my target was, and I went after him."

"None of what you're telling me fits with the fact that you'd been arrested for robbing a bank. That you'd made a career of bank robbery before you'd even met my father. MorcuCorp must have had better ways of acquiring money than sending one their specially crafted, genetically perfect operatives to rob banks," Farrell says, suddenly doubting everything his mother had been telling him. 

"No, they didn't need the money. I was designed for stealth, quick thinking, speed and strength. Sending me into the world to test those qualities was just part of my training," she says.

Farrell cocks his head to one side, putting all the pieces together, "Why did you go to a regular hospital to give birth to me? Didn't you know the police would find you there? And doesn't MorcuCorp have basic hospital facilities?"

Mei Zhen looks away, her eyes focused on some point in the distance, like she's looking into the past, "One thing MorcuCorp did not anticipate was how pregnancy would affect me. Maybe they thought I was too thoroughly indoctrinated to turn on them, or that I was incapable of real feeling. But when I carried you inside me, my child, I wanted better for you than what I had, growing up in a lab, raised to serve another's will. I wanted you to be free, to have a real life. So, I botched a bank robbery, leaving fingerprints and DNA at crime scene, letting the security cameras record my face, so when I went to the hospital to give birth, I would be easily identified. They put me in prison, and they took you away from, gave you to your father. I never got to hold you," she says, turning to look him in the eyes, "But I got you away from MorcuCorp. Make no mistake, they know where you are, and they watch you. But even they wouldn't go so far as to kidnap a child; their need to stay out of the public eye would prevent them from taking that risk. Now that you are an adult, however, they will start making their moves on you. They already have, feeding you just enough information to lure you closer to them..."

"Like what you're doing now?" Farrell asks, folding his arms across his chest, "You're with MorcuCorp still, aren't you? Why should I trust anything you say?"

Mei Zhen smiles proudly. "You shouldn't, my son. Never trust anything that MorcuCorp has touched."

After proving himself in performances at the park, Elliot finally gets an indoor gig at the lIttle Lennon Coffeehouse. His female fans always appreciate how limber he is.

He and Rochelle had always planned on being married, it was something they'd decided when they were still in high school. Of course the king and queen of the prom would be united forever. But Elliot wanted to wait until his career was solid before making it official. Now that he's got steady gigs and a decent fan base, Elliot decided it was time to propose.

The couple then wasted no time arranging for their wedding.

"You look gorgeous," Elliot says, seeing her in her gown for the first time.

"Your ret--your brother is going to ruin everything. He refuses to wear a tie!"

"Shell, Farrell can't possibly ruin this, okay? No one would care if he was wearing a clown suit; everyone will be too dazzled by what a beautiful bride you are to notice my brother at all," Elliot says with an indulgent smile. It does the trick, as Rochelle immediately perks up again.

"Mother!" Rochelle wails as her parents arrive to the party, "Are you deliberately trying to humiliate me? Why can't you and Dad dress like normal people instead of like freaks? This is MY WEDDING! It's supposed to be PERFECT!"

Elliot greets his father-in-law to be, Coby Sheffield. 

"She's a bit of handful," Coby comments with a wry smile.

Rochelle's parents are long used to their daughter's criticisms of their clothes, lifestyle and attitudes, so they just continue to ignore her as they've always done.

Marvin and Brad show up. The couple now have three adopted daughters. Marvin has made it his mission to gives homes to uncared for children the way he was given a home by Heath. Brad's mission is mostly to steal money from his campaign funds, but no one knows about that. It's a secret mission.

Shasta gives her sincere congratulation to Rochelle. Shelly is outraged that her sister-in-law to be would dare wear her hair the same way she does on her WEDDING DAY, but she manages to keep it to herself and just smiles and says thank you. Criticizing her own family is one thing, but Elliot's family is off limits, she's learned.

Rochelle gives her make up a quick touch up before the ceremony. She has to look PERECT.

Heath is overcome with emotion to see his son getting married.

As the bride and groom share their first official kiss as a married couple, Stina casts a longing glance at her own husband, planning to relive her own wedding night when they get home.

No one noticed that Farrell wasn't wearing a tie.

Despite the questionable wardrobe selections made by some, if not most, of her gusts, Rochelle finds herself more than satisfied with her wedding. Her husband is perfect, after all, so she couldn't really want for more.

No one noticed that Farrell slipped away from the party early, eager to get back to his work bench. He didn't even bother changing out of his formals first.

After their gusts have all gone home, Elliot and Rochelle celebrate out at the Ozone Lounge.

And get frisky in the elevator before heading back to their nuptial bed.

Elliot's collection of mementoes now includes his first SimFest trophy.

Very soon after the wedding, Elliot and Rochelle are expecting their first child.

Now that he's getting more gigs, Elliot tries a new stage costume.

"I swear, you make even the stupidest costume look just to die for sexy," Rochelle says.

"So, you like it?"

"You'll definitely make your fans happy wearing that."

Though he didn't choose team sports asa career, Elliot never gave up on his game, and he's still got it.

