Saturday, August 24, 2013

Chapter 63: Action Hero

"Julian? Are you okay?" Jillyan asks, coming down from her bedroom to find him staring out of her living room window, "We don't have to go to this party if you aren't up to it." He'd been broody for the rest of the day after Fergus tried to find his memories, barely eating at all at dinner. Jill thought going out and socializing might snap him out of his funk, but maybe what he needs is a quiet night at home. Her home, to be exact.

"I have no past," he says, his voice quiet, broken and lost, "I don't know who I am." After Fergus told him his memories were very likely false, implanted in his mind under hypnosis, Julian had wanted to call his mother, to ask her about his childhood, to fill in the missing pieces. Fergus said it would be a bad idea; if the woman Julian believed was his mother when he called 'home' was a MorcuCorp agent, telling her anything about what he'd learned would tip them off that they are on to them, and if she was, in fact, really his mother, the questions he wanted to ask would just worry her. "When I think about her, my mother, when I try to remember growing up, I just get snapshots, like Fergus said. A scrapbook of memories, and they aren't even mine...I thought I knew who I was. Now, I just...I just don't."

"You're still you, Julian," Jilly says, wrapping her arms around his chest and pressing her cheek against his shoulder, "Losing your past doesn't change who you are."

Julian covers her hands with own, squeezing them for comfort, but makes no response.

"Do you remember Isla Paradiso?" she asks, her tone light and playful, "Do you remember camping out with me under stars? Do you remember the house on the private island Salty let us stay in?"

"Of course I remember," Julian says, smiling despite himself, "I could never forget that."

"Well, see, there's our past," she whispers as he turns to face her, holding her close against his chest, "And this is our present, tonight. The past is gone, but it doesn't matter. We have the future."

She lives in an eternal now, but Julian is not quite able to let the past go, pretend that it doesn't matter. Getting lost in her now, though, and immersing himself in her promise of a future together, that comes very easily.

The party they were supposed to attend is forgotten as they make their way up to her bedroom, discarding their clothes along the way, not even making it all the way to her bed. Julian makes love to her with a fierce hunger, a desperate need to connect with himself through her, to feel like his life is real, has meaning.

She groans his name, over and over, and this is all he needs to be. He exists to love her, whoever he was before he was hers, that man doesn't matter at all.

When they finally make it onto her bed, it's to collapse in exhaustion, legs tangled around each other, arms entwined.

"Do you want to turn out the lights?" he whispers, stroking her back as she presses her head against his chest.

"I don't want to move," she whispers back, her fingers toying with the hair on his chest. "I was thinking, since you stay here most nights anyway, maybe you should just move in here with me. What do you think?"

"I'd love to," Julian answers, "I love you, Jillyan."

"I love you, too, Julian. Everything will be all right. You'll see," she promises.

She falls asleep, contented, blissful, but a strange sense of foreboding keeps Julian awake, idly stroking her hair, listening to the steady rhythm of her breathing. He's fallen in love, deeply, truly...he should be happy, as contented as his sleeping lover. So why this worry, this fear that the simple fact of his love is going to be her doom?

Over breakfast, Jilly offers to put off her planned dive for the day to help Julian move his stuff to her place.

"All I have really is some clothes and my laptop," Julian says, turning down her offer, "I can grab all though in one easy trip. You go ahead and dive, I'll have dinner waiting for you when you get back." The sense of foreboding he felt last night still lingers, but, like his lost memories, it's not something Julian is going to let stand in his way. Jilly is right about that, they have a future, a future they will create together. If he has that, he can live without a past.

Jillyan comes into the kitchen as he's cleaning his plate to kiss him goodbye before she takes off for her dive.

"Did you bring in your plate?" he asks.

"Oh, no," she shrugs, "I left it on the table." Back at home, there was always someone who cleaned up the little messes the kids would leave behind; she never had to bother with things like washing her dishes, "I can go get it," she offers.

"No, it's okay," Julian says, smiling as he takes her face in his hands, kissing the tip of her nose, then her lips, and finally, nibbling  bit on her chin, "I'll take care of it after I see you off."

Julian follows her out to her dock, and watches as she sails away.

He lingers a bit watching the water, even after she disappeared over the horizon, trying to just live in the moment the way she does, not caring about the past or worrying about the future.

Behind him, the boards creak as someone steps onto the pier. Julian turns, expecting Fergus maybe, since this is a private dock and no one else should be here.

