Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chapter 61: Do Mermaids Even Eat Pasta?

The rain patters down on the metal roof, beating out an irregular rhythm. Fergus caresses Tasha's hair as she snuggles against his chest.

"I love the rain," she says sleepily, her foot sliding over his calf, tickling, "Everything seems to just slow down."

His phone, sitting on his bedside table for the night buzzes. Tasha rolls over to his other side as he leans over to pick it up.  It's a text from Jillyan.

Fergus groans a little in dismay on reading his cousin's message, then puts the phone back down without responding. Tasha drapes herself over him as he lays back onto the bed, looking at him expectantly.

"Jillyan is taking off for Isla Paradiso," Fergus tells her, frowning his disapproval, "With Julian."

"Just like that?" Tasha asks. "She knows we have classes tomorrow, right?"

"I have a feeling that for Jilly, going to college was more of an excuse to get out of our home town. Now that she's here, she can't sit still long enough for classes. My guess is she'll drop out before the end of the second semester. If she lasts that long."

Tasha shrugs, laughing a little, "Well, I guess that's her choice, then. At least you all are rich enough that you don't have to worry about boring things like educations and careers. But that's not what's bothering you, is it?" she asks, noticing the frown playing on his lips.

"I don't like that she's taking off for a week with Julian Landgraab."

"Mmm, yeah, those Landgraabs," Tasha says, running her hand over his chest and smiling playfully, "He might abduct her and bring her to some secret MorcuCorp lab, where they'll clone her an make an army of perfect catalog models."

"How much do you know about MorcuCorp?" Fergus eyes her suspiciously.

Tasha shrugs, shaking her head, "I dabble in conspiracy theory," she says, "You wouldn't believe some of the stuff you can find on MorcuCorp on the internet. But, I've kind of had to back away from that hobby, since I'm pursing serious journalism when I grow up. Can't look too crazy, you know."

Tasha giggles, lifting herself to slide between his legs, "Now you've done it," she whispers, "Got me all hot and bothered with this talk of abductions and conspiracy theories," she whispers as she leans in to kiss him.

"You were the one that started talking about conspiracy theories," Fergus points out, grabbing her by the waist to tickle her.

"Guilty," she admits, laughing as she squirms out of his grasp, then falls back down on his chest, "Still, here I am, all turned on. It's raining outside and we're here in your nice, warm bed..."

After the long flight to Isla Paradiso, the first thing Jilly and Julian do on arrival is find a nice little restaurant to get something to eat.

"The brochure mentions an art gallery nearby," Julian says as they eat their meal.

"Maybe we'll check it out," Jilly answers noncommittally. he does love art, as much as to choose it for her major, but the enforced quiet of the museum puts her of from visiting the works of art they house.

Whether she wanted to see it or not, the art gallery is closed by the time they finish their dinner, so they check into the 5 star resort she booked them into, and relax in the poolside hottub while watching the sun set over the nearby shore.

"I could have walked in myself," Jilly whispers in his ear, giggling as Julian sweeps her up into his arms to carry her into their suite for the night.

"It's more romantic this way," Julian answers, helping her out of her swimsuit as he lays her down on their bed.

"I'm too excited to sleep," Jilly murmurs, nestling into Julian's arms after they've made love.

"We don't have to sleep," Julian suggests.

"The sunrise is gorgeous," Jill notes as they enjoy their poolside breakfast, "But this resort, it's a little too..." she fumbles for a word.

"Luxurious?" Julian laughs, knowing her.

"Yeah, I guess that's it," Jilly says, "I don't want to be where everything is right in front of me for the taking."

"You want to hunt and kill your own breakfast," Julian says, making her laugh.

"Well, maybe not, but I do want a little more adventure."

"I'll take care of it," he promises.

The couple split up for the day, Jilly taking her diving gear and finding adventure and treasure beneath the water.

While Julian stays on the surface, hunting for a good camping spot.

