Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chapter 10: Really Good in Tights

The morning after Heath and Bianca's wedding.

Farrell starts a workout program, because his body should be as fit as his mind. Also, he might someday have to flee from MorcuCorp's black suits, or mummy shock troops, or worse.

Bianca and Heath have a pre-honeymoon celebration in the shower.

It's also the day of Elliot and Rochelle's prom, and their last day before graduation. Shell comes to his house hours before the prom to tell him she's found the perfect house for them, up on the hills above them. Elliot will hate to leave the beach, but he's going to be a man and doesn't want to stay in his father's house forever. 

The next morning, Elliot's family and Rochelle gather for his birthday celebration. Bianca is mostly excited because after cake, she and Heath are leaving for their honeymoon.

"I want you to have this," Heath says, handing the box to his son.

"Dad, I can't take this," Elliot says when he opens the gift; it's the photostrip of Heath and Ashlynn that long hung over Heath's dresser, "This means so much to you."

"It does," Heath says, "But it's all you have of your mother. And, it's not fair to Bianca for me to keep that up in her bedroom."

"If you're sure," Elliot says, reluctantly accepting the gift, not wanting to tell his father that he doesn't need anything from the mother he never knew, that this picture will never carry the meaning for him that it did for Heath. "I'll treasure it," he promises. Though his mother isn't even a memory, it is a picture of his father as well, and that does have meaning.

Shelly decides it's her turn to get some time with her boyfriend.

"Are you ready to go?" she asks, grabbing him in tight hug, like he might get away from her.

"There's no hurry, Shell," Elliot says, "My dad's leaving town, we could chill here for a few days, enjoy the beach..."

Rochelle gets a  frantic look in her eyes, "I want to move into our house now," she insists.

"Okay," Eliot says, "Don't stress over it, sweetheart. We'll go as soon as Dad and Bianca take off."

"You'll be good for your brother?" Heath asks, knowing full well that his youngest son is always well-behaved. He would have been fine to leave the boy alone in the house really, except for his concern that Farrell might wander off in the middle of cooking dinner and burn the place down, or more likely, get so involved in one of his projects at the workbench that he'd forget to eat for a week straight. So Farrell is to be packed off to stay with Elliot until Heath and Bianca return from Sunlit Tides.

After Heath and Bianca drive off to the airport, Elliot and Farrell get into Bianca's waiting car, and head to their new house on the hill above.

Elliot had given her the money for the down payment without having seen the house himself, trusting her judgment, so it is something of a surprise to see her take the dirt roads leading into the farming areas of town.

The surprise fades when she parks by the side of the biggest house Elliot  has ever seen.

"It's not just a house," Shelly says, almost panting in her excitement, "It's an estate."

"It's been vacant for years," Rochelle tells him as she leads him through house. The real estate company had restored the kitchen and modernized the plumbing on the first floor, leaving the second floor and attic completely bare. Shelly's parents had bought them a bedroom set, and that and the simple couch and desk in the living room was all the furniture they had to start with.

"This is the best part," Shell says, grabbing his hand, leading Elliot out to the barn at the back of the house.

"Look," she says, stopping in front of some rusty old machinery, "This came with the house."

"That's, uh, great," Elliot says, trying to share her enthusiasm without a clue as to why it's a good thing there's crap in the barn that needs to be cleaned out.

"It's a nectar press," Shelly explains, "This place used to be a vineyard and nectary. And I'm going to bring it back."

"You're going to grow fruit and make nectar," Elliot says in disbelief.

Shelly nods, excited, picturing the bottles of expensive nectar all bearing the 'Brannon Vineyards' label. "We're going to be the best nectary in this part of the world," she says, picturing wealthy people in upscale restaurants paying a premium for her nectars, collectors hoarding her bottles in their cellars, showing them off to their associates.

It's seems a bit dubious, but Elliot keeps his doubts to himself. His father got him off to a wealthy enough start that he can afford to indulge his future wife's dreams, silly as they might be. He's pretty sure that once she discovers how dirty and back breaking working the soil is, she'll drop it and go back to her painting.

Shelly is just as dubious about Elliot's career choice. "You were the top athlete in our school," she says, "You could easily be captain of the Llamas, or MVP, or whatever."