"You and Fergus have been hitting it off really well," Cosette says as Tasha joins her at her table outside the student union, "I hardly ever see you anymore, except to wave at you as you are heading off into his bedroom. I am an awesome matchmaker, right?"

"You are," Tasha admits, "You were right, Fergus and I really clicked, as soon as you introduced us. I've never been so happy in my life."

"Okay, so why do you look like someone pissed in your corn flakes?" Cosette asks, "What's going on?"

"I just got back from the health center," Tashs groans, "I had a pregnancy test yesterday."

"Oh...shit, Tasha," Cosette says, "Have you told him, yet?"

Tasha bites her lip at that, "Well, he knows I was getting the test, but I haven't told him it was positive yet," she finally replies, not wanting to get into the way the whole pregnancy topic had come up in the first place.

"Are you afraid of what he'll say?" Cosette asks, "He doesn't seem the type to flake out on you."

"I'm sure he's not," Tasha answers, "I know he'll want to be there for me. I just...I don't know, Cosi, I'm crazy about him. And I think he might be the one, you know. I mean, I know he is. But this, I didn't want it to be like this."

"It is kind of a lot all at once," Cosette sympathizes, "But, at least you know you've got a good guy, right? If you really love him, and he loves you, it will work out."

Talking with Cosette did help Tasha feel a little better about her situation, but still not up to facing Fergus, she decided to walk around town a little, to clear her mind with a little window shopping. But less than an hour into her stroll, Tasha couldn't help but notice she was being tailed by two men in black. Everywhere she went, they were behind her, every time she stopped to look into a shop window, they'd stop a few yards behind her.

I'm being paranoid, she kept telling herself, what could anyone want with me? They probably just work in one of the offices around here.

After another half hour of internal debate while the men in black still stick close by her, Tasha finally ducks into a shop and pulls out her phone.

"Tasha!" Fergus answers, obviously thrilled to hear from her, "I've been worried about you! Is everything okay?" he asks, his voice heavily implying that he wants to know if she's confirmed what her told her about being pregnant.

But Tasha has bigger concerns at the moment, "Fergus, I'm scared. There are these two guys in black suits following me. I've been window shopping along Oak Street, and everywhere I go, these guys are there. I know it sounds but crazy, but I don't know what to do."

"Did you go for testing at the health center?" Fergus asks.

Tasha frowns, annoyed at his one track mind, "Have you been listening to me?" she demands, "There are guys following me."

"I think they're MorcuCorp agents," Fergus tells her, "I'm sure they have access to the school's records. If they know you are carrying my child..." Fergus stops there, kicking himself for not thinking of this sooner, "Okay, stay where you are. Stay in sight of other people, and I will be right there to get you."

"Wait, what's going on, Fergus?" she pleads, even more frightened now that he's accepted her story so readily, and seems to know who is tailing and why.

"I'm coming for you. I'll explain everything later," Fergus promises.

As he approaches the shop Tasha said she was waiting in, Fergus spots the black suits who'd been tailing her, hanging around, pretending not to notice him.

She falls into his arms as soon as she enters the shop. "Oh, Fergus," she breathes, her voice catching on  a sob, "I'm so scared."

"I's all right," he soothes her, "I've got you now. And we're getting out of here."

The men in black watch as Fergus leads her out of the shop. MorcuCorp has a history of keeping their doings under wraps, and Fergus' bet that they wouldn't do anything as conspicuous as abducting people off a busy public street paid off as the agents stand helplessly as the couple make their escape.

When he gets her back to his room, Tasha sits on the floor, drawing her knees up to her chest protectively. "Why is MorcuCorp following me?" she asks, her voice tiny and frightened, as Fergus sits beside her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "And, how did you know it was MorcuCorp, anyway?"

"It's a long story, Tasha," Fergus sighs, "But it's one you need to know if..." he pauses, realizing how much danger he's put her in, just by being his girlfriend, "I should have warned you, before we started dating. But, if I had...well, it sounds crazy. It is crazy. But it's real, and it's something I can't dodge."

Tasha unfolds from her cower slightly, to rest her head on his shoulder, and a hand on his knee. Encouraged, he takes a deep breath, and tells her how MorcuCorp created Pearl, his great-grandmother, in a lab, and sent her out to seduce Heath Brannon as some kind of breeding experiment, and how Pearl betrayed them by seeing to it that their son, Farrell, was raised in the real world by his father instead of in some MorcuCorp facility. And he tells her the story of his grandfather, Farrell, who invented a time machine and met a witch named Aouregan Avendale in the middle ages and married her. Fergus tells her how MorcuCorp managed to abduct pregnant Aouregan and bring her back to the present, and how she gave birth two her twins, Shadow, his father, and his aunt Aurora while imprisoned in MorcuCorp's labs, and how Farrell eventually got his children and wife back back from them, and about the family's flight to Drake's Hollow, a town protected by a dragon ward and a pair of friendly fairies. He had already told her about his father, his magic and his beliefs, and now Fergus tells her about his mother, and the Hawksquill curse, a curse that will pass down to any child Fergus fathers. 