He finds a small island, pitches a tent and texts Jilly the GPS coordinates, so she can find him when she surfaces.

"You're missing a spectacular sunset," he says, looking down and noticing that she's looking at him rather than the purple clouds above.

She reaches up, holding his face above hers. "The view from here is actually pretty good."

At his urging, she sits up to enjoy the view. "It is pretty," she admits, "You did find the perfect spot to camp."

"That's why you brought me along," Julian teases, "To be your personal vacation concierge."

"I have better uses for you," Jilly teases back, rolling on top of him.

The couple wakes to a misty sunrise.

"Are you going diving today?" Julian asks, after a long good morning kiss.

"Maybe later," she answers, "First, I want sketch that gorgeous body of yours while you still have that fabulous tan."

Julian strips down as she requests and poses."I don't see how my tan matters, if you're sketching with charcoal," he observes.

"It inspires me to make great art," she answers.

Jillyan does spend the rest of the afternoon diving again, and it's Julian's job to find better housing. Though they both enjoyed camping out for the night, having a bed, fridge and stove handy would be nice, too. So he finds a rental house right on the water, not too luxurious, with just the required amenities.

Julian welcoms her to their new place with a grilled cheese sandwich.

"Yum, I'm starving," she says, tucking in after a long day's diving.

"You got a tattoo?" Julian notices the new design on her calf, "I thought you were diving?"

"I was diving," Jilly explain, "I met this mermaid...merman? Mer-dude? Anyway, a guy with fishy parts. His name is Salty Seaworth."

"You're making things up," Julian accuses.

"No, it really happened," Jilly insists.

"Communication wasn't easy, because you have to use hand signs, right?" she continues her tale, "But if I understood him right, he recognized me. He said we were related somehow. That the merfolk descend from dragons."

"You've lost me," Julian says.

"Yeah, I guess that does kind of sound crazy," Jilly admits, "I'm supposedly descended from a dragon. That's what my mother told me. I was never sure I believed her. But this mer-guy or whatever seemed to think so."

"So, anyway, when I came to shore, I saw a tattoo parlor by the beach, and decided to get some ink. A dragon. Because."

"Because you're descended from  a dragon and therefore related to the merfolk?" Julian raises an eyebrow.

"Well, when you go dissecting it like that..." Jilyy laughs, "I guess it was a crazy day. But, anyway, Salty told me about this great private island only the mer-people know about. He said we could stay there if we wanted."

"More camping?" Julian asks.

Jilly shrugs, "I think he said something about a house. Though I don't get how a guy with fishy parts needs a house...Anyway, we can check it out tomorrow. Tonight, we are sleeping in a bed."

"If you let me get any sleep," Julian comments wryly.

Jillyan is a light sleeper, and wakes easily to the slightest noise or disturbance. She and Julian had fallen asleep embraced together, but his side of the bed is now empty, and perfectly made, something she's noticed he does instinctively when he rises, the first thing when he gets out of bed.

"Julian?" she calls sleepily, following the light tapping noise out to the main room of their rented house. He's holding his phone, she notices, texting someone.

"Julian?" she calls again, getting no response, "Who are you texting in the middle of the night?"

He makes no answer, still tapping words out on the keypad.

"Hey," Jilly growls, becoming angry at being ignored, "You can at least acknowledge me."

His thumb keeps tapping, his eyes glued to the screen, like he isn't even aware of her.

"Julian!" she shakes him, but he's like stone, his eyes glassy, unseeing. Nothing she does or says gets through to him. "Julian! What's wrong with you?"

Finally, something flickers in his eyes, his hand drops at her and he looks at her, finally seeing her there.

"What?" he asks, bewildered, lost, "Why are we are out here? We were in bed..."

"Baby, I think you were sleepwalking," Jilly says, taking his face in her hands as he grips her arm for support.

"I...don't remember," he says with a deep sigh, "The last thing I remember was being with you, in bed."