In the words of famous inventor Lyle Carlton, "Goggles are completely useless when you set your ass on fire. The only safety equipment an inventor need is shower in a can. A lot of it." Farrell keeps several cans of shower in a can handy whenever he's working.


I was so on the fence about having a wedding party for Elliot and Shell. Because it would take up a whole day that could be better spent inventing, farming and performing. But, there was no way someone like Shelly would forgo her own wedding party, and Elliot would of course want his whole family to be with him on a day like this, so wedding party it was.

Rochelle's parents actually went home from the wedding a conceived another child, lol. Coby aged up to elder the next day.

Farrell is working hard on getting that time machine, and has suffered multiple ass fires and electrocutions in the process. The Lyle Carlton referred to was from my McDermott legacy. He also suffered multiple ass fires while inventing.

Does Shelly remind you of anyone famous?

Her favorite color is even Hot Pink. I kid you not. Though I've not let her decorate using that color yet. But I should, as she's more hilarious the more you just accept she's a plastic doll.


  1. I love Shelly! XD She never fails to make me laugh, even when she's a bitch. How the hell did Coby and Stina make such an A-type kid?

    Elliot's outfit... Mrr~ Cece approves, and wishes for more photos. Damn he's good looking.

    1. I know, I get a laugh whenever I think of Shelly being Stina & Coby's. But you know, personality wise, Shelly does have a bit of her mother in her. I mean, if you remove Stina's goth facade, she was kind of a popularity bitch like Shelly is, lol.

      I agree, Elliot really is good looking, and he can rock those silly acrobat costumes.

  2. Aww ... Farrell's Mom set the whole bank robbery thing up to save him, that's awesome, LOVED that plot bit! A Mother's instincts often override everything else, and I'm so glad she was no exception even with Morcucorp's tinkering with her!

    Elliot's definitely hot in that new costume, haha! So glad Barbie-Shell kept it together for her wedding and didn't make a scene about anything. I actually knew a girl who was actually similar to her ... her parents were really wild hippies and she ended up growing up super uptight and businesslike much to her parents horror. It goes to show rebellion can go both ways I guess, hah! (hey this gives me a little inspiration for my own story!)

    1. Thanks, Envie. I'm enjoying my twisted MorcuCorp plots, and I'm glad you are enjoying them too. Pearl (Mei Zhen) can be as cold and calculatng as any MorcuCorp operative, but she does have real maternal feelings for her son.

      I think Elliot is a good influence on Shell. She's stil a bitch, but she didn't go full on bridezilla, lol.

  3. Elliot and Rochelle are such a cute couple. Rochelle does look a lot like Barbie! And I absolutely loved her parents! lol And Rochelle is expecting a baby already! Woot!

    Farrell looked awfully handsome in his formal clothes! If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the shirt he is wearing? The butt fires---that is what ultimately killed Ethan. I have learned and now I place a fire alarm!!

    Probably could have done a lot more skilling type stuff, but I sure enjoyed reading about their wedding! :D

    1. I think Elliot and Shell are cute too. He's even kind of Ken-like, lol. With a 5 children roll, I had to get the breeding on soon. Though I can atleast have Farrell be responsible for one or two of the kids, depending on how that goes.

      Farrell did look handsome, I thought so too. That top is from the store, I forget which set. I always have my inventors stock up on shower in a can because of the butt fires. There's no way I'm letting Farrell die, he has too much story left. =D

      I'm glad I did the wedding too. I'm very anxious for Farrell to finish that time machine, but one day off wasn't too bad and it made a fun chapter.

  4. Yay. =)

    I loved the wedding scene. And how Farrell didn't bother changing out of his formals.

    And how Shell is a bitch.

    I'm not even into gen 2 yet, and I'm sick of old people popping out babies the same age as their grandkids. Lol.

    1. I meant for my legacy, with that last line. It doesn't bother me in other people's. xD

    2. Thanks, Becky. =D
      I'm sure Farrell would have even worn formals if Elliot hadn't made him. But once they were on taking them off again just to work swould be an inefficient waste of time.
      Shell is such a bitch! LOL, but that's what makes her fun.

      There's a setting in SP, under the pregnancy option, Allow Near Elder, you can set that to false to stop the near elders from making babies. I haven't turned that off, but I'm considering it. I've kept it on in case someone needed that last chance to continue their genetic line, but most of them breed well before that. And as you say, too many of them have their last kids at the same time as they are having grandkids.

  5. I loved it. I needed those laughs :)

    Farrell's great. Lots still to learn about his mysterious Mom and all the MorcuCorp stuff.

    Elliot looks very awesome, nice costumes ^_^

    1. Thanks, Zhip, I am so pleased you are enjoying ,y legacy.
      Farrell does have a lot more learn, but he could be playing into MorcuCorp's hands.

  6. I love your update.. I'm just a bit disappointed that Shelly didn't give birth on this update.

    Do you know where Coby Sheffield is from? I've already noticed him in a previous update of the Brannon's story. I would love to have him in my game (I would make him a french lover with many partners lol)? He's one of the most handsome sim I've seen in game. And if you know where I can find his hair too...