"After the trip to Aurora Skies, where he met Geoffrey Landgraab in person, my dad truly believed MorcuCorp was going to back away from this, " Fergus finishes the tale, "Otherwise, there's no way the family would have let me and Jilly go away to school. But, obviously, Geoffrey lied to my father when he said he wasn't interested in pursuing my family anymore, he was just biding his time until one of us left the safety of Drake's Hollow. MorcuCorp has been using Julian to spy on me, maybe to seduce Jilly. And now, because you are carrying my child, they are after you." 

"Your life is like a science fiction novel," Tasha observes, finding herself riveted by his story, "Only an insane person would believe it. Which, lucky for you, I just happen to be."

Fergus' voice drops to a strained whisper, unable to meet the levity of her jokes, "I am so sorry I dragged you into this mess. I'm not an action hero, I don't know if I can protect you."

"I don't know, Fergus, you were pretty heroic today when you swept in to save me," Tasha teases, wrapping her arm around his waist to hug him, "My hero."

"This isn't a joke, Tasha. The danger is real."

"I get that," she answers, letting her voice grow serious, "But we can't let them ruin everything for us. We'll find a way."

"You'd be safer without me," Fergus says, with deep regret.

"Maybe," Tasha says, "But I wouldn't be happy."

And neither would he, Fergus decides, holding as she climbs onto his lap. His father and his grandfather before him had found ways to protect their families, and he can do no less than they had. 

Jilly climbs the stairs to her back porch after she ties her boat to the dock, returning from her dive in the late afternoon. As she gets to the sliding glass door to her kitchen, she notices the breakfast plate she'd left on the table, the one Julian promised he'd clean up before he went to move his things here. It's not like him to leave a dirty plate, she thinks, he's normally really fastidious about cleaning up after himself, and her. But she shrugs it off, he has had a lot on his mind, after all.

The back door is unlocked, which isn't a surprise, since Julian should have gotten his moving done by now. What is surprising is the dead quiet of her house. He had promised to have dinner ready when she got back, but the kitchen is as she left it this morning, with no smell of food being prepared, and no sounds at all to indicate Julian's presence here.

"Julian?" she calls out, "Are you here?"

Getting no answer, she checks all the rooms upstairs, and doesn't find him or anything of his that hadn't been left from the night before. Her side of the bed is still unmade; since Julian started sleeping here regularly, he'd made up her side of the bed for her after she finally decided to roll out of it, usually right after he'd gotten out of the shower. It's like hadn't come back into the house at all after she'd sailed off.

She discovers that her front door is still locked, as she left it this morning,  as she goes down to look for him in the garage, hoping he might be doing laundry. Not finding him anywhere, she goes back in to her house, looks around again as though he might be hiding behind a chair. He obviously isn't here, she decides, and he hasn't brought his stuff over yet. Maybe he's back at the warehouse now, getting his things, and he just forgot to lock the back door on his way out, leaving her priceless collection of vases and gems unprotected.

Julian got a new phone after he and Jilly handed his old one over to Fergus to see if he could find his way past any security codes that might have been placed on it, and Jilly dials his new number now, telling herself that he'll pick up and apologize for not being here, and making her worry about him for nothing.

As the phone rings in her ear, she hears the ringtone they picked out together for his new phone playing behind her.

She turns, following the tone to an end table behind her, where his phone sits, playing its tune, waiting for Julian to answer it.


So, Tasha...I've mentioned on the thread at MTS that SP had messed with me a little on my main save. What happened was, on day one of playing my main save with Jilly, I got a pop up announcing that Fergus was dating a girl named Tasha. So, I noted that and figured I would have to work Fergus' unplanned romance into the story somehow. Then, a game day or so later, a pop up informs me that Fergus has knocked up Tasha. So, great, now I had to work in an unplanned pregnancy. 
All the scenes with Fergus are shot in an alternate save where she's not pregnant. In my real save, I've used Cmar's pregnancy mod to pause the pregnancy, otherwise Fergus would already be a daddy.