"You wouldn't remember, if you were sleepwalking," she says, "Sleep texting, actually."


"You were texting someone, like you were in a trance," Jilly explains, "Give me your phone."

Julian looks down and is surprised to find that he's holding his phone. He hands it to Jilly like it was a loaded gun. 

"It says the last number you texted was...mine. Earlier today."

"When I sent you the address of this house," Julian remembers.

Narrowing her eyes, Jilly searches again, through his call list, and still comes up with no calls or texts since the message he sent her that afternoon. "You must have some kind of password protection on this thing," she surmises, "Some way to hide who you sent that last text to."

"I'm not hiding anything," Julian protests, but his voice is soft and strained, almost not believing himself.

"I know, baby," Jilly lays a comforting hand on him, "But maybe Fergus is right. MorcuCorp might be using you or something. Maybe that would explain your memory gaps and your migraines. I'm going to keep this, okay?" she waves the phone at him.

"Keep it," he nods, "Jilly, I would never..." he pleads, not even sure what it is something like MorcuCorp would be using him for. To spy on a college girl and her cousin? It makes no sense.

"I know," she assures him, taking his arm, "Let's go back to bed, okay?"

"We're going to take care of this," Jill promises as they get back into bed.

"If they're using me, to get to you...maybe I should go," Julian says, "I couldn't live with myself if I thought I was putting you in any danger."

"I'm more worried about you than I am about me," Jilly answers, "And there's no way I'm letting you out of my sight, understand? When this vacation is over, you and me and Fergus are going to figure out what's going on with you. And we're going to kick MorcuCorp in the balls if they've fucked with you in any way. I promise."

The private island Salty told Jilly about does indeed have a solitary house on it, as well as a hot tub and a swimming pool. Julian and Jilly settle into their new vacation home nicely.

Neither one of them brings up the strange incident from the night before, like they have a silent pact to pretend it never happened, at least until their vacation is over and they are back home where they can do something about it.

They find the small kitchen well stocked, so Julian whips up some goopy carbonara for dinner.

"Do mermaids even eat pasta?" he wonders out loud.

"Maybe they keep this place for their dragon friends?" Jilly suggests.

"Because dragons eat pasta? And need toilets?"

"Well, my mom said they have human forms, as well as what we think of as dragons." Jilly looks up him, pointing  her fork in his direction, "Your ancestors were dragonslayers, you know. Fergus told me that."

"I always thought that was just stories," Julian shrugs.

"Well, it's kind of funny, if you think about. You being a descendant of dragonslayers, and me a descendant of dragons. And now we're lovers. You know, finally making peace between our people."

Julian laughs. "I hardly speak for the Landgraabs as a 'people'. And I don't think the dragons have elected you as their representative."

"I hope not!" Jilly exclaims, laughing, "Politics, ugh."

The next morning they awake to the patter of rain.

"It looks like we're stuck indoors," Jilly says.

"You don't want to take off somewhere else?" Julian teases, remembering why they took this trip in the first place, so she could get away from the rain.

"Actually, I'm pretty good just staying here with you," she answers.

"I'm sure you can keep me busy," she murmurs as she pulls him back down into bed.

The rain continues all day, so the couple find ways to entertain themselves indoor. Jilly works on her sketches of Julian.

"That's a little exaggerated," Julian comments on her finished efforts, "Just a little."

"What are you doing?" Jilly looks up quizzically over her sketchbook. She gave Julian a break from posing and has been working on drawings of the coral reefs and sunken ships she's seen while diving.

"Attacking the city I built with UFOs."

"You and Fergus really need to be besties, you know that?"

The rain persists through the evening. Julian and Jilly end their dinner with a slow dance.

"This has actually been a really great day," Jilly comments, "I didn't think it was possible to have so much fun while stuck in one room."

"Well, when you're with someone you love..."

"I suppose that's it," Jill smiles.

Despite the rain, the couple ends the day, their last in Isla Paradiso, in the hot tub.

