Brannon Legacy Sims for Download

About my Sims: I use default replacement skin (MoonlightSkin by Kanno, adult version) and eyes (Multifoiled by Aikea Guinea) on all my Sims.  In your game, my Sims will appear with whatever default eye/skin you use, be it EA or CC, and therefore my Sims might look different in your game.

I don't use any custom sliders, but I do have my facial sliders set to 2 in Master Controller's CAS settings. If you use the default or any other slider setting, my Sims's features may go wonky if you try to adjust them in CAS.

Other CC: For the most part I will package my Sims in EA clothes and hair. If a Sim is packaged with any CC, I will provide links to where you can download it. I have all EPs and most SPs, and my Sims may be packaged with content from any of them.

Click on the Sim's name below the picture to download. (Mediafire)


Sorry for the lack of pics on this bunch. But no doubt anyone DLing them knows who they are from my legacy, anyway.

Elliot Brannon
Life State: Human
Age: YA

Life State: Human
Age: YA
The hair Farrell wore through most of his life got broken with a patch around Seasons or so. He's packaged with an SN hair

Life State: Human
Age: Should be YA, but it's possible this package is a teen
CC: Iola wears a CC hair retexture, I'm really not sure where it came from. Many of my hairs come from Beaverhausen, Julie's Sims of Awesome

LifeState: Witch
Age: YA
CC: Shadow is packaged without his many tattoos. His hair is a CC retexture that I can't identify for sure. He's packaged in the EA clothing he was wearing right after his initial transition to YA.

Life State: Witch
Age: YA
CC: Fergus' hair is from Beaverhausen, a retexture of Newsea Unchained.

Jack Horner and Delaney Brannon.
Lifestate: Human
Age: YA
CC: Jack- 
Hair: Satan's Little Shit by Sim-it-up, Back tattoo by Kosmo Khaos, Arm and Leg Tattoo by Massive Griefers. Jack's Everyday and Slepwear outfits are from the Diesel SP. His Athletic includes sweatpants from the Town Life SP.

Hair by PickyPikachu (chopped, not shaved version), Snake ring (right hand), and Outerwear jacket
Delaney's Everyday and outwear jeans and sleepwear bra are from the Diesel SP.


Kyle Brannon

Age: YA
Life State: Human
CC: Kyle is packaged with hair and some clothing from the EA store, as well as Stuff Packs like Diesel, Town Life and Outdoor Living. Anything you don't have will be replaced by base game items.
The only non EA CC is his everyday wear jeans, found here: NY Girl Sims


Age: YA
Life State: Witch
CC: Packaged with no CC. When I first packaged her for upload, she had been appearing exclusively in medieval garb, all CC of course, so my outfit selections for the download version are pretty random and probably horrific. Please dress her nicely. =D

Credit and thanks go to heaven for this Sim: her Uvie Avendale from her Avendale Legacy was used as the genetic mother (and in story ancestor) of Aouregan Avendale.


Age: YA
LifeState: Fairy
CC: Fantasy Eye Shadow Vines by NY Girl
Lace Top by Lorandia Sims 3
Dragon Age Face Tattoo by analect (specifically tattoo _ed4_r in that pack) Note: You will need Nraas MC Expanded Tattoo mod for the tattoo to appear on her face. If you don't have the mod, or don't download the tattoo, she will not appear with her tattoo in your game.
NightSky pattern by Purple Paws. This pattern is used on her top and skirt.

I packed her wearing an EA SN hairstyle. I have like 3 retextures of the hair she's wearing in game, and I can't remember who made it. It's the one without the barettes, I know that much.
Her other outfits are all EA, and chosen with not a lot of care, as she has in my story only appeared in everyday wear.

Her skintone is the blue color ramp from the base game.

Again, much credit goes to heaven for this Sim. Evenfall is a born in game Sim, born in my Summerdeam story neighborhood to heaven's Uvie from her Avendale Legacy and my Auberon.

About her last name, which I've not mentioned in the story: All my fairies have individual last names, they don't inherit one of their parents' last names. Her father's last name is Nightshroud.


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