Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chapter 58: Runs in the Family

"You're the last one in then, " one of his new roommates observes as Fergus interrupts their TV watching to introduce himself. "I'm Chadrick. I just moved in yesterday. And that's Cosette and Niles."

Fergus had spoken with both Cosette Hillman and Niles Dean on the phone a few days ago; they were the ones who advertised for roommates.

"Welcome to the warehouse," Niles greets him, "The finest in urban off-campus housing. We like to keep things very communal here. The space kind of demands it, everything is out in the open here. But you do have your own room to retreat to."

"Julian just stepped out," Cosette adds, "And that's all of us. It's great to meet you in person Fergus. Your room is up the stairs to the right. Next to yours is Julian's. He just stepped out but you'll get to meet him soon enough. Do you want me to show you to room?"

"I can find it," Fergus answers, and takes his bags upstairs.

The old wharf district in Evansdale was struggling to make a comeback, and aggressive measures by the city council were pushing beautification projects all over the docks. Old abandoned warehouses were being rezoned into residential lots and commercial spaces, attracting mostly the artsy bohemian set of students from nearby Evansdale College to take up residence here. Cosette and Niles had taken this warehouse with some friends back when they were freshman. When their former roommates moved on to more traditional, suburban lifestyles after graduation, the couple started advertising for new roommates.

His room is large and, for now, sparsely furnished. His windows afford views of the glitzy new theater that opened recently across from Evansdale's film studio, and of the small cafe and comic shop built out of container stacks next to it. Fergus had never been out of Drake's in his life, except through the memories he'd absorbed from contact with things from other parts of the world. It's a strange feeling, being so far from home, surrounded by new things and new people.

"There's Julian now," Cosette says, gesturing toward the blond making drinks at the bar when Fergus rejoins the group back downstairs, "Julian, this is Fergus."

"Making drinks is like chemistry," Julian informs him, not looking up from his endeavors, "You have to be precise, or it all goes to shit."

His face. Fergus has seen it too many times to mistake it for anything else. "You're a Landraab," he says, spitting it out like an accusation.

"Julian Landgraab," he answers, putting the unfinished drink down to meet Fergus' gaze. "Obviously you've heard of my family. Whatever it is you know about them, it has nothing to do with me. My side of the family is only distantly related the 'the' Landgraabs, and our wealth is at least half as filthy."

Fergus makes a read of Julian's history and finds nothing suspicious. Still, the resemblance is so uncanny..."Does the name Reinier Landgraab mean anything to you?" Fergus asks.

"Reinier. Sure, I had a great uncle Reinier. You couldn't possibly have heard of him though," Julian answers, "So I assume you're talking about the great dragonslayer. I don't know any more about him than you could find in the library, though. Family history has never been my thing."

He has an accent, Fergus notices, so slight that he almost didn't catch it, just a subtle rounding of his vowels.

"Wow, this place really is an old warehouse," Jilly says, interrupting the conversation, "The door was open, I hope it's okay that I let myself in."

"Of course, it's fine," Fergus answers as she leans him to kiss him on the cheek, "Are you all settled into your place?"

"You should see it, Fergus," Jilly enthuses, "I'm right on the beach."

"This is my roommate, Julian Landgraab," Fergus reluctantly introdices her, "This is my cousin, Jillyan."

"Landgraab?" Jilly asks, taking his offered hand, "As in the laptop?"

"Yes, the laptop, among other things. Landgraab industries has it's hands in everything," Juilan answers with a smile, holding onto her hand for longer than is necessary, "But as I was just explaining to your cousin," he nods towards Fergus, "I'm only distantly related to those Landgraabs."

"Jilly, let's go get a coffee," Fergus says, nearly having to pry his cousin away from the Landgraab.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Jilly ask as Fergus rushes her out of the warehouse to the cafe across the street

"I just wanted to talk to you. I have a Landgraab for a roommate."

"Mmm, I noticed," Jilly answers, "So what's the big deal?"

"Only that Landgraabs have been dogging our family since before we were born," Fergus answers, "You know this, Jilly!"

"Yes, and Julian says he's a distant relative. Is he lying?" Jilly asks, knowing that Fergus would have already taken in his roommate's personal history with his abilities.

"No, he's not lying. As far as I can tell," Fergus admits, grudgingly.

