Friday, August 2, 2013

Chapter 59: Glimpses, Fragments

"Hey, Fergus!" Cosette calls out to him, waving to him to join her and her friend seated on the grass near the science building. "This is my friend Tasha, Tasha Byers," Cosette introduces him, "I was just telling Tasha about you."

"About me?" Fergus asks, sitting beside the girls, "Nothing bad, I hope?"

Cosette laughs, "I don't have any dirt on you to spread around." The university clock's bells toll the hour, and Cosette stands, brushing the grass off her legs, "I've got to get to my chemistry class. See both of you later," she says, passing a knowing smile at Tasha.

"I'm done with classes for the day," Tasha informs hims, "How about you?"

Fergus tells her he's finished his last class for the day as well, and was about to head back to the warehouse.

"The Comics Stack is right by your place," Tasha says, naming the comic book shop and cafe across the street from the warehouse, "Cosette tells me you have a complete collection of Toadsim Ninjas graphic novels."

"She said she didn't say anything bad about me," Fergus sats with a self-depreciating laugh.

Tasha giggles, "I love Toadsim Ninjas," she says, smiling at him, "I'm pretty much a huge comics nerd."

"Me Too!" Fergus blurts, and blushes, embarrassed by his childish enthusiasm. He's not entirely sure she's even interested him, and he's already blowing it.

"I was going to head over there today to pick up my new issue of Xenophobic Travelogue, and I was thinking about checking out the Upperclass Man series. I hear it's really dark," Tasha says, leaning a little closer to him and smiling, "So, if you want a ride home, I'm heading that way. And maybe you'd be interested in browsing the stacks with me. Maybe get a latte at the cafe?"

"That sounds great," Fergus answers, wishing he could think of something charming to say.

"Hey, is that guy...does he work here?" Fergus asks in a low whisper, seeing a man dressed pretty much exactly like a medieval monk roaming the stacks at the comic shop.

"He was in my medieval history class last semester," Tasha whispers, giggling, "He takes his roleplay a little too seriously. Once, he came to class in full plate armor. He couldn't even sit for the lecture, so he just stood there taking notes. At one point the professor called him 'Sir Stands-a-lot'."

After Tasha gets her weekly comics fix, they head into the shop's arcade to play a few games.

And then they grab a couple of lattes and head up to the deck to drink and enjoy the sunshine. 

"Have you ever heard of Bridgeport Ghost?" Tasha asks as she sips her latte. Fergus shakes his head, he's never heard the title before, so Tasha continues, "It's an older, indie series, and it's pretty hard to find. I got turned onto it when I was in high school. It's about this, like, neolithic shaman who travels through time. Not the usual superhero thing at all, and it gets into some seriously weird shit with rituals and's what inspired me to major in history. Though now that I say that out loud, that sounds pretty pathetic."

"It's not pathetic," Fergus says, "Those neolithic shamans did have some fascinating rituals and beliefs. My father still believes most of that stuff himself."

"I was talking about fiction," Tasha says.

He said too much, Fergus realizes. Now he has to backpedal or go forward with the truth. He looks Tasha in the eyes, and chooses. "I don't know what you've read in comics, but weird rituals and magic, that's my real life." 

He pauses, waiting for her to back out politely, but instead, she leans forward and says, "Tell me."

So, Fergus tells her. Not everything, certainly. The Hawksquill curse isn't something you just drop out on a first date, if this is even a first date. And his grandfather's adventures with time travel should probably wait until she knows him well enough to believe he's not full of shit. But Shadow's stories of spirit walks and like are more than enough to keep Tasha enraptured, hanging on Fergus' every word.

"That's amazing," Tasha says when he's done, "Your father can actually cast spells? And what about you?"

"I can," Fergus answers, "All my brothers can. But I'm not making it the center of my life the way my dad did."

"Will you show me? Just a little spell?" Tasha asks, smiling brightly.

"I will," Fergus promises, "But not here, and not today. I don't put out the magic on a first date."