"I'm done with team sports," Elliot explains, again, "It takes a huge toll on your body, Shell. Never mind the pressure to use steroids and the constant danger of serious, career ending injury."

"But, a street mime?" Shelly asks, "You could own a business. You could be anything."

"I know that, Shell," Elliot says, "I am doing what I want. The street mime thing won't last long, I'll be performing on stage before you know it."

Farrell ate with them in silence, not really comfortable around Shelly, who was always one of the popular girls who gave him funny looks in the hallways at school. While Shelly is in the kitchen clearing her plate, Farrell finally speaks, "I don't want to be a burden on you," he says quietly, "I can go back home..."

"Nonsense, Farrell," Elliot says, "You're my brother. You're staying with me. And you're hardly a burden. I mean, look at this place, we could fit five families in here." A bit of an exaggeration, but it makes his point, one teenage boy is not going to crowd them out.

"There's an attic above the barn," Farrell says, "I want to stay up there, if that's okay."

"Farrell, there's more than enough room for you here," Elliot says, "You can stay in the house."

"Please," Farrell says, "Let me stay in the barn. I like it there."

"If it's what you want," Elliot agrees, knowing his brother and his odd preferences,  "As long as you know you're welcome to stay in the house."

Though they have their doubts about each other's choices for employment, Elliot and Rochelle are in perfect agreement about one thing; they belong together.

It's their first night together in their own bed, so Shelly wants to look perfect.

"Are coming to bed any time soon, Shell?" Elliot asks with a laugh, "I might fall asleep on you."

"Do you love me?" she asks as she joins him in bed.

"You know it, Shell," Elliot answers, "I'm crazy about you."

Rochelle was not happy to see her boyfriend leave the house dressed like this.

Her chosen work will also require specialty clothing; Shelly is not about to get the rest of her wardrobe dirty. So, as soon as the shops are open she goes out to buy a proper farming attire; a cute shirt knotted below the breasts and $500 pre-dirtied designer jeans.

Then it's off to the Greenman Historic Orchards. More of a tourist attraction these days than actual working farm, they let visitors pick their own fruit for a fee. Until she's got her own fruit to harvest, she'll have to rely on them to supply her.

Back at home, she plants some Renoit and Cherimola Bran grapes as well as a couple of apple trees to get her vineyard started.

The rest of her harvest goes to making her first batch of nectar. Eww, icky.

This thing didn't come with a user's manual, so Shelly experiments with the knobs and levers, ultimately producing some rather average nectar. Not what she wanted, but it's a start. She will get better at this, her nectars will be legendary.

Elliot takes off his make up to attend Farrell's high school awards ceremony that afternoon.

"You didn't have to come," Farrell says when it's over, "I know you're busy."

Elliot grabs his brother into  tight hug, "I'm never too busy for you, Farrell, okay? You're my brother."

For his first SimFest performance, Elliot plays with fire. Or, rather, Zephyr Lightfoot, the stage name imposed on him by the show operators.

But he is upstaged by his competition, Plum the Volatile, who wins the award.

While he lost his first competition, Eliott did take inspiration from the winner and designed a new costume to perform in.

"Oh, wow, you're wearing that now," Shelly sighs when she comes out for breakfast in her own work costume. "I guess it's better than the mime get up."

And she has to admit, his ass does look really good in tights.


So, Generation 2 begins. I haven't posted the roll yet on the sidebar, but I'm not going to keep you all guessing. Because I don't want you all to be disappointed or angry that Farrell isn't the heir. Yes, Farrell is not the heir. But, the marital structure for this generation is Couple +1, and Farrell gets to be the +1. While this chapter mostly focused on Elliot and Shelly starting their rolled careers, Farrell's story will likely be the center focus of most of this generation.

I really hated moving out of Heath's house, but it's not suitable for this generation's roll, with the farming/nectar secondary career. I mean, sure, there was a teeny garden I *could* have used for this, but I wanted to fit Shelly into her career, and taking over Heath's little vegetable patch didn't really cut it. Also, this roll is for 5 kids, so, with couple +1, that makes 8. Even if I used an overstuffed house mod, Heath's house can't accommodate that many Sims. And, I rolled Expansionist, and once again, Heath's house doesn't really have the room for that. So, all that together, the heir had to move. At least they have a great view of the ocean up on top of the hill.