"We never did visit that art gallery," Julian mentions.

"Maybe next time."


Jilly unlocked three hidden islands on this trip. The first two got used on their trip (the one they camped on and Mermaid Island), the third she picked up on the last day, when I figured out I had to assemble the map pieces, but there wasn't any point to using it then. Maybe when she goes back for another visit. As it was, fitting that many moves into one chapter was more than enough.

A couple of fun vacation shots. I added the surf station thinger to one of the beach lots.


  1. Hmm, I wonder who Julian was texting when he was in that trance and what he was telling them... I'm going to have to re-read the last few chapters and try to make a list of all the hints you've been dropping about what's going on with him, then see what wild speculation I can come up with!

    Jilly is a great sim, she's so impulsive and fun, but really sweet the way she wants to protect Julian from Morcucorp...

    1. We will get to find out who Julian was texting eventually, and what that was about.
      Your speculations so far have been pretty good, Ali, you've got me figured out.

      I really love Jilly. Her wanting to protct Julian from MorcuCorp was a last minute addition that happened while I was writing. It just kind of came out because it felt like that would be her reaction.

  2. I wish 'Julian' would stop being so damn hot. Makes it hard to remember that he's a bad guy...

    I am glad that both Jilly and Fergus have found someone they really like so soon! I hope everything works out, but I have a feeling there'll be a lot of drama that Tasha might be left out of. I hope she doesn't feel pushed away, and they can fit her in some how!

    I love Jilly too. Hehe! She's a bit like me, except I don't have the funds to go off and do the things I want whenever I feel like it, but if I did I'd be as impulsive as her :)

    1. Hey, Julian isn't the bad guy, he's the hot guy...
      The tan looked really ice on him.

      Working Tasha in has been a little mini challenge for me. Though having her around has made me develop Fergus' character in ways I hadn't been thinking of. Everything I thought I had planned for this generation...just the rough outline is left, I've had tomake so many adjustments. But I think it's for the better.

      Jilly is lucky to be so rich, but it really has enabled her whole do-what-I-want-at-the-drop-of-a-hat thing. She does make some money along the way with her scuba diving, but I'm going to see how much of the money she can burn through in her generation without recouping it. This trip set her back around 30k or so, buying the two houses. She did sell fishes she caught, and hauled in maybe 5k in treasure. The gems she keeps for her 'My Precious' goal.

  3. Ooooh, Julian: I want to love you, but you seem to be some sort of Manchurian Candidate brainwashed person. I love how innocent he seems while playing on his laptop--he really would get along with Fergus, if Fergus wasn't so suspicious. I love how Jilly's drawing of him is so...buff.

    Salty has a little happy-trail going down to his scales!

    1. Julian is still lovable, even if brainwashed, lol.
      He was really cute playing with his laptop. And I do think he and Fergus could be good friends, if he could prove to Fergus that he's not a MorcuCorp agent. though this Manchurian candidate business doesn't look good....
      The sketch pad drawings are so random! It's disappointing, actually. But Jilly doing the super buff dude drawing for Julian was funny and had to be used.

      I laughed at Salty's happy trail, too. It' the default replacement I use, it has a happy trail. And I guess it applies to merfolk, too.

  4. Thank you for the beautiful chapter and pleasant reading :)

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    For the last few chapters I was catching up on, I had been waiting for the moment for Julian to do something real trippy and wham! Here it is lol.

    Julian is very sexy and seems to be a real sweetheart, too bad he is messed up from whatever MorcuCorp possibly did to him. Jilly is a beast. Let me wake up and see someone is sleep texting? Um yea...toodles, packing my shit tonight. Jokes, jokes.

    Hmm I can't make heads or tails with Tasha. She is cute and all, and her and Fergus makes a cute couple but I hope *fingers crossed* she is not there as a distraction of some sort, (idk) but yea I hope she just innocent little Tasha and she really is into Fergus because if not...(shakes fist at the screen)..yea.