Tasha smiles, "This can't be our first date. Because if it is, well, we'll have to live knowing our first date was at a comic book shop."

"I was thinking we'd have all our dates here, actually."

"I'm actually pretty okay with that," Tasha laughs.

"I had a really nice time," Tashsa says, taking his arm and holding his hand.

"It's a good thing Cosette introduced us," Fergus says, reminding himself to thank his roommate later.

Fergus pulls his hand out of hers to wrap his arms around her waist.

"You big liar," she whispers, caressing his cheek.

"What?" he asks, bewildered.

"You said you don't put out the magic on a first date."

Fergus is playing a game, taking a break from his homework, when Julian approaches him, asking "Have you seen Jillyan today?"

"Nope," Fergus answers curtly, not turning his attention away from the screen.

"She wasn't in class today," Julian persists, "I'm worried about her."

Realizing that he can't get rid of Julian by ignoring him, Fergus pauses his game and swivels the chair around to face him. "Jilly can be a little flaky like that," he says, "I wouldn't worry about her."

"Yes, but..." Julian hesitates, "Well, she promised to meet me before class."

"Like I said, she's flaky like that," Fergus shrugs.

"Could you give me her number? I'd like to call and see if she's all right," Julian asks.

"I'm not giving you her number," Fergus answers flatly, becoming annoyed.

"Well, could you at least call her yourself? Just to make sure she's okay."

"I'm not worried about her," Fergus says, and tries to turn back to his game.

"Fergus," Julian says his name in a firm tone, keeping him from turning away and ending the conversation, "I get that you don't like me, just because I'm a Landgraab. Niles and Cosette are two of the most anti-corporate people I know, and they can see past my name and treat me like a real person. I wish you could at least do that. Because, I'm really interested in your cousin. And she's given me reason to believe that she might be interested in me as least, I thought so. Then she didn't show up today when she said she would meet me. I'm just asking for you to give her a call and see that she's all right. If she was blowing me off, then, fine, I'll back off. I just...I just need to know she's okay."

Fergus frowns, realizing he's being kind of a dick. He's not exactly ready to just trust that this Landgraab living under the same roof as him is a complete coincidence, but being an asshole to the guy isn't going to get him to reveal any nefarious plots he's might be cooking up. The idea of this Landgraab dating his cousin makes him seethe inside, but Fergus knows that if it is what Jilly wants, no little roadblcks he tries to throw in her way will stop her.

"Okay. I'll call her," Fergus says, pulling out his phone.

After spending the day scuba diving, Jilly headed over to the dojo to get in some practice on the boards. Fergus was right, she's not a Sim Fu master yet, but she will be.

"Hey, Fergus, what's up?" she says, picking up her phone when it buzzes in her pocket.

"Just checking in you, coz," he says, "You weren't in class today."

"Wow, my mother isn't even that over-protective," Jilly laughs, "Are you seriously keeping tabs on whether I go to class or not?"

"No, it wasn't me that noticed, " Fergus says, "You were supposed to meet Julian before class?"

"Oh, crap, yeah, I was," Jilly sighs, "He must think I"m a total bitch. Listen, can you tell him I'm sorry? I'll make it up to him."

"Do you want to tell him yourself? He's right here."

"Did he make you call me?" Jilly laughs, "He's so cute! Okay, yeah, put him on."

After a pause, Julian says hello into the phone. "Hey, Julian, I am so sorry I forgot about meeting up with you. It as just such a beautiful day, I couldn't pass up the urge to do a little windsurfing. And then some scuba diving. I had an amazing day," she enthuses.

Julian laughs lightly, "I was worried something might have happened to you."

"Nope. I'm just a big flake. Ask Fergus, he'll tell you. Anyway, I'll make it up you, okay? Do you want to meet me at the beach tomorrow? We can do some surfing, and hangout."

"That sounds great, Jilly. See you tomorrow."

"For real," Jilly laughs, "I'd never blow off a day at the beach."