I had to kind of scramble to get Tasha and her pregnancy into the story, and work it in so it didn't seem bolted on.
I didn't even consider that this character out of nowhere would look suspicious to readers, but she set off a lot of red flags. I do see why, in retrospect. But, really, I promise, Tasha is not a spy or mole. 

In other news, I recently got a pop up that Cosette and Niles are expecting as well. Yay for them. But, poor  Cosette will have to have her pregnancy paused as well, so she doesn't give birth before Tasha. =P


  1. I know that physically Julian or whatever he wants to call himself can't be much older than Jilly but knowing who he really is.... eeeeeeeewwwww. The quick factor just hit close to max for me.

    I'm glad Tasha believes Fergus. : )

    1. You didn't squick over Auberon and Uvie, and he's like a bajillion years older than Geoffrey will ever be...LOL. Or Peridot/Geoffrey, for that mater, he was considerably older than her as well.
      Tasha believes that aliens may have built the pyramids, so believing Fergus was a pretty easy leap for her. =D

    2. Yeeeaaaaah but we met Uvie when she was a teen already! And Peridot was made in a test tube so I had trouble getting attached to her. But Jilly... we saw Jilly grow up! And she still acts like a child! And it isn't like Delaney where we saw her mix her childlike personality with adult relations (sex) with someone her own age as a teen. It just feels wrong.

      But I'm just going to remind myself that their kink isn't my kink, but their kink is alright. It Geoffrey wants to screw a barely out of highschool teen girl then okay. I have read squickier things. (I've written worse things >_>)

      By the way none of this is meant as an insult towards you. I'm enjoying the story and I love getting an emotional reaction like this to your stories. It just means you're an awesome writer.

    3. Aw, thanks, Cece!
      Technically it isn't Geoffrey driving this boat though. Julian, although a fabricated persona, is an independent personality. I have a hard time imagining a Geoffrey and Jillyan pairing. She's too colorful for his beige, lol.

      I should add, despite Fergus' and maybe my reader's suspicions, (and this is slightly, but not majorly spoilery,) Geoffrey did not intend to have Julian seduce or get involved with Jillyan. She wasn't even in his radar, he was just after Fergus. Julian's feelings for Jilly were his own.

  2. Why am I upset that Julian has been abducted? No, really. I know he's Geoffrey, and I know he's a secret spy, but I'm upset that he's disappeared :| (And, no quotations over his name today)

    I hope nothing too sinister happens, and the Julian Jillyan fell in love with comes back!

    Yay! Tasha knows all about the Brannon/Hawksquill background... And she didn't run off screaming! That's a good sign, but the MIB weren't. Eek. Morcucorp is everywhere this chapter! Hopefully Jilly and Ferg can find a way to fix it all!
    (Oh yeah, and squee about baby, obviously... ;) )

    1. I'm not using quotes over the names because to me, the Julian persona is his own personality. He doesn't know anything about Geoffrey, and so lond as Julian is driving the body, Geoffrey doesn't exist. Except sub-consciously, I guess.
      It might get a little weird later, though.

      I've got a lot going on with the Julian/Geoffrey conundrum to come. But Jillyan will kick someone in the balls if they take Julian from her. Though I gues that would be weird for her, having to kick Geoffrey in the balls since they share a body...

      Tasha did not run off screaming. Though the MIB incident did scare her. MorcuCorp was all over this chapter, That new agent, Peridot's replacement, means business.

      Yes, squee about the baby. Though I feel bad about Tasha being pregnant forever.

  3. I'm worried for Julian. Even if Geoffrey is in there too, Julian is a different consciousness. He needs to be safe or I'll be sad forever! :(

    As for the "squick factor," I don't think it's an issue. The Julian consciousness is Jilly's age, Jilly isn't in love with Geoffrey. Jilly and Geoffrey? Squick. Jilly and Julian? Not so much.

    I'm glad that Tasha and Fergus are together. They'll manage - like Fergus said, it always manages to happen, in the end.

    1. I think it's a pretty safe bet most people would prefer Julian to win any struggle to keep the body. Except Geoffrey, of course. Or maybe not, Geoffrey is a weird cookie sometimes, and he chose this path.
      Yeah, I'm not squicked at all. Really, I'm not often squicked, except by near relation incest. Jilly and Fergus having the hots for each other squicks me, lol. And Julian is very much his own persona...I chose the name Julian for him (well, Geoffrey chose it, but, using the same reasoning) because it means 'youthful'.