"Okay, then. It's just a coincidence," Jilly says, her voice taking the tone of finality.

"There's no such thing as coincidence," Fergus protests, "That's what my father always said."

"Do you want to go back to Drake's Hollow and hide forever?" Jilly counters, "We came out here to get away from that. C'mon, finish your latte. I want to show you my place."

Fergus was not able to convince Jillyan to join him in taking a room in the warehouse. When he suggested it, before they moved out here and were still looking for accommodations for themselves, she just laughed and 'I'm pretty much done with 'communal living'. I want to be in a place where I'm not tripping over a dozen people every time I leave my room.' And she made good on her intentions, taking a house by herself on the beach, away from the community of students, across the bridge from the campus.

"So, is it awesome or what?" Jilly asks, flopping down on her sofa after giving him a quick tour of her house.

"Mmm," Fergus answers absently.

"Are you absorbing memories from the sofa?" she teases, kicking his leg to get his attention. 

"Jilly, I saw the way Julian was looking at you," he warns.

"You'd have to be blind not to," Jilly laughs.


"I can take care of myself," Jilly assures him, "I'm a Sim Fu master, remember?"

"You're a green belt," Fergus points out, "That's, what, halfway to master?"

Jilly rolls her eyes, "Okay. If you want to get technical. But you don't have to worry about me, okay? I think you're making a way bigger deal of the Landgraab thing than you need to. It's a huge family, right? They can't all be evil corporate drones..."

"I guess," Fergus sighs, "But, Jilly, his face. He's identical to Reinier Landgraab. My great-grandfather."

"So it's a strong family resemblance," Jilly reasons "Didn't you tell me that our great-grandfather Heath was nearly identical to some ancient dragon in our lineage? But he never had a clue about any of that. He was just a singer."

Fergus nods, giving up the argument. His apprehension is just a feeling, and he can't defend it with words, not in any way that Jillyan would accept.

The Hawksquill ability to read the histories of other people should be enough to assure him that Julian's story about being some distant relative of the famous Landgraabs was as true as he says, but it doesn't quel his uneasiness. As soon as he gets back to his room, Fergus looks up everything he can find about Julian Landgraab, including hacking into government records to find his birth certificate. It's all there, the documented, ordinary, non-corporate drone life of Julian Landgraab. Why does it all still feel wrong?

MorcuCorp could easily fabricate all these records, Fergus thinks. But could they fabricate the memories? 

Am I being paranoid?

Trust your gut, a voice inside him insists. The fact that it's the voice of Reinier Landgraab makes Fergus smile. "I suppose you would know best," Fergus whispers, "About how little to trust a Landgraab."

Jilly feels a light tap on her shoulder as she's walking to class.

"You know, you shouldn't go sneaking up on girl's like that," she says playfully, turning to face Julian, "I could have had you on your ass before you knew what hit you."

"You make getting beat up on sound oddly pleasurable," Julian answers, making Jillyan giggle in response.

"You have an interesting accent," she observes, "Where are you from?"

"Outside Aurora Skies," he answers, "Can I walk you to class."

It turns out that she and Julian were heading to the same class in advanced mathematics.

"Fergus mentioned that your grandfather was some kind of genius," Julian says, watching as she solves her problem.

"That's his grandfather, my great-uncle Farrell," Jilly corrects him, "My grandfather was a jock."

"Still, it's obvious that intelligence runs in your family," Julian caries on, "You're very good at this."

"Being a total badass also runs in my family," Jilly answers, "Don't you have your own problem to solve?"

Julian stops his hovering over Jilly and picks up a marker to work on the board beside hers. 

"The problem I need to solve is how to ask out such a badass and brilliant girl as yourself without making a fool of myself. Or getting my ass kicked," he says.

"You are a complete dork, you know that?" Jilly laughs, "Lucky for you, I think your dorkiness is kind of cute. You can walk me to class again tomorrow. Maybe after a night of practicing lines in front of the mirror, you'll have figured something out."

The next morning, Jilly rises at dawn and enjoys her pancakes on her deck.

It's too beautiful a day to waste inside a classroom she decides, and blows off school to enjoy watersports instead, completely forgetting about her offhand promise to meet Julian.

She'd taken a few lessons in scuba diving back in Drake's Hollow, but there was never anything under the local waters really worth exploring.

