Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chapter 7: Blissfully Ignorant

What is Farrell looking for through the telescope during daylight? He's the genius, so his family doesn't question him.

It's only a few days until Shasta graduates. "I was looking at that house on Archer St.," Shasta sys, a little sad at the thought of moving out on her own.

"I can put a down payment on that for you," Heath offers, "If that's the one you want. It's awfully close to us, though, Shasta. Are you sure you want to live where your father can be checking up on you all the time?" he jokes.

"Stop it," Shasta laughs with him, then gets a little sad again, "You know I want to stay close to you. You're my family."

"You know you don't have leave at all, Shasta. There's always room for all you."

"Thanks, Dad," Shasta smiles, not as sad about leaving as she is excited to be stating her own life, "But I think a block away is close enough."

When the kids are all off to school, Heath wonders about his youngest. Farrell certainly didn't get his genius from him. He hadn't thought Pearl was exactly the genius type either. But then, he hadn't thought she was the bank robbing type, and that's what she's in prison for.

Despite the fact that he's performed at MN8 countless times, he still has to go through the audition process to get another gig. While he's shaking his money maker for the proprietor, he can't help but notice Bianca on the drum kit behind him.

They both have busy careers in the music industry, and there isn't as much time for dating as either would like.

Heath has only an hour before he has to get to his next gig, which leaves just enough time for a quickie in the photobooth.

"Steven Thorne and Michell Striker said they saw some weird lights in the woods behind the fishing hole," Elliot says over their grilled cheese.

"And how much glue had they been sniffing before they saw these lights?" Shasa asks with a derisive snort.

"Why would anyone sniff glue?" Farrell asks.

"It was just a joke," Shasta sighs. "Don't sniff glue, okay?"

After his gig, Heath decides he wants to see Bianca again, and drops by her house unexpectedly. The way she comes to the door topless, completely unconcerned about who might see her tits, reminds him poignantly of Ashlynn.

"You know, we get burglars around here sometimes," he points out, "Just waiting for the opportunity to peep into your windows."

"Well, I guess you'll just have to come in and protect me from intruders,:" Bianca says, inviting Heath in.

"I wish I could stay," he says as he gets in bed with her, "But, my kids..."

"It's all right," she laughs, "I'm fine with the unexpected booty call. Listen, I have a few hours tomorrow afternoon before my shift. Do you want to meet me at the pool?"

"That sounds great."

Heath meets Biance the next afternoon on the hot tub at the public pool park. The rst of the town is at work or at school, so the couple have the place to themselves.

They decide to take advantage of their privacy.

It turns out they were not as alone as they thought, and their activity in the hot tub has attracted the attention of a tourist from France.

Who clearly wants in on the action. Heath's phone ringing gives him an excuse to get out and away from the interloper.

Bianca, who was skinny dipping, realizes that she either has to stay in the hot tub naked with this guy, or expose herself to him by getting out. Not an easy decision.

Shasta invited Brian over to share her last few hours of being a teen.

"You'll wait for me, right?" Brian asks.

All her fears about him were for nothing, Shasta thinks, Brian has been as smitten with her as she ever was with him. "Of course I'll wait," she answers.

Rochelle, coming over to see Elliot, decides to butt in on their private moment to ask Shasta about her career plans now that she's graduating.

Elliot gets up to rescue his sister.

While Shasta and Brian go off to share some private time, Elliot gets to be alone with his girlfriend. "C'mon, Shell, if you don't kiss me it's like we're not even dating," he says.

"I told you, after we have a proper date," she says.

"You're seriously going to make me wait for the weekend?" Elliot pleads, "You know we can't get a real date in on a school night. We've only got a half hour until curfew right now."

"Okay," she gives in, and Elliot pulls in for his first kiss.

"See," he says, wrapping his arms around her, "That wasn't so bad, right?"

"Silly," she says, "It was nice. But I don't want you taking me for granted."

"I don't, Shell."

With curfew time upon them, Rochelle turns to leave, "We're going on a date this Friday, right?" she says, turning back to him.

"I'm looking forward to it, Shell," Elliot says, wondering how the most popular girl in school can be so insecure.

Shasta grows up into a young woman. After breakfast, she heads immediately out to City Hall to apply for a job. Then she drops by the ral estate office to pick up the keys to her new house.

When she comes home to get her things, Heath is alone, working in his garden.

"It' s funny," she says, "You just don't seem like a hands in the dirt kind of guy."

"I grew up on a farm," Heath laughs, "It's in my blood. So, are you all ready for your big move? Do you need anything?"

"Thanks, Dad," she says, giving him a tight hug, "You've given me everything I need."

Farrell has become a teen, and Heath fears the boy's social difficulties will only get worse. "If you want to have tutors and study at home, or go to boarding school, I can arrange that, " he offers, the thought of sending any of kids away to be educated makes him feel sick inside.

"But I like school. I still haven't read all the books in the library yet." Farrell says, "Why would you take me out?"

"If you're happy, then everything is fine,"Heath says, a little puzzled. Surely kids haven't changed that much since he was a teen, and Heath remember school as being something of a nightmare for awkward genius kids like Farrell.

"Elliot," Heath calls to his older son, as Farrell heads off to his room to read or whatever he does when he's alone, "I need to talk to you."

"How is Farrell doing in school? You know, with the other kids?" Heath asks, hoping to get a grasp on the situation.

Elliot understands exactly what his father is getting at, "No one messes with him. Because, they know if they do, they have a problem with me."

"All right," Heath nods, "That's good. Take care of him."

"He's my brother, Dad, of course I take care of him."

If Elliot knew how far into the future Rochelle has been making plans for him, he might run screaming from their Friday night date.