Her, at last. He was sure she'd survived the battle, but she'd disappeared, and none of the villagers would tell him anything about her. It was months before he found one willing to talk, a drunk of course, who said more than he'd meant to in his cups. And even from him, all he got was that she'd retreated into the woods with her brother. Half-brother, he thinks bitterly, angry. The boy is none of his, but the girl...

He wants to approach her. Take her in his arms and take her away from this hovel at the edge of the forest and bring her back to his keep, where she could live as she was meant to, in luxury. His firstborn. His daughter.

She's beautiful, like her mother, he thinks. And thinking of her mother makes his heart ache. She's never met him, but she hates him already, he knows it. Revealing himself as her true father would not mend that, no, it would only make things worse. It would destroy her. He's destroyed so much already, taken everything from her, and though he would give her everything he has, everything he is, he couldn't give her back what he's already taken, not with all his wealth or power, not even with his paternal affection.

He backs away, quietly, before she can see him lurking in the trees by her house. She was his, but she's lost to him. Like her mother, like her mother...

Waking. Moving from one state of consciousness to another.

Transition. Remembering who you are, which memories are your own, which belong to another man, another time.

The girl in the dream is not his daughter, no. She was his grandmother. But even knowing that, the pain, the loss he experienced through another man's eyes, that's his to keep, that cannot be excised neatly, parceled out and labeled 'not mine'.

"Hey, Julian!" Jilly calls out to her date, treading water nearby while she tries a few tricks on the wave machine, "Did you see that?"

Julian acknowledges her with a wave. 

"You should take a turn," she suggests, realizing she's hogging the board.

"That's okay," Julian says, "Why don't we head out to shore for awhile?"

"Not until you try this," Jilly insists.

"See, I told you it was awesome," Jilly enthuses, taking her turn to watch Julian.

"Hey, watch out for the loose seal!" Jilly calls out to him.

"The what?"

Julian topples over as the seal knocks into his board.

"I can't believe how warm it is here. Back in Drake's Hollow, even the summer is kind of chilly, and I swear it's gloomy even on the sunniest days," Jilly comments as they settle onto their towels to relax on the beach.

"It's like that where I'm from, too," Julian says, "It's so cold, people wear gloves all the time, even indoors. Even in summer."

"You're making that up," Jilly laughs, and he laughs with her.

"Have you traveled much?" she asks, but gives him no chance to answer, "I've been to China, once, with my mother. It was so amazing. Really beautiful landscapes, and I found some awesome relics. I've been practicing Sim Fu, too. I have a green belt, now. I can't wait to go back. But I might travel somewhere else first, I haven't decided."

"I've traveled some," Julian finally gets an answer in, "To France, anyway. Nothing exotic."

"Oooh, France. I want to go. Maybe after China. But I want to visit Isla Paradiso first, I think. I've heard there are some amazing dive spots."

While Jillyan enthuses about her travel plans, Julian cautiously lays his hand over hers. Jilly notices his touch, and smiles lightly at him. "You should know, before you get involved with me, that I don't intend to stay in any one place for long," she warns him.

"Take me with you," Julian answers, cupping her chin in his hand, pulling her face closer to his.

"Just like that?" she asks, her voice grown husky, "You're ready to sign up for Jilly's wild ride?"

"I know what I want, Jillyan, just like you know what you want. And we're alike in one thing, at least; we go for what we want."

"Mmm, that was nice," Jilly lets out a contented sigh, leaning against his chest after what's she sure was the longest and best kiss in all of simkind, "I like your skin. You're very warm."

"Well, yours too," he laughs a little as he kisses her shoulder.

"So, tell me about your ink," she says.

"My ink?" he asks in return, as though he doesn't know what she's talking about.

"Your tattoo," she clarifies, "It's really pretty. Does it mean anything special?"

"I...I don't remember," Julian murmurs, rubbing his forehead, struggling.

"How could you not remember getting inked?" Jilly wonders out loud, "I mean, even if you were wasted, you'd remember getting wasted enough to get a tattoo..."