After Elliot got to know Rochelle and I learned she had the Dislikes Children trait, I thought, 'No way will she work out as his spouse. He rolled 5 kids." But a quick survey of the town showed there was no one else in the right age stage for him. Still I held out, and only accepted it was going to be her when she took the initiative as a teen to flirt with him first. The fact that she acquired Snob as a teen just made it better (as in more difficult), with her rolled career in Farming. Fitting her personality into his roll has been fun, probably more fun than if Elliot had found a Family-Oriented, Loves the Outdoors type. Her personality is very suited to the goal and Misc. Fun, Expansionist and Luxury. They bought this house almost completely unfurnished, and will 'expand' it by furnishing every bedroom with top of the line 'luxury' furnishings. I'll also upgrade the living room, which right now has one moderate sofa and a desk and chair. And we'll also add a pool and hot tub to the yard before this is over. Farrell's apartment above the barn will be immune from Shelly's touch, he can live how he wants up there, lol.

Heath and Bianca being on honeymoon is the excuse for having teen Farrell move in with his brother. But of course, they are still in town, I'm just pretending they're away. And guess what. She's pregnant. Way to wait one day, Heath, *rolleyes*. So they'll be returning from their 'honeymoon' with a little surprise. Interestingly, during his whole singing career, every SimFest Heath attended had no other performers, leaving the audience clapping at an empty stage. Now that Elliot is out performing, I have both Heath showing up to compete, and I get spawned performers like Plum the Volatile. (Overwatch later ran Plum out of town for being homeless). And while Heath used to win every SimFest, Elliot can't compete with his level 10 father, so Heath still wins. In the story I gave the prize to Plum, as Heath is supposed to be on honeymoon, so I couldn't show him in town performing and upstaging his son. I'll do that later when he's officially back.

Shasta and Brian had a son, Spencer, and then got married. I'll get pics of the kid when he's past the larval stage. I've noticed that Brian has inherited his father's thick black chest hair, despite having Bill's strawberry blonde hair. Marvin and Brad have adopted another little girl. She's got blue skin, so, when I get my SN installed, I may supe her up to go with that. 


  1. Shelly and Elliot's house is so pretty! :D Did you build it?
    It'll be interesting to see how Shelly takes to nectar-making and farming with those traits. :P

    1. Thanks, Alona!
      That house is actually from Sunset Valley, the old Tudor House, I forget its exact name. But I did some major work on it, completely changing the exterior, and I gutted the interior as well and changed the walls and wallpapers. The barn used to be a garage, and I added the second floor attic to it.
      I'll get more pictures of it as it gets furnished. Right now it is really bare.

  2. When I saw how much attention you paid to Elliot and Shell, I thought maaaaybe you'd rolled couple + 1. Because it was totally inconceivable to me that you'd lose Farrell! I was kinda freakin' out.

    So, YAY, awesome. I'm so excited to read this story. The house looks great. Shell's dream is hilarious. The Mime thing seemed to come out of the blue though. I don't blame Shell for bein' all "WTF???"

    But as flexible as an athlete is, I think he'll do well? ;D Maybe he should have been an acrobat!

    I love the relationship between the brothers. Even as... er... one sided as it seems, at times.

    I don't think couple + 1 specifies WHO the heir actually is. So maybe Farrell has 5 kids... ...Lol, I know, I know.

    1. I was really happy to get a couple +1. Of course, Farrell's whole story developed around his roll as the +1, I wouldn't have put that much into it if I weren't going to get to keep him. His story I think will be more interesting than Elliot and Shell's, though they will be a source of some amusement.

      Mime is the first stage of the Acrobat career. I only learned this when Elliot signed up in the acrobat profession. So, yeah, I was also wtf? about it. I had been grooming Elliot towards athletics all through childhood and teen stages for the Acrobat roll, and they throw mime at me. bleh. But he's up to level 3 and has more acrobatic stuff in his routine, thankfully. And his costume is no longer the mime get up, it's the sexy ass thing.