The more tropical climes of Evansdale make diving a much more interesting, and profitable, enterprise. What can college possibly offer her that would reap better rewards?


Okay, so, I was not lying and trying to trick you all when I declared Fergus for heir way back when he was born. I really did think that was what I wanted. But as time passed I discovered that Jillyan actually fit my roll better, and the Fergus' story was not so much an heir's story as it was something that would be happening alongside my heir's story, part of it but not the main focus.

I moved Fergus and Jilly to Evansdale together. Then Fergus was immediately moved out to the warehouse, paid for from the huge family funds they brought with them. The other roommates were merged in later. Cosette Hillman and Niles Dean are courtesy of Giga's Dean Legacy. I have an alternate save where I can get pictures of Fergus in his new home.

The whole college thing is a fake. I did consider at first actually sending Fergus and Jilly to 'real' uni together, but I just didn't want to spend the time on it. Evansdale does have an in world university that I'm using for sets, but I've decided against actually bothering with really pursuing degrees. Because, bleh. But since going to uni was a big part of my story, I'm faking it with pictures.

The original career roll was collector, and I was kind of 'grooming' Jilly for that, as much one can groom a collector. The stuff she was doing in China, collecting relics and gems, was part of that. Because the family is so rich, collecting was going to be more of her lifestyle than actual income. Since her misc fun is 'My Precious', most of her collection was going to be kept and displayed, anyway. I had also planned on doing a certain amount of travel and adventuring with her generation. So when the group decided to add scuba diving to the adventurer career, I decided to take the expansion gift and change Jilly's career to that. She hadn't sold anything she'd collected previously.

Now, for some outtakes:

"I haven't had my first psych class, so I will refrain from remarking on the Freudian implications of you spitting your drink out all over my crotch."

Jilly's living room and bedroom. I love ocean views and beach houses more than anything. =D

It's not shown in pics, but I did bring her vases and jewel collection, and they are all on display here. Her interpretation of 'My Precious' is going to include a wide variety of collectibles.

The warehouse loft thing. I used that empty warehouse in Riverview as the base for this.

I always wanted a cool loft like this when I was an art student. 


  1. Wow, Jilly's apartment is lovely!

    Do you and Giga have something cooked up? I mean, I recognized them before you said their name and we're still trying to figure out the supernatural abilities of her sims.

    Also, Julian Landgraab. Why do they have to be so cute? Nothing good ever comes from them. Well, except that one way back when in the Romans. But he was an anomaly.

    1. Thanks! Jill's house comes with Evansdale, but made a few architectural changes and of course redecorated.

      No, I haven't been cooking in Krista's kitchen, lol. I just borrowed her Sims to be bohemian roommates for Fergus.

      The Landgraab clone army is a very cute army, I'll give them that. But their record for goodness so far really is just that one Joffrey from the Roman legacy. So I'll guess we'll have to see what's up with Julian. I don't blame Fergus or anyone else for having serious suspicions. Because, Landgraab.

    2. You can cook in my kitchen any time, Melissa. (That... sound dirty.) :P

    3. Woo!
      I love dirty kitchen, wait, that just sounds like chores. =(

  2. My brain wouldn't focus. Do you know why? Because you told us Fergus would be heir, and then I come here, and who do I see on the sidebar? Jilly. Now, Jilly is super pretty, but I spent the entire chapter like "So... this is when Fergus says 'F it, I'm moving in.'" ... "Maybe this is?" etc etc, until I got to the end and you explained all your lies and treachery.

    Anyway, so I'm now going to read back through now I know that you're not tricking us, and then comment as I go along.

    Cosette and Miles. LOL! I saw them, and I was like "I recognise them... Who are they? Are they clones of Summerdream characters made to be decendants?" pahaa

    Evansdale looks beautiful. How big is it? And what did you use to move them across? Did you use traveller, porter, or just save them to bin and start afresh?

    And, of course, token Landgraab... Oh dear :| Will he be the father of any of Jilly's babies? Fergus wouldn't be happy about that! She seems a bit scatterbrained. Totally forgetting about Julian and their agreement, and not even bothering with school. Maybe Julian has met someone else and will forget about her... I doubt it :| (Where is Julians hair from? It's purty, and I always need more male hair. Maybe you could tell me where Fergus' is from too...? :D)
    I did love how Jilly responded to Julian. She's hilarious, this is gunna be a fun generation! (and first female heir, too!)