      Fergus did have his moment of believing Tasha would be better off without him, but, his family does have a history of weathering these storms. =D

  4. Phew! Wow. You covered a lot of ground in this one! My head is still spinning. Where to start? Julian/Geoffrey up and disappearing while coming to grips with the fact that he both has a past and doesn't have one. And if true love is supposed to break the spell cast upon him by the fairy why hasn't Jilly's love broken it and set him free?

    And then Tasha being tailed by MorcuCorp agents and then Fergus giving a quick family history and then Jilly discovering the house was empty (which, btw, very creepy. Nicely done!) while Julian's phone rings because Jilly had called it. Gosh. At least whatever agent abducted Julian/Geoffrey left the photo of him behind for Jilly. Since MorcuCorp generally likes to make a nice clean break with things I'm kind of surprised they didn't take it in an attempt to make him really and truly vanish.

    Bringing a baby into that mess has got to have Fergus and Tasha quaking in their boots right now. I know it would worry the mess out of me.

    Ah! The wrenches SP throws! lol. You can't blame us for all being "Oooh! Mole!" lol. That's your own doing you know. ;) And as little as I can guess ahead at what's going on it's super tempting to do that to each and every new character just in case I finally get it right. Ha! My apologies to Tasha.

    1. This was a pretty packed little chapter.
      Julian does have a lot to deal with, discovering what memories he has are fakes, and the few snippets of Geoffrey's real memories that have slipped through don't feel to him like they're his own.
      We don't know that true love hasn't broken the curse, actually. Julian is unaware of the curse, so the loss of Geoffrey's immortality wouldn't be something he would feel if it happened to him, at least not consciously. He did have that feeling of foreboding, which he couldn't quite put his finger on...perhaps coming subconsciously from Geoffrey's knowledge that the fairy isn't exactly rooting for him to find true love, and might make trouble for them if he does. I wasn't saying that overtly in this scene, but that may have well been the moment the curse broke. But only Geoffrey would be able to say that in words, should he come back.

      Oh, gosh, there are so many more pics of Julian around the house.Jilly keeps rolling wishes to improve her photography skill, so there's like a ton of Julian posing in his underwear on the walls of the spare room. Maybe I'll have to open a gallery for them all. Plus all the ones still in the camera. MorcuCorp couldn't possibly clean them all.

      Fergus is worried about having a baby right now, and it will very likely inspire him to get more proactive with the MorcuCorp situation. Farrell had to rescue his wife and then he went into hiding, Shadow barely had to deal with the problem at all, living in a secure position, Fergus is out in the world and MorcuCorp knows where he is, so he can't just sit back and hope for the best. But that's all for the future updates, and I haven't got it all figured out just yet. But, yeah, priority one for him is defending Tasha and baby from the baby snatchers at MorcuCorp.

      I kind of was surprised by the initial reactions to Tasha, but I really did get where it was coming from, since I have been throwing all these spies and such into the mix. But it was all just trying t deal with the hand SP dealt me, lol. And, you know, given Tasha's own love for conspiracy theories, she would have had the same suspicions, lol.

  5. Just read this right from the beginning and wow, I'm impressed at how you managed to weave a very clever story into what could have been yet another humdrum legacy story. Very well done!
    I do have one observation however, not sure if anybody else has picked up on this (don't worry, it's not a bad one). I can't help but notice how Geoffrey/Julian's assassin clones have been so well created that they're now, unfortunately, getting out of hand. Before long, he's going to find himself in extreme danger if he's not careful, especially now that he's suddenly had a change of heart.

    1. Hi, Sonia, great to see you here! Thanks so much. I've had a lot of practice writing legacies. =D

      Yes, you are spot on with that observation. The latest clone agent, Tourmaline, is already defying orders by having Julian abducted, and the MIB tailing Tasha were also her idea, since Geoffrey is unreachable for the time being. She's devoted to MorcuCorp, not Geoffrey personally, as Peridot was, and she might not stand idly by taking orders from him if she doesn't believe his leadership is still in MorcuCorp's best interests.

  6. Thanks - amazing job. Great reading

  7. This was a great chapter packed with info. I'm amazed at how you come up with such great plots for your legacy.

    I guess I can put away my torch and ax I had ready for Tasha in case she slipped up. I'm glad Tasha was willing to sit and listen to him this time. Congrats to them on their pregnancy. Loved the scene where the MIB were following her. So glad Fergus was able to come to her rescue without anything bad happening. I'm sure Fergus will do anything he can to protect her.