    1. It would be weird to wake up and find someone sleep-texting. But with Julian's weird memory gaps, Jilly had already signed on for the mystery. She just wants to help him,and she's finally started thinking that MorcuCorp might be involved, as Fergus fears, and she sees Julian as a victim of whatever MorcuCorp might be doing.

      LOL, everyone is suspicious of Tasha.

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    I sense Fergus will be a big part of the next few chapters. I'm excited to see his character continue to develope. Seeing him with Tasha shows that he does actually have a sweet, less suspicious side. I'm very slowly warming up to her, still suspicious though. She's too perfect for Fergus...there's always some hidden catch in your story lol.

    1. I have one IP dive lot that Jilly can do yet until she levels the scuba skill up more. I'm looking forward to going back. She did spend enough money on her vacation houses. The islands she discovered were free, but building on them cost money. But she's ridiculously rich.
      I thought it was adorable,too, that she was so protective of Julian. She's claimed him now, so anyone who tries to mess with him had better watch out.

      Fergus does have a big role in what's coming up. I'm still hammering out the details on that. I've gotten a few ideas that might change what I was originally planning, so I'm taking a break to think on it. And get out a Summerdream chapter, lol.
      I know with the MorcuCorp thing why it looks like Tasha might be mole or something, so it makes sense to be on your guard. Maybe Fergus should be more on his guard s well, but maybe he's just gotten lucky and met the right girl.

  7. I agree with Nicky. I wake up and find someone texting, I wouldn't be all sweet and understanding about it. At least she is keeping the phone. The fact that the text is gone, no trace whatsoever, is super suspicious. I'd log into that online account like now and check the usage there. But, of course, I'm sure MorcuCorp owns the phone company and would have eliminated even that trace as well.

    And you know, you SAY that Tasha is normal and innocent but you -obviously- can change things at the drop of a hat, regardless of what you told us before (Fergus is the heir, ahah, just kidding) so I'm not buying it. Still.

    1. Jilly is worried about Julian's various issues, his memory gaps and migraines, and now this. She does have the kind of mind set to push that aside while she's having fun, but she hasn't forgotten and she will be bringing Fergus in on this when they get home.
      Ah, I forgot about checking online. *d'oh* But yeah, MorcuCorp would have covered their tracks there too, so she would have found nothing.

      LOL, it's true, so far my intentions with Tasha have just been that she's Fergus' love interest, and I hadn't planned on her being anything else. But obviously if I decide the story needs her to be something else, I still could change my plans. I really did mean for Fergus to be heir, really. But his story had absolutely nothing to do with what I had rolled for the generation. And while it's okay to kind of play the roll in the background while doing a story, Jilly just kind of stepped in and took the roll.

  8. Caught up! I thought for a moment Julian's eyes were a different colour in the texting scene, but I think it's just because not so many close ups otherwise.

    I coupled Tasha's quick introduction and relationship with your comments on MTS and figured story progression set them up in your game, so you were adapting. Quickly. I'm probably misreading that though :)

    1. I definitely didn't make any eye color changes for that scene. Lighting might also be a factor, I had them all off for that scene.
      I have changed my eye defaults, so Julian's eyes seem more gray-green than previous Landgraab incarnations. The old defaults I used added bluish-purple tones to all eye colors, which is why I changed. Though I liked the effect, it kind of limited my eye color choices. When I switched I found that many of my blue eyed characters actually had gray eyes, the blue was all from the multi-foiled effect of the old defaults. In some cases I've change the eye colors to look more like they did before, but I didn't touch Julian's eyes when I cloned him from the base model.

      Yeah, SP did give me Tasha to work with. So I've been adapting the story to fit her in. Very quickly, since SP really moved her into his life fast.

  9. I think I've completely switched. Julian seems to be a totally innocent victim of MorcuCorp. And now I'm really suspicious of Tasha. You can play off your knowledge of MorcuCorp as if it's just something a "nerd" would know, but I've got my eye on you.