    Thank you for the scuba-shots! :D Is it as fun as it is pretty? That and windsurfing.

    1. First, the hair:
      Landgraab is Cupcake by Lapis Lazuli, retextured by Beaverhausen:
      Fergus has Newsea Unchained, also retextured by Beaverhausen:
      That is a great site for hair rextextures.

      LOL, yes, my lies and treachery. It's true, I decided on the heir switch pretty early and never bothered to tell everone. I really didn't intend to be tricksy and false.
      I've put few legcay Sims in this town, but I don't know how many will show up in the story.
      Evansdale is pretty god sized map.It has a rural area, a suburb and the downtown.
      I ended up just binning Fergus and Jilly and moving them that way. I tried porter, but when I went to unpack, it offered me every family in the bin, and there are several Brannon families there. I picked one with two members in it hoping it would be Fergus & Jill, and instead it was Treveur and Gaelle. So I had to bail without saving, and then I just did it the old fashioned way.

      You know I think Julian might be taken aback by being called the 'token Landgraab'. But yeah, there he is, all Landgraab-y.
      I'll tell you what, if he gets Jilly pregnant, he will be the father of one of her babies. LOL. But he still hasn't gotten her out on a date with him yet.
      Jilly does kind of live in the moment, and she did totally flake on JUlian while blowing off school. If he really likes her, he won't give up that easily I'm sure.

      I'm really looking forward to playing Jilly. That's a big part of why I switched, she's just so fun. I can still do Fergus' story, but he just won't be the focus of everything.

      The scuba is okay. I haven't done any diving in the EA dive spots (I will have JIll travel to Isla Paradiso at some point, and other custom worlds that have dive spots) so I don't know if they get any better that that. She explored that cave rabbithole, but nothing came of it. She caught a few fish but I couldn't find any shells or bottles.
      As a professional scuba diver, she gets assignments from the bistro. She has to catch two eels next time I play. (yum?)
      The windsurfing is pretty cool. I bought her the board and it's her primary transportation when she's on the water.I haven't actually had her windsurf just for fun yet. It makes nice pics, though.

    2. Actually, Julian's hair is Lapiz Zombrex,but it's on the same page as the Cupcake. Which is also a great hair for guys.

  3. I was considering downloading this world, I'm glad to hear that it's working out for you.

    I like the idea of Jilly as heir. She has a lot of her mothers impetuousness, so it should be interesting to see how she takes to a Landgraab pursuing her. And you're right, I don't think he'll give up anytime soon!

    I do hope that focus continues on Fergus too, he's an interesting character and I would like to see him continue to evolve.

    Always pleased to see a Brannon update!

    1. It's working okay so far. I made a lot of changes to it, though, to suit me. I hate shells & Showtime careers, and so I did a lot of bulldozing and rebuilding.
      I adore Jilly, and I'm expecting her gen to be very fun. But Fergus will still be a big part of the story.
      Thanks so much!

  4. That was a terrific writer's use of bait and switch,lol :P Though I was sort of wondering about Jilly after that trip to China, it seemed she was destined to be more than just a townie! Now I can't remember how much dragon she has in her, I might have to reread some...

    Julian Landgraab...hmmm... *speculates* I have a pretty crazy imagination, so I can come up with some pretty wild speculations. Like, what if Julian is really Geoff? Geoff is a young looking clone, who knows how many names/aliases/identities, etc. he has had over the years? Julian said he came from Aurora Skies area, and I'm not sure how much I believe any paper trails related to the Landgraabs any way. Then to speculate even further (and crazier, lol! :P ) Geoff needs to find true love to break his curse---maybe Jilly is his true love... Okay, I'm done speculating for the moment, lol :P

    It was neat seeing Cosette and Niles. And oh my goodness! Fergus is so cute! You always have such great looking male sims! Maybe someday you'll share him too. =) He could live with his uncle Max in my town, lol :D I'm still really looking forward to Fergus story line.