      Well, in any heir + roll, you can have the +1 breed. I don't think ll 5 kids will be Elliot and Shelly's. And I might bend the rules a little and make Farrell's future kid an heir. As long as Heath's line is being passed down, I'm good. When I chose Elliot way back when, I was all sentimental about Ashlynn and wanted to preserve her genetic line. But, I'm kind of past that (though I did bring her picture along to hang on Elliot's wall, even if he doesn't remember her) and I'm more leaning toward Farrell's line, because it's going to be more interesting in terms of future stories involving MoruCorp conspiracies and what not.

    2. OH. I thought Mime was the first stage of magician. *clutches dunce hat sadly*

      Anyway I can see Shell + kids being an almost tragic sort of amusement. Can't pass on an estate without heirs... but putting up with the child and toddler stages? CONFLICTED.

      Anxious to see how it pans out. =)

    3. Yeah, if I had rolled magician, I wouldn't have made Elliot a teen jock. Even with acrobat, the transition is a little weird, but they don't give you any hobbies outside of sports to gear up toward that career. I don't even know what interests I'd give a kid who rolled magician. Though, tbh, at this point I might be writing off all SHT careers after this generation, as I never want to play them again. I've never played magician to level 10, but it's so boring I don't think I want to, lol. And it might take a year before I get Wig Wig Wag out of my head; I'm never ever touching the singer career again. EVER. And now the acrobat stage music might kill me. Seriously, it's all circusy.

      And, Shell turns into Mercedes Arthag and dies disillusioned and drugged up in a hotel, no, I'm not going there. =P But it will be funny to play off her dreams of the perfect against the reality of raising toddlers, along with her fantasies of owning this fabulous nectary against the realities of farming.

  3. Great chapter!:D Elliot is a great brother! I'm glad Farrell is still around too! (and I like the idea that some of those 5+ kids may be Farrell's. It would be interesting to see what type of sim Farrell would find attractive enough to pull him away from his experiments and things to actually have a kid with!)

    Lovely house! I wouldn't mind living in a house like that---except cleaning it might be a pain. I'd suffer though! lol

    I think Elliot made a really cute mime! It will be fun seeing how Elliot and Shelly get along as they settle into their marriage and their chosen careers! :)

    1. Thanks, Nirar!
      Elliot is a great brother, that will go in hand with the couple +1 roll. I think he inherited his father's strong sense of family; it's not some overriding trait,(he's not 'family-oriented') but the family he has is important to him.
      I'm really looking forward to writing Farrell in a relationship. I have an idea, I won't share it yet, but I plan to have a lot of fun doing it.

      I'd get lost in such a huge house, lol. But I'll get Farrell to make everything self-cleaning to help with that.

      I think Elliot would be cute in anything. He's really a very pretty Sim, though he's pretty in a vanilla kind of way. I'm going to have fun with him and Shelly, too. She has some distinctive features I'd like to see pass onto the next generation.

  4. Dammit! I forgot couple + 1 existed! Of course that's what it was! *Head -> Desk* Iiii feel like an idiot xD.

    Honestly I dunno whose kids I'd be more excited for. Elliot or Farrell's. Farrell... well I just love him, but I'd love to see Shelly suffer through dirty diapers and 2 a.m. feedings.

    1. Well, with 5 kids, I'm sure I can get in some for both Farrell and Elliot. And don't be too sure it won't be Elliot handling all the dirty diapers and 2am feedings, lol.
      Though I've heard that the Dislikes Children trait Sims actually care for their spawn as much as any other Sim, they just get crappy moodlets and shoo children away from them.

  5. Elliot seems like he will be interesting. I like his profession. Hopefully he and Shelly will do well. Who knows, maybe he will get those 5 children. ^_^ I like that Ferrell will still be around. His story is bound to be captivating. (I liked how the sleeve pattern lined up so perfectly on that tush shot)

    1. Thanks, Zhip! Farrell's story will be where I bring in elements from SN, so I think you'll enjoy it. I hope so, anyway. =D

  6. Wow, I was surprised to see Elliot as heir, but it makes sense since Farrell kind of seemed to be thrown into the story on accident and Elliot is the original heir between Heath and Ashlynn.

