Generation Rolls

Generation 1: Heath Brannon

Founder: Heath Brannon
The Roll:
Marital Structure: Mixed Single
Number of Children: 4 (Shasta, adopted, Elliot, biological, Marvin, adopted, Farrell, biological)
Career: Vocalist
Secondary Career: N/A
Generation Goal: Perfect Careers
Misc. Fun: Random Traits

Heath's traits: Brave, Adventurous, Commitment Issues, Green Thumb, Kleptomaniac

A carefree young guy just looking to have fun and maybe score a little tail finds his life quickly turned upside down when the girl he's sleeping with asks to crash at his place with her toddler daughter for a few days, saying her ex-husband had left the mortgage unpaid on the house and the bank was foreclosing. Ashlynn becomes pregnant during her stay, and is later kidnapped by her ex, who murders her, leaving Heath alone with Shasta, her toddler by her previous marriage, and Elliot, her son with Heath. Heath adopts a runaway teen, Marvin, who he finds sleeping on his stolen beach lounger one evening. A one night stand with a woman named Pearl Yang produces another son for Heath, Farrell, who he gets custody of when Pearl is sent to prison for robbing a bank.
While raising his family, Heath still managed to rise to the top of his career as a singer, and he even made time to attend to his small garden, a hobby of his going back to his childhood on the farm. After a long period of mourning for Ashlynn, Heath eventually found love again with a young musician, Bianca Carter, who he married shortly before his son Elliot graduated and moved out. Bianca became pregnant while they were on their honeymoon.
His son Farrell, who had been staying with his brother Elliot while Heath was on his honeymoon, decided to continue living with his brother instead of returning to is father's house.

Generation 2: Elliot and Shelly, plus Farrell

Generation 2b: Farrell and Aouregan, plus Elliot

Generation 2 Heir: Brothers Elliot and Farrell Brannon are co-heirs
The Roll:
Marital Structure: Couple +1
Number of Children: 5 (Kyle, Cassidy and Delaney, to Elliot and Shelly, and Shadow and Aurora to Farrell and Aouregan)
Primary: Acrobat
Secondary 1: Inventor
Secondary 2: Farmer/Nectar Maker
Goal: Expansionist
Misc. Fun: Luxury

Elliot's Traits:
Athletic, Perfectionist, Daredevil, Loves the Outdoors, Natural Born Performer
Rochelle's Traits:
Dislikes Children, Light Sleeper, Artistic, Snob,Kleptomaniac
Farrell's Traits:
Athletic, Clumsy, Genius, Handy, Eccentric
Aouregan's Traits: Supernatural Fn, Loves the Outdoors, Green Thumb, Artistic, Gatherer

Elliot Brannon used the enormous wealth Heath had amassed as a singer to buy his high school sweetheart Rochelle Sheffield her dream house as soon as they graduated. Shelly had big dreams for her future, and Elliot was the means to her achieving them. But very quickly she found herself having to deal with realities that were outside her ideal visions of a perfect life. Her husband chose not to pursue the career in professional sports she had expected, instead choosing to become and acrobat. Worse his eccentric genius younger brother Farrell had come to live with them.
Trying to make the best of it, she threw herself into her new dream of restoring the old nectary they were living in and make a name for herself as a producer of fine nectars.
She grew increasingly dissatisfied with her life as her children failed to live up to her expectations. 

His mysterious encounters with his mother and her warnings that he stay away from MorcuCorp only led Farrell deeper into investigating his origins, trying to discover why MorcuCorp had made his mother seduce and breed with  his father in the first place. On a trip to France, he infiltrated the Landgraab Estate and found that MorcuCorp had extensive genealogies of the Brannon family. He also encountered a strange fairy named Moth who claimed to had met him in the distant past, which inspired him to continue his work on trying to build a time machine.
Once his time machine was complete, Farrell traveled back to medieval France to find the ancestor that MorcuCorp seemed most interested in, and discovered he was werewolf. He also met a witch named Aouregan, who Moth had mentioned several times, and fell in love.
Farrell's trip was set for just a few days, after which he had to go back to his time, determined to find a way to bring Aouregan back with him. Just as he figures it out and is preparing to make his second trip back in time, his mother appears with a pair of infant twins she claims are his, telling him that MorcuCorp were holding them for their experiments. The twins' mother was still in captivity, she said.
Farrell went back in time hoping to rescue Aouregan before MorcuCorp could get to her, but he was too late. Back in his time, he searched desperately for her while raising his toddlers and trying to protect them from MorcuCorp.
Eventually he got a lead and was able to rescue his wife from  a secret MorcuCorp facility. To escape future harassment from the giant corporation, he took his family into hiding in a town called Drake's Hollow. 
At this point, Elliot's marriage was failing. He had thrown out his back and had to retire early, which Shelly saw as a failure on his part. When he suggested they move along with Farrell and his family, she refused and divorced him, leaving Elliot free to go with his brother, taking their children with them

The Goals:
For the Expansionist goal, I built a greenhouse in the yard of the house in Drake's Hollow. I also furnished the old, empty sun room as a complete rec room with a chess set, foosball table, computer, easel, bookshelf and seating.
For Luxury, I didn't stick to the letter of the rules, but I did upgrade the furnishings of several rooms with very pricey stuff, including getting a whole new dining room and living room set, and upgrading Farrell and Aouregan's bedroom and bathroom. I also locked in anyone in the household's wishes to buy anything and fulfilled them immediately. Including Farrell's mid life crisis wish to spend 10k in renovations. For that, I repaneled the floors in the living room, dining room and rec room, as well as buying new wallpapers and other new furnishings. So, I think I satisfied that requirement, even though the luxury was spread through several rooms.

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