"I don't...I can't...I remember," he says, his words coming through paned pauses, "I remember, sort of, like, glimpses, fragments of memories, but it's like... it's like it's not my memory. Like, it's someone else I'm seeing..." A flash of agony plays over his face, "I'm sorry, I've got a migraine coming on."

"Are you okay? Should you see a doctor?" Jilly asks.

"No. No doctor," he insists, "I'm all right. I just need to lie down."

Jillyan lets him rest his head on her lap.

"It' weird," he sighs, "I have these gaps in my memory. I try to focus on something in my past, or sometimes seeing something I think is familiar will trigger it. And then I get a massive headache. But it goes away after a few minutes."

"And you haven't seen a doctor about that?" Jilly asks.

"I do have a doctor. I see her every week."

"Every week? Wow, that's serious. Are you okay, Julian?"

Julian's brow furrows, his headache growing worse as he tries to remember his visits to his doctor, remembering anything about it at all, and coming up with nothing.

"Maybe you should talk to Fergus," Jilly suggests, "He could help you with gaps in your memory..."

"Fergus? What do you mean?"

Jilly bites her lip, realizing she's said too much. "His dad is like, a folk healer," she backpedals as quickly as she can, "It was a stupid idea," she says, resolving to bring this to Fergus herself.


  1. Warning, warning!!! Alarm bells are triggering left and right in my mind from both Julian and Tasha.

    I mean, Julian is a Landgraab so he's suspicious from the get go. But now tattoos that he doesn't recall and memories he can't access without a migraine? Though, maybe Julian is innocent like Jack was innocent. I'll at least give him a teeny bit of leeway. Maybe.

    And Tasha. She just happens to know of a comic that a comic lover hasn't heard of that just happens to be about stuff that is very much like Fergus's family? Uh uh. I'm calling that one. She's a mole!

    1. I totally get being suspicious of Julian, for all those reasons. But I was not expecting so much suspicion against Tasha. Though, I do get that, I've planted a ll indsof moles and spies into this story, so I'd be suspicious too.

      As a comc lover I can say that it's not unusual for even a big comic lover to learn of a series he's never heard of after it's out of print. It is weird that this one is about things that very similar to Fergus' family. I was actually kind thinking that Kvornan was secretly writing it, or maybe someone else with special abilities...not that I was thinking too deep into that, it was just something to get Fergus talking.

  2. Now I see your evil plot! Lol the fairy from the extra chapter gave Julian / Geoffrey a mind-wiping tattoo. It's a far stretch, but that's my theory now. I still like him though, he's just so cute and at this point innocent. <3 Jilly better keep him!

    Fergus is very trusting. Oh, her last name's not Landgraab so let's tell her everything! *rolls eyes* Come on boy think! She could be a spy or something. There's already a Landgraab roommate, and now a mysterious girl who knows all about ancient shamanism? Why is it that alarm bells aren't going off in his head? Oh wait, he's a guy. Never mind, I guess we all better hope he gets past how pretty she is and starts thinking eventually.

    Good chapter!

    1. Mind wiping tattoo isn't a bad idea, actually. But Becky already used that in her legacy, so I can't use that one. Well, not really a memory wiping tattoo, but it blocked ome disturbing psychic stuff tthat was happening...actually, Fergus could use one of those tattoos, lol.
      Still, I love all he speculation. Obviously, there's something up with Julian. For now you'll just have to guess.
      He and Jilly are really cute together, too.

      Fergus was a little too ready to spill his guts to a girl he just met. Maybe he just needed to confide in someone, and maybe he fell for her a little too quickly. But I think he's gotten lucky in that she's not really part of some MorcuCprp plot, for once.

  3. I'm with heaven about the alarms for 'Julian'. Tasha... Hm... I actually hadn't thought of that. But it does seem weird that she's pretty much agreeing with anything Fergus says. No matter how weird.