    I love the house! Even if it's empty inside, it looks amazing. I can't wait to see how you modify it. You are so good at house design! I may have to hire you to do one for me someday. :P

    The mime thing kind of came out of nowhere, but you played it into the story well. Shell and Elliot are cute together and I anticipate their future with them butting heads about their careers and most likely future children. Elliot wants 5 kids and Shell doesn't want any... that could get interesting lol! Hopefully she will have some triplets and then some twins so she at least doesn't have to be pregnant for long.

    How does the rolling thing work that you were talking about? I have never heard of rolling for the storyline.

    1. Thanks, Kate, I will be happy to build a house for you any time! I've loved furnishing your shells, I was just waiting to get SN to to do the latest one you uploaded. I just installed today, so I'm looking forward to that.
      I probably will give Shelly a fertility treatment so she can twins and not go through so many pregnancies. But maybe it will be fun to make her have them one at a time, lol.

      The rolling is part of this legacy, the Random Legacy Challenge. There's a link to the rules blog on my sidebar if you want to check it out. For each generation you roll for marital status, how many kids you'll have, what careers, plus a generation goal and a 'misc. fun' that you have to complete for that generation. It's fun coming up with a story based around what you roll.

  7. I love your story! I just now got caught up with it. You're so good at serious story-telling. I sometimes try it, but I often just revert to my crack-pot humor because my sims are constantly doing stupid things.

    1. Thanks, misslaheela! I try to get good mix of humor and serious storytelling. Sims certainly do enough goofy things, lol.

  8. I think Shell is adorable, I love how you turned her into a "farmer" while keeping her in character. I didn't even know couple +1 was an option, I don't think it was there last time I rolled for a generation it was so long ago, but I definitely like what you've done with it! Can't wait to see what the mystery with Farrell's ancestry is all about.

    Anyway, I don't know if you'd be interested, but I made a default replacement re-texture of the hair Elliot's using awhile ago (I was considering using it for Phoenix in my legacy, but later changed my mind). If you want to try it out let me know and I can upload it for you, I made it using Pooklet's textures and Anubis' EA highlights. Just thought I'd offer since right now it's just sitting around not being used and it'd be neat to know someone was using it. ^^; I understand if you're happy with him as-is, or it's not your style, though.

    1. Thanks, Melnija! It was a challenge to come up with the Snob Farmer story. Thank goodness the nectar maker career is available.
      Couple + 1, as well as a few other interesting new family structure combinations got added fairly recently. I;m really glad I got to keep both Elliot and Farrell this generation.

      And, thanks, I would love to try your default replacement of that hair. The EA texture on that doesn't bother me as much with darker hair colors, but with this light blonde, I am finding the yarn texture a little bothersome. =D

    2. Yeah, I definitely feel the same way about EA textures, which is why I thought I'd offer, hehe. Here's the replacement, there's a separate file for children than teens-elders, so I threw that in the zip too in case you want it: Hope you like it!

    3. MissPuff, I just wanted to get back to you, I've tried the hair in game and it looks great! Thanks again!

    4. Yay! I'm so glad you like it! ^^

  9. Wow! Ok - at first I was like: "Noooooo Farrell has to be the heir!", but then I was like: "Hmm, well ok, this thing with Rochelle being a farmer could be pretty amusing, haha!" ... so now I'm all onboard with it! YAY! (Loved the $500 "pre-dirtied" jeans... so very snob!)

    Emma's also a snob and a gardener in my founder's story, but I'm having a hard time playing up the snob because they rolled the going green thing which makes it impossible for her to buy stuff. I guess I could justify her expensive tastes in clothing like you did. I already referenced expensive designer cushions and the persian rug since those are just 'decor' and don't count as part of the furnishing restrictions haha!

    I'm SO happy Farrell will be squirreled away in the little barn 'bachelor pad' ...its actually very fitting for a younger brother with Aspergers as they mature much later, so having him be your heir and have to produce a real working family would be difficult at first so I totally applaud your choice.

    LOVED this chapter (and great makeover on that house too!)

    1. Thanks, Envie! =D
      I did think of Emma while I was dressing Shell in her 'farmer outfit' lol. Justifying her 'choosing' that career was particularly hard because she married into some serious wealth and really wouldn't have to work at all if she didn't want to. So I made her into this crazy dilettante with a dream. And I am fortunate to have the expansionist and luxury goals for her to express her snobbery, as well as her $500 pre-dirtied designer jeans, lol.