    I like Jilly's tattoo story! The mermaid tails seem to start pretty low on the hips, haha.

    1. It's been fun for me to read the varying opinions on both Julian and Tasha. Julian certainly seems to be MorcuCorp's victim here.
      And very few people trust Tasha...I'm sometimes a conspiracy theory nerd, so to me, her knowing about some of the rumors about MorcuCorp seemed real to me.

      Thanks! I had fun working Jilly's mermaid encounter into the story. And that tail does is pretty low rise, lol.

  10. All this time I'm so "team-Tasha", and then all of a sudden I'm weary of her from the conspiracy theory conversation. Either she and Fergus are perfect for each other, or there's more to her than meets the eye. (There's always more, right? haha)

    Also interesting that Jilly's love interest is suffering some brainwashing similar to her father's.

    Isla Paradiso is gorgeous. Love the mermaid-dragon connection. I can totally see it. I want to buy the new EP now! haha

    1. Honestly, I really have no plans for Tasha to be secretly evil. But I'm getting a kick out of al the suspicion surrounding her.

      Yes, Julian does seem to have been getting the same treatment as Jack got, and being used in a similar way, with hypnotic compulsions.

      IP is really pretty. But it's not an easy world to navigate. I don't think I'd want to have Sims live there and deal with commuting, but it's great for vacations or a beach bum lifestyle.
      I'll be making more of the mermaid-dragon connection in Summerdream, but my guess is people already see that coming.

  11. Phew! Trisha! Calm down dearie! Though it's nice to know she has a bit of background in Fergus' personal mission against Morcucorp. Though how much does she know from her research alone? Surely the Brannon's aren't in the conspiracy theories? Army of Catalog Models indeed!

    Ok. Yeah. No. I simply cannot get on board with "Julian." Especially as he was to be found with phone in hand texting a mysterious someone in the middle of the night the night after she tells him she was descended from dragons. And what exactly would he have called that? It wasn't exactly a trance was it?

    All of Jilly's sketching of nude "Julian" made me laugh. (Alright- I'm dying to type Geoff in there. Can you tell?)

    1. I don't think the Brannon name has floated around in any of the MorcuCorp conspiracy theories, but there are a lot of rumors about their past experiments (many of which are probably true). Teen Farrell mentions some of them in his findings about MorcuCorp when he was trying to learn more about Pearl.
      What I love about Tasha is she unknowingly jokes about things that are true, like the army of catalog models. Well, modeling isn't the intent, but MorcuCorp does have a lot of clones who could model if they chose, lol.

      You know, I didn't connect Jilly's story about her dragon ancestry to Julian's mysterious sleep/trance texting at all. For what it's worth, MorcuCorp has known about tat for a long time now, it's the reason they sent Pearl out to breed with Heath Brannon. And after that, Delaney told Jack what Rory told her while he was under MorcuCorp's thumb, so he would have given them that information too if they didn't already have it.
      Julian is truly unaware of what he was doing there, and doesn't know what he was texting or to whom.

      LOL, I find I have to be very careful about typing Julian and not Geoff. And now I'm wondering if Geoff would pose nude, if asked.

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    Lol, yes, lots of moves. You're making me want to go explore IP.
    Very creepy about Julian texting in the middle of the night, giving info, I'm sure, to someone who doesn't need it.
    It's sweet how he really seems to love her. I hope that's real.

    1. So far Fergus hasn't actually told Tasha anything that that MorcuCorp doesn't already know, so if she were a spy, she's not really getting anywhere. I suppose though she could be a free agent...she does want to be journalist so maybe she could trying to get a story for herself. But honestly that's not where I was going with her at all, lol. I love how suspicious everyone is of her, though.

      IP is fun to explore.