    'Julian' is most definately a clone. I have this acheing in my heart for him, though. He clearly doesn't know he's a clone, and had no understanding of why he has memory blanks. I'm betting his 'doctor visits' are when he meets with his handler. I almost want him to go to Fergus about it, but I'm not sure how Fergus would react.

    I loled at that seal. HAHAH! Silly 'Julian', Landgraabs aren't graceful!

    Poor Fergus with that memory. I really hope he can get to the bottom of that soon, and I wonder if being so close to 'Julian' triggered it?

    I'm intreguied!

    1. Yeah, I figured the tattoo scene would set everyone's alarms ringing. He's obviously not just what he seems, or even what he thinks he is.
      You are right on about the doctor visits.
      Julian probably won't go to Fergus himself, since Fergus hasn't actually been all that nice to him, but Jilly will. And then we'll see. =D

      The seal is hilarious. I love the new surf thing. It's stupid, but fun. So I had to throw some of that in there.

      Fergus does have a lot to deal with with his memories from the past.

  4. Ffffffffffffgfhgfffffff I should have known. You really had me going. I thought Julian was a distant cousin dragged into the scheme.

    Getting desperate to escape the curse, ain't ya, Geoff?

    Oh, COOL. Seals.

    1. Ha! Gotcha!
      Still, his motivation isn't really related to his own curse. Though that's obviously going to factor in here, in a major way.

      The seal is hilarious. It can knock your Sim off the board and even destroy it. You end up with a decorative version of the board with a bite taken out of it by the seal. I wish it made cute seal barks too. Though, I'm actually thinking of sea lions, we see a lot of those here, but not so much actual seals. I don't think.

  5. I guess I'm one of the few that actually likes Tasha. No alarm bells went off for me, but then, talking about obscure/out of print comics is pretty much everyday conversation for me (even if the comic she references is particularly coincidental to Fergus's family...). She just came off as a particularly enthusiastic comic nerd to me. *shrug* I'll like her until proven otherwise.

    Julian... hmmm... gaps in his memory? I won't make any rash predictions just yet. You have a way of throwing brilliant curve balls that put a wrench in my predictions anyway. :P

    I love that Cosette is playing matchmaker. <3 That girl dun good... that is, unless Tasha turns out to be some evil mastermind. Then Cosette deserves a slap on the wrist.

    1. Yes! I'm a comic nerd too, so Tasha just seemed really normal to me. =P

      I think Julian's story will out itself sooner rater than later. There have already been a bunch of great predictions.

      Cosette is a goos matchmaker. ;) She put together two Toadsim Ninja fans.

    2. that's 'good' matchmaker. My typos are insane. =P

    3. I read the typo first as "goose" matchmaker, which made me laugh pretty hard. That Cosette. Always setting up those geese. :P

  6. Well, at least the seal didn't chew Julian's hand off, right?

    If only it were wearing a yellow bow tie...

    I get the feeling Julian is a patsy in the Landgraab scheme. Probably like what they tried to do to Jack.

    Tasha...hmm, she seemed to come out of nowhere kind of handily. Not sure if I'm trusting her yet...

    Can't wait to see it unfold!

    1. Thanks!
      I'm pretty sure there are some serious Arrested Developments fans on the Sims team, they love putting in those references.

      I must say I love all the ideas about who Julian is, and how much nobody wants to trust poor Tasha.

      I've been playing this legacy a lot,so my update schedule for it might be a faster than normal. =D

  7. Sir Stands-A-Lot. *snort

    Ok though. Tasha is Peridot's replacement isn't she? She believed a lot of that a little too easily. And not just that, she jumped from "I'm talking about Fiction" to "Tell me More" Really really really quickly there. Oh Fergus. And here I thought you'd be the cold careful one.

    Julian Julian Julian. Really? Headaches and flashes of memories on the beach with someone you've just met? Why not just brush it off as "Yeah, I liked it. I got it"? Jilly I really hope you watch yourself darling!