      When I was setting up the barn with the nectar making stuff and a workbench for Farrell, I just knew I had to add on an attic for his bedroom, that this would be the place he'd choose to live rather than staying in the big house. So I'm happy you like that, too. =D

  10. So, so glad you're keeping Farrell in the story!

    And Elliot/Shell's generation is turning out to be quite interesting! I love their house. (and the fact that Shell bought $500 jeans to do manual'ish labor in. Lol)

    1. I'm really excited for Farrell's story, so I'm happy to be keeping him as well.
      And Elliot and Shell too, they will be fun. Not as intriguing as Farrel's story, but definitely fun. =D

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. All my simfests are sims clapping in front of empty stages.. it's annoying. At first I thought it was normal because of the lack of real performers in town, but it seems that normal fests implie active sims, non active sims and/or npc competiting.. So I use not to go to these damned simfests.

    Your Brannon's story is great. And I like Rochelle. I'm not fond of Farell, Elliot seems more friendly and interesting so I'm glad he'll be your heir.

    I can't wait to see how Shelly will manage with 5 childrens while she dislikes them lol

    1. Thanks, mimi! In the towns I have for my non-legacy stories, I have story progression turned off, and I actually do get NPC performersshow up to perform in SimFests. But in this town where I have SP turned on. I get empty stages. So maybe something in Twallan's SP only lets resident performers on stage. As stupid as it looks, I prefer that to having the game generate NPCs just for SimFests.
      So, I only go to SimFests if I have a Sim to perform in it. Otherwise I ignore them.

      Elliot is more sociable than his brother; Farrell likes to be on his own. But I love them both so I'm glad I can keep both of them.
      It will be fun to see how Shelly manages a house full of children, lol.

  13. A beautiful wedding. Hooray for Heath and Bianca! The baby news made me laugh.

    I love Elliot's mime costume! And his derriere does look lovely in tights, I must say.

    I'm glad that we get to keep both Farrell and Elliot. I don't know how you could have chosen one over the other.

    1. Thanks, Hayley!
      I'm happy for Heath too. But yeah, another baby, lol.
      Elliot looks good in anything. And especially good in tights.
      Choosing between Farrell and Elliot would have been very hard, so having them both makes me very happy.

  14. I am so excited for this generation. I really enjoy how three dimensional your characters are.

  15. Well, at least I can keep Farrell in one way. Er, or You keep him. W/e. So does this mean no kidsfrom him?

    1. Yeah, Farrell gets to stay.
      The way the help/+1 rolls work is both the official heir and the extra one can have kids. In this case, Farrell cannot bring a partner/spouse into the household, but he can have kids that move in and are raised in the house. His kids also can also be chosen as heir for the next generation.
      That's one of the great things about the Random Legacy, we have a lot of non-traditional family rolls, so it's not always a couple. Though that's possible, too, lol.

  16. Aaaw, no. Farell! :( At least we will still see him around.

    I LOVE how you picture Shell. Although, she is a bit overly attached, isn't she? ;) And Elliot is just following her lead. He's like a puppy. It's fun to read.

    1. Even though Elliot was officially the heir, most of gen 2 revolves around Farrell and you do get to see quite a lot of him for many chapters to come.

      Elliot kind of was a puppy for Shelly, lol.

  17. I'm a little concerned about this couple. Shelly seems to be a bit of a nutcase, but I suppose I think that about anyone who's rich/snob. lol

    1. Shelly is a nutcase, and you are right to be concerned.

  18. I love that we get to keep both of them. So yay for that! Shelly is indeed nuts and I can't wait to see more of her antics. I already feel sorry for Elliot. Lol.

    1. I was really happy to have Farrell and Elliot as co-heirs. And Shelly, yeah, was totally nuts, lol.

  19. This story is really getting me interested in trying a randomacy. I've always looked at those rolls as giving up too much control of the game, but it may just be what I need to rejuvenate my game play. Your doing a great job of telling this--and I love that you are going with the wishes of your sims and the circumstances that your town creates for them. Awesomeness!!!