    1. I was hoping to be able to play through to the birth, but my game decided to CTD and I didn't have time t go back and keep playing through the pregnancy. So I decided to publish what I had and hve the baby for the next chapter.

      I do know where Coby is from, because he was born in my game. =D
      I used a clone of a Sim who was born in another challenge I was playing for awhile called the Nothing is Free challenge to create Coby Sheffield, who is a major character in my We Are Stardust story. I put a lot of the couples from that story into this neighborhood so I could see how their kids would turn out, because that game is on epic lifespan and most of them don't ever have kids. So, anyway, I will be happy to package Coby up for you to turn into a French Cassanova. I would get a real kick out of that, actually.
      I'll have to look for where I got the hair, but my bet is it's either Newsea or Peggy and I got it from the Booty.

  7. Haha - Elliot's new get up looks like a quasi-Braveheart costume made for a male stripper. I.LIKE.IT. ;)

    I am so happy to see Stina and Coby together! <3

    Shelly's wedding was adorable, although I'm still not exactly a fan of the way she talks about poor Farrell.

    I'm super duper excited for this time travel subplot you have cooking and, because my comment last chapter isn't going through, I just want to say MOTH!!! SO happy to see him integrated into the story (with his purdy wings).

    1. I almost tried to use that costume in Summerdream, but it was too weird, lol. But it does look good on Elliot.

      Stina and Coby have been the cutest couple to be imported from Stardust, in terms of getting all the sweet hand-holding type of SP notices about them.

      Shelly kind of exists for me to make light fun of her and her ilk. She isn't mean enough to be a real villain, and it is possible to have some sympathy for her, but she's kind of a bitch, too, lol.

      I'm also super duper excited for the time travel plot, even though it will be a ton of work setting up. And I agree, MOTH!!

  8. Yay, I finally have caught up with your legacy. 1 down, a billion to go. I love that Elliot is the official heir because he was my pick of the two but, now that the story is starting to get more intense, I am happy to see that Farrell will still be included. The story with MorcuCorp is always interesting and I admit that those plotlines from the Romans were among my favorites.

    Shelly is hilarious but I'm glad she is not too much of a bitch. If she was, I'd be wondering what Elliot was doing putting up with her. Right now, she's the perfect blend of bitch, snob, and naive drama queen.

    1. Thanks for catching up!
      MorcuCorp is always my go to plot, lol. I love the idea of a sinister corporation secretly running things, especially when they also mess around with the occult/supernatural.

      Thanks! I'm trying to make Shelly walk that fence of being bitchy enough to be laughed at, but not such a bitch that she becomes the villain. I love your description of her' bitch, snod, and naive drama queen. That's perfect. =D

  9. Shelly IS Barbie. Even her hair is Barbie!

    Coby and Stina would conceive a child on their daughter's wedding night. *shakes head*

    I can't decide if I like the picture of Farrell on fire or the picture of Farrell tinkering in his formals better. I love him.

    1. LOL, it is pretty amazing and hilarious that Coby and Stina's genes together produced a perfect little Barbie.

      I've been using Twallan's woohooer mod, which allows Sims to woohoo autonomously, and I had to put both of the beds in this house in inventory during the wedding. Because Coby and Stina tried to go inside and get it on then. So, my guess is their second child was conceived in the car as soon as they could get away from the p[arty, lol.

      Farrell is lovable. =D

  10. Such a good plot. Want to eat your Sims. Nom nom nom. a little excited. This was just such an awesome chapter! Farrell and his mom! Shelly the Barbie! Elliot and his smexy new costume. Ugh yes.

    1. I like to serve up tasty Sims, lol.

      Thanks! The scene with Farrell and his mom was my favorite part of this chapter. Barbie's Dream Wedding was fun, too, though.

  11. Stop! You're killing me!! I can't stop laughing! Ass-fire did me in. Everything up to that point was met with a smile... then the outfit, Shelly's comment to the outfit... Farrell looked hot in his formals... the sex in the elevator... then topped with an ass fire. omg LMFAO.

    1. LOL, well, there's nothing like a good ass fire...

  12. Shelly is incredibly entertaining! I love how she needs everything to be done by her rule book. Still a bit overly attached, though. XD

    And the comment of no one noticing Farrell's lack of tie = priceless. <3

    1. LOL, Shelly was fun to write, too. Probably wouldn't be much fun in real life, being so controlling and all.

  13. lol, I suppose a pair of goggles strapped to your butt might help with butt-fires. ;)

  14. Lol at Shelly. She is a great character to read about. I really enjoyed the wedding scene. I'm glad we got to learn more about Pearl, and I can't wait for Farrell to finish the time machine.

    1. Shelly was a lot of fun, with her crazy.

  15. You know, the chapter with Heath's ass fires had me ROFLOLing--and now you're doing it again. Farrell and the tie--he's so gorgeous he could show up in nothing at all and everyone would be happy. PLEASE!!! Obviously Rochelle gets her looks from her handsome daddy--he's also HAWT! No wonder he mom was eager to get him home and into bed before he aged. I bet he's a looker--elder or no. But then your characters always leave me drooling!