    1. I couldn't resist poking fun at the random townie in medieval robe.

      Wow, I am amazed at the conspiracy theories surrounding Tasha. Youu all are so suspicious. There's actually a reason why I had to insert her into the plot all of a sudden-like, but really MorcuCorp had no hand it. Y'all are probably going to laugh when Tasha's 'dark secret' comes out.
      But, yeah, Fergus is really not as guarded about his secrets as he should be.

      Julian's reaction to Jill's questions about his tattoo were very genuine, and not something he could brush off easily. Though his impulse to brush off the pain of the migraine is probably not healthy, I think he doesn't want to appear weak or sickly to Jilly.

  8. Aw, I like Tasha. Good for Fergus getting a love interest! I'm weirdly not suspicious of her at all. Glad we got to see some curious behavior from Julian. I like his character, and I'm interested to see just how he fits in the plot.

    And I lol'd at the seal.

    1. It's nice there are a couple of people not suspicious of Tasha. =D
      I guess when there's a Landgraab in the picture, everyone new becomes suspect as well.
      Julian's behavior is definitely going to be a major part of the plot going on now. I like his character too, It's fun trying to make every iteration of the Landgraab each be his own character but still maintain the Landgraabiness we all know and love.

  9. Oooh, Tasha is cute, but for some reason I'm immediately distrustful of any potential romantic interests in your legacy. I'm afraid I'm a bit paranoid. I also love Fergus. Is he going to appear a lot in the story even though he's not the heir?

    I really love the Arrested Development reference. I'm trying to decide whether or not to get that set; the only big pro I can think of is the loose seal.

    Oh, Julian! I hope he's not some pawn or something to get closer to the Brannons. He's adorable. :c

    1. Yeah, I can see why people are suspicious Tasha, but it took me completely by surprise. And I'm sure, after puling an heir switch, no one believes me when I say Tasha is really just a college student who likes comics, and Fergus.
      Fergus will be around quite a lot, I have some story time planned for him. Though SP likes to throw wrenches in my plans lately.

      I had to get that surf set for JIlly, because it was so her. But, I have a hard time really recommending it...It's fun for story shots, if you are playing that kind of Sim. But it doesn't add much else. Except more swimwear. Which Ihaven't even looked at in CAS yet.

      Julian really is adorable. I'm happy so many people like him, even if they are afraid to trust him. Obviously, there's something going on there,and he is coming off as more of a pawn than being in on any MorcuCorp schemes.

  10. Uh-oh... Things really aren't looking good so far as Julian is concerned... I shall await developments as to whether he is an evil mastermind or simply a poor sod who's been dragged into things...

    1. There is definitely something going on with Julian. Only time will tell if he's the pawn or the mastermind. =D

  11. Hmmm, your comment to Becky makes me think I was right, Julian is Geoff! Well, Julian Geoff, I wonder what you are up to. Does he have a bug implant? Though why he would have a bug implant if he was Geoff, is beyond me. Ooh, wait! The red fairy! She bugged him, lol I know, another bad pun, sorry! :P I just quickly re-read that bonus chapter again---and just caught the fact that Geoff slept with the red fairy, so now I am sensing there is a LOT of water under that bridge. Anyways, I was also thinking of Jack's bug the other day---did that ever get resolved? Or will that come up again? I have bug implants on the brain tonight because I watched The Wolverine, and I really enjoyed it. =)

    I'm hoping for a Julian(Geoff)/Jilly pairing, I think they look awfully cute together there on the beach. I also think Jilly is the type of girl that can show a Landgraab a thing or two, being with her is bound to be a humbling experience for him. She totally blew him off for the beach, lol She even told him to meet her at the beach, because she never blows off the beach, therefore, in her opinion, the beach rates higher than he does! =D

    Now that I think about that beach scene, I wonder if Julian/Geoff was faking it, that would be one way to stop questions that he wouldn't want to answer.