    Poor Jilly, the ending was heartbreaking for me, great job. I love getting into the roller coaster of emotions when reading. Can't wait to find out what happens next.

    1. Thanks, Nicky!

      Tasha did eventually pull through after her initial freak out. Fergus will do whatever he can to protect her and the baby.

      What comes next should be pretty exciting. If I do it right, lol.

  8. Great couple of chapters (just caught up)! I'm on team Julian, hoping he get's to stay Julian. He's a sweetie. And I'm pretty sure a baby Tasha/Fergus will be adorable.

    Ready for the next action packed chapter! :)

    1. Thanks! I'm happy Julian has a team rooting for him.. =D
      I'm looking forward to seeing Tasha and Fergus' baby as well. LOL, I'm sure see is, too. I feel a little bad about pausing her pregnancy while the story catches up.

  9. Wow, what a great chapter! I love how everything is going and I can't wait to see how you resolve things with the Julian/Geoffrey situation and two personalities in one body :)

    I'm glad Tasha pulled through her freakout and she and Fergus are making a go of it, I hope they'll both be alright with the MorcuCorp agents hanging around

    1. Thanks, Ali!
      The Julian/Geoffrey situation is tricky and I'm still hammering it out. I've had a few ideas but one is starting to dominate,. =D

      Thee is definitely a big element of danger for Tasha and Fergus with MorcuCorp hanging around. That's something Fergus will want to take care of.

  10. Good to hear that Tasha isn't some spy.

    However, Julian. Poor Julian. He's a bot wanting to go real. Naturally, MorcuCorp won't let that happen. I hope they don't kill him!

    That WAS heroic of Fergus to step in like that. I wonder how he's going to become leader of MorcuCorp.

    1. Tasha's not a spy. She's just a little weird.

      Julian actually believes he's 'real', and in a way, he is. He has a real personality, though his memories and history are fabricated. Certainly, his will and personality have messed with the original MorcuCorp plan; they want Geoffrey back. And only one can win...or, not? LOL, I'm going to have fun with this, it gets my inner Dick all tingly. Uh, referring to Phil Dick, whose paranoid identity crisis type scifi has inspired much of this plot line.

      There was no way Fergus was going to let MorcuCorp take Tasha and their baby away. I may have to make him a true action hero before this over. Though I tremble in fear at the thought of trying to stage a full on Bourne Identity style chase scene...

      Ha, I was wondering if anyone would remember Iola's vision about Fergus!

  11. lol, inner Dick indeed! :P I can't wait to see which way you decide to go with Julian/Geoffrey, I have my pet theories, as you know, lol

    Loved the MIB tailing Tasha, now I have all these sci-fi movies playing in my head after reading this chapter, lol I bet that was pretty creepy for Tasha though, with all her conspiracy thinking, and then on top of it Fergus just laid all that family history on her, lol She took it pretty well, considering. Maybe it's shock, lol :P

    Hmm, that last scene, they must have knocked him out to get him out of there, since there are no signs of a struggle. How eerie, and nicely written! I love the pic of his phone sitting there on the end table, ringing, it's a picture that's worth a thousand words.

    I am totally picturing a museum devoted to pictures of Julian/Geoffrey in his underwear. Calvin Klein anyone? lol =D

    1. I'm still working out the details of how tis story will play out. =D

      Being tailed by MIB was really creepy for Tasha. And a bit of a shock for her. But she's getting used to the idea. And she's decided she does want to be with Fergus, weirdness included.

      Julian was out on the dock when he was taken, so even if there was a struggle, it wouldn';t have left much of a mark. But you are likely correct, they probably knocked him out just to make transport easier.
      I had to specially download a decorative phone to put on the table, lol. I forgot you can't pull it out of their inventory like you could in Sims 2.

      On one of the days Jilly and Julian were vacationing on the island, I had her take a bunch of pics of him posed in his underwear, using all the modeling poses I never use for anything else. She gets a lot of wishes to improve her photography skil, and since her goal is Fulfilled, I have to get her wishes done in there, lol. But, yes, indeed, very Calvin Klein ad, lol.

  12. Oh boy... Double and quadruple trouble.... I wonder if love would change someone.... I wonder if someone would even remember everything.
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    1. Love can be pretty powerful.
      Julian's memories will become a huge issue coming up.

  13. I never thought of Tasha as a spy. However, I did think she might be insane and then when I first saw the men in suits I thought she imagined them. Hey there paranoia. :) I'm not sure if MorcuCorp is better than paranoia, though. Most likely not...