      I think what Julian was texting is not as important as the fact the he wasn't aware of what he was doing. It is creepy.
      Julian does love Jilly, that's very genuine. =D

  13. What is with all this Tasha skepticism?! I mean, I know you can change her role in the story (as heaven deftly pointed out), but I'm really not getting any creepy vibes from her at all. I'll definitely eat my words if she does end up being some evil genius' lackey (wouldn't be the first time), but I'm not in the "suspicious" camp as everyone else seems to be. I like her and she seems good for Fergus. *shrug*

    Oooh maaaannnn. It looks like Julian's plot is really starting to pick up. Who is he texting?! And I commend Jilly's handle on the situation. I probably wouldn't have handled it as calmly as she did, especially given her family's past with the Landgraab's and Fergus's distrust of him/them. I do feel sorry for Julian though. He seems so clueless and lost as to what is going on. Poor fellow. :(

    1. Oh, yay! I'm so happy to have someone not be suspicious os Tasha. =D
      I'm trying to make her less 'creepy', but I think that having her be so right for Fergus has made her too unbelievable.
      At this point, I couldn't change her role in this without severely mucking up my story, so she's is really really not a spy or lackey or in any way evil, lol. But no on believes me. LOL.
      I'm kind of afraid of the next chapter, because I don't want Tasha to become this red herring people keep looking to for secret plots. I'm tempted to sideline her so she doesn't become too much of a distraction, but I also need her now, I can't just dump her. Oh well, wish me luck!

      Jilly is like a rock, she just doesn't get upset. She just tries to find a way to deal with whatever shit gets thrown at her. In that she's kind of like her father. (I miss Jack.) And like mother, she sees what she wants to see.
      Julian is pretty clueless at the moment. I feel bad for him, too.

  14. I need to go to IP in RL, lol, Julian/Geoff and Jilly look like they had a blast, and I love the beach. It's the best place on earth! <3

    Sleep texting, how mysterious! I wonder who he was texting? Hmmm. And Jilly, wow! What a way to handle things, I like how her roll with the punches personality just takes his sleep texting in stride, and she gets all fired up about protecting him, instead of worrying about herself. I hope Julian/Geoff is a good guy in the end, because I think he is a great match for Jilly. I can only imagine family gatherings at the Brannon's though. Hey, this is Julian/Geoff Landgraab, my boyfriend. I wonder if Farrell is turning over in the grave, lol

    I'm really intrigued about the mermaid/dragon connection, I'm looking forward to reading more about it in Summerdream. Maybe Jilly is secretly a mermaid, lol She loves the water... =D

    1. LOL, I loved my Sim vacation, but I'm not much of a beach goer in RL. Despite living so close to one. Well, I love the ocean and the shore, but not so much the heat and the sand. And the crowds, ugh.

      Jilly does handle things her own way. I had different ideas for how that scene would go, but she took over and responded her own way, getting all fired up and protective over Julian.
      The Julian/Jillyan relationship is a big part of why I had to take her and Fergus away from the family and Drake's Hollow. Because it would be just too weird and difficult for her to get away with dating him. Having just Fergus to be suspicious is doable.
      I think Julian is a great match for Jilly, too. But they do have so,e hurdles to overcome.
      Funny you should mention Farrell turning over in his grave...(that's hint for things to come)

      LOL, Jilly does love the water. But she doesn't have any direct mermaid lineage. That dragon-mermaid connection should be coming up very soon in Summerdream. But I really need to get some shooting for the next chapter there, lol.

  15. She is saying too much. If Julian meets the merman, I wonder what will happen. Will they both have a spark of recognition?
    Sleeping and texting was really creepy. I hope that Fergus can find something in the phone.
    It seems to me that Julian is trying to be a separate person and whatever hold MercuCorp has is really interfering with his self.

    1. Jillyan has actually not said anything that MorcuCorp doesn't already know. MorcuCorp actually knows a lot more about her family's history than she does.
      The sleep texting was pretty creepy, and another clue about what Julian is.

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