But he's blissfully ignorant of her obsession with having a perfect family and isn't thinking any further ahead than their prom.


  1. THE GARDEN IS SO PRETTY. In a simplistic way. Also WATERPARK. *flails*

    Also teen Farrel looks incredible. xD

    And lol Rochelle. I'd think you were Bill's daughter or something.

    Damn, it's hard to believe Shasta's all grown up. =(

    French tourist dude... ... ...I... I'd have included that if it happened in my game, too.

    1. I love making water parks with ll the stuff we have now.
      I'm really fond of Farrell, I think he turned out very well.
      Rochelle is like an extreme reaction against her parents (Coby and Stina), and she has the Snob trait. working out her personality has been fun.
      The French tourist dude, I had to include it.

  2. I'm just going to take a moment to admire Farrel's Fabio-esque hair. Heath has apparently passed the glorious hair gene onto his son.

    And Rochelle is certainly planning far into the future, isn't she? 0_o

    1. Farrell did get some glorious hair.
      I was surprised that Rochelle would be thinking at all about babies, since she has the Dislikes Children trait. So I';m going with the idea that she doesn't really like children or childishness, but she has this goal of having a perfect family because that's the adult thing to do, grow up, get married, have a family.

  3. Oh boy. I can't decide which child I like best. I really love them all. Shasta is so adorable with her quietness, Elliot is the perfect older brother, and Farrell is just interesting. I think Elliot may be my favorite with Shasta a very close second though.

    I really like all the characterization you have done.

    1. Thanks, heaven!
      I have a hard time choosing a favorite too. I knew I wanted one of Heath's biological kids as heir, so I knew Shasta and Marvin would be moving on.
      So, I'm not revealing my gen 2 roll or who is heir yet, you'll just have to wait. But, I am really excited about it.

  4. I think that I like Farrell just because I would like to see how his awkwardness would land him a lady. But I also think Elliot would be a good heir because he is the only kid between Heath and Ashlynn.

    Sad that Shasta moved away, I hope that Brian waits for her like he said. They are a cute couple.

    I hope Heath doesn't end up with a kid from Bianca. Not that she isn't nice and pretty, but he is getting kind of old now. lol! At least they are having fun while they are together. Even if naked French men ruin their steamy love sessions.

    1. Thanks, Kate,
      Choosing between Farrell and Elliot as heir has been very hard. The fact that Elliot is Ashlynn's only child is a big deal, I still feel bad about killing her. =(
      But I just adore Farrell so much.
      Heath is getting a bit old for more children. And hopefully he's learned something about protection after two accidental pregnancies, lol.

  5. Farrell is adorable! I knew he would be. He looks a lot like his Dad. :)

    1. I know, I adore Farrell, I really do, =D

  6. Love Love Love Farrell, looking forward to you fleshing him out a bit more. :)

    Elliot as Heath's lovechild with Ashlynn the only one he really loved for so long seems to make sense for the obvious heir, but sometimes the obvious heir isn't always the best choice. Not sure why but Elliot's little girlfriend is annoying to me, but I know nothing of her parentage (since this is the first story for me). If your next gen roll involves a lot of kids, definitely go with her haha.

  7. LOL, honestly,the heir was chosen back when the boys were toddlers and I've been grooming him for his roll ever since. I;m just being cagey about it because I'm not revealing the heir or the roll until the right time. It was a tough decision though, and one I;ve considered changing a few times as the boys grow older, but at tis point the character development is so catered to the roll that I'm married to it.

  8. Elliot is a wonderful older brother, Farrell is lucky to have him. Farrell aged well, that hairstyle looks good on him! :)

    1. Thanks, Nirar! I think Farrell looks great, myself, and I'm happy he has Elliot to look after him.

  9. Well, that hot tub rendez-vous didn't go off as planned...

    Farrell and Shasta turned out very nice. I love Farrell's braid.

    <3 Elliot. Such a good brother. Rochelle is totally the anti-Coby and Stina. I love it. I assume she pays the bills in the family and does the grocery shopping?

    1. Maybe they planned to have a naked pudding tourist join them...no, you're right, it didn't go as planned. =P

      Farrell's braid is a keeper, lol.
      Oh, gosh, yes, Rochelle probably has to cook if she wants something besides cereal for dinner, too. And she has to yell at her parents to turn down the music when she's trying to sleep.

  10. <3 Farrell. I have a soft spot for smart, awkward boys.

  11. Haha, the hot tub interloper!! That's funny stuff!

    The house is starting to empty... =(

    1. Yeah, it was sad to see all the kids grow up and move on.

      The hot tub guy was hilarious. I didn't even see him on the lot until he stripped down and joined them.

  12. Rochelle Is obsessing. Geez Louise!

    I like Farrell he's cute, and going to make someone very happy one day, I just know it. ;) Maybe he'll find a cure for some disease or something.. put that genius to good use, unlike his mom.

    I'm happy Shasta'sboyfriend asked her to wait. That did wonders for her own insecurities.

    1. LOL,yeah, Rochelle is a bit obsessive.
      Thanks, I think Farrell is cute. He's one of my favorite Sims ever, actually. And, he does put his genius to use...you can decide later if it's good or not, lol. =P

  13. Farell is so handsome! I hope he is the next heir. :) I like his personality too, it would be fun to see where he's heading.

    1. Farrell did turn out nicely, and he's still one of my favorite Sims.

  14. lol, that shot of her thinking about babies as they walk into the restaurant was perfect :)

    1. LOL, yeah, Shelly really did have a plan for her future.

  15. Shasta grew up very nicely. I'm looking forward to seeing how Elliot and Shelly's relationship developes. That should be very interesting!

    1. Shelly and Elliot do have an interesting relationship to look forward to. =D