    That was an interesting dream that Fergus had, and a very enlightening one. I can't wait to read about it on the Summerdream side. =)

    I wasn't actually suspicious of Tasha either, I was too busy being suspicious of Julian/Geoff, lol Then I read the other comments and I thought, hmm, should I have been suspicious? It seems you have put that rumor to rest anyway, she is just a comic geek that really likes Fergus, and who can blame her? He's very cute! Though, even if she is not suspicious, and is perfectly on the up and up, Fergus should be a little more circumspect about where he is when he gives out his life story. Public places where anyone can overhear doesn't sound like the safest thing!

    Another great chapter, you are a master at weaving plots, I am envious, lol I look forward to your next one! =)

    1. LOL, I love your puns. Jack's chip actually got removed because Geoff knew Shadow had convinced Jack to get examined by Dr. Hawksquill, who would have discovered it. MorcuCorp then started using a deep hypnosis technique on him s they could get him to report on the Brannons without him knowing he was doing it. I don't think it will come up again because BlueWater/MorcuCorp let Jack go once his contract was up. They got what they wanted from him, and poor Jack never had a clue.
      Geoff did sleep with red fairy; she seduced him hoping to get him to let her into MorcuCorp's vault so she could find Talfryn's tooth. When he refused, she cursed him. This was back in Geoff's younger days before he was the head of MorcuCorp, when he was just a rich party playboy. The encounter with the fairy andthe curse she laid on him did a lot to straighten him out and it drove him to changing MorcuCorp's direction when he did take over.

      Jilly and Julian are a really cute couple. =D And I think you are right, she is actually quite a match for the Landgraab pride. She didn't just blow him off for the beach, she forgot about her plans with him when he decided to blow off class. I'm not sure which is worse, being intentionally blown off or just being forgotten, lol.

      I think Julian could have just made up a story about the tattoo if he were truly just faking to avoid questions. Having weird memory gaps and migraines resulting from trying to remember the missing stuff just cause way more difficult questions than what Jilly had started asking him about what his tattoo meant.

      Yeah, I really didn't mean for Tasha to become the center of so much speculation, though I do understand where it came from. But yes, even if everything with Tasha is innocent, Fergus really should be on his guard more.

      Thanks so much, Nirar!

  12. I was going to wait until the very end to comment, but I can't help it! It's all Mr. Fluffykins fault, Julian! His nefarious deeds making sims wear warm winter hats and gloves in summer!

    Alrighty, well, I had a goofy grin on my face the entire time during Fergus's date. :D

    I still don't know what to think, really, about Julian. Those headaches and 'memory gaps' worry me.

    Oh man! Poor Reinier! So, he finds out that Aouregon (I know I misspelled that) is his daughter. Damn that must've killed him.

    1. Ha! No one caught that but you, lol. But of course you did. =D

      I thought Fergus' date was sweet, too.

      Julian does have some worrisome issues with his migraines memory gaps.

      I really do have to get a chapter out for Summerdream soon. Reinier does indeed find out eventually that Sterren had his baby. LOL, that sounds so soap opera. I've got another Brannon chapter in the works (I can't stop playing!) But then I really need to get some Summerdream done for a weekend update.
      And someday actually go back to my neglected wishacies. Tamira has had dirty laundry on the floor for like a month and no one will touch it. It has flies!

  13. I have to stop being suspicious, but, both Julian and Tasha seem to be planted to gather information and spy. Is it pure coincidence that this girl loves comics and just so happens to love a comic about a time traveling shaman? I think she brought that up to start delving. I do think she's a plant and once Fergus realises he has been snowed, he may go a little haywire. His dream was very sad, and it's worse that he actually retains some of the other person's emotions. That would be enough to drive anyone mad.

    Dunno, I just think these two are bad news.

    1. Ah, Tasha. I was, and still am, blown over by the amount of suspicion she has generated. It wasn't intentional, though I do see how people might draw that conclusion. She's not a plant, though.

      Experiencing another man's memories in a dream is particularly difficult, because the conscious mind has already dropped its barriers while sleeping.

  14. So Fergus can't read Julian's past because Julian can't read it himself? :o