    I loved both Fergus and Jilly's places. And if Julian is just Julian, I still wonder about him, because, Landgraab, lol I almost hope for a Jilly/Julian baby. *hides* He does have great genetics, I bet their baby would be cute. Though, first he needs to get her to show up, lol

    Okay---post is getting too long now, I am shutting up, so I can go off and speculate and ponder some more, lol :P

    1. The trip to Cnina was a big part of setting up Jilly's generation. I never really said how mcuch dragon she might have in her; Delaney asked Rory once and he said he didn't know. I've left that open in case I want to do anything with it, but right now Jilly being dragon isn't a major plot point.

      Of course I'm not going to confirm or deny any speculation, lol, but everything is possible with a Landgraab involved, and no idea is too crazy.

      Fergus did turn out really cute. I'm packaging Shadow & Iola up for download today, and Farrell & Elliot finally. S maybe I'll grab Fergus while I'm doing all that.

      I agree, Jill would make cute babies with Julian. But yeah, she's not staying still for babymaking just yet.

      Thanks, Nirar!

  5. Oooh, interesting! I wonder what Julian is up to, given how we know people can be conditioned to fool Hawksquills...

    I could tell you were grooming Jill for something, but I am surprised to find Fergus isn't the heir, lol. I'm not disappointed, though, especially since Fergus's story isn't being abandoned or anything.

    The town, the house, and the warehouse look amazing! Your design sense is, as always, enviable. *envy*

    You cuted Fergus up quite a bit in this chapter. I like his adult look.

    1. Yeah, the Hawksquills haven't discovered that chink in their armor yet, either....

      I did make a kind of a big deal about Fergus being heir. But, without getting into spoilerish detail, the story I was developing for him very much involved Jilly, and the more it developed, the more I realized that it and the whole roll for the generation was better played with her as heir.

      Thanks! I did put a lot into remaking a lot of the town, especially the docks area. I've always loved industrial lofts so it was fun to build one.

      Fergus looks a lot like Iola, and like her, he was attractive enough as a tee but really blossomed in adulthood. Plus, that hair. I love that hair.

  6. Ooo! Julian, eh? I'm so excited to see what you do with him... Any relation to Joffrey from Romans? Or are his origins just going to be a fun surprise later on?

    Also, Jilly's house is so cute! I like the idea of her as heir, even though Fergus has a very interesting story line. You made the right choice.

    Great chapter! Per usual, made my day a little brighter. :)

    1. Hmm, well, Julian's family (if his story is true) wouldn't be related to Joffrey's descendants very closely. But, yeah, his origins will be a fun surprise for later. =D

      Thanks! I really love Jilly's house too. Decorating a fun beach house is always a good project for me.
      And I am happy I went with her as heir. She's been really fun to play so far, and I still get to do Fergus' story as part of it, so it's win/win.

      Thanks so much, I"m glad you enjoyed it. Comments always make my day brighter, too. =D

  7. Dang Jillian is just like her mother! Are you sure the Landgraabs are the only family making clones lol? And speaking of Landgraab clones, yum. I think each one gets hotter and hotter...although I'm highly suspicious. I can't help but wonder how exactly that last chapter ties in. Fergus is right, there's no such thing as coincidences. After reading Ninar's comment I can't help but wonder if we haven't met the handsome Julian before...

    Great chapter, even if they're not really attending college your pictures capture the feeling. Evansdale is gorgeous and I can't wait to see more of it! Was there a reason for the move or were you just ready for a change of scenery?

    1. LOL, I know, Jilly really is her mother's image. And a lot of her attitude as well.

      And it's true, even though they are all identical, somehow the Landgraabs do increase in hotness with each new iteration. I think the hair Julian got fits them perfectly.
      You are of course right to be suspicious. Ferguds having a Landgraab for a roommate just doesn't seem like it could be a coincidence.

      It's a little weird faking college, but it helps that UL came with some interactive objects to fake class activities with. And if I have to I guess I can pose an adult by a podium to fake the lectures that aren't really happening, lol. But for the most part the 'college' parts of the story won't be in class stuff as much as social stuff.

      I had a few reasons for wanting to move, some practical, like getting away from a town where everyone is related to my legacy family, to story stuff. The story I'm planning around Fergus and Jilly would be more complicated if their parents were in the same town.

  8. You made me download Evandsdale with your gorgeous pictures. I blame youuuu! :P

    Thanks so much for the cameo of Niles and Cosette. They look so fantastic and happy in your game! And Niles' nose actually looks all right. It's a miracle.

    I have to say, I'm happy you went with Jilly as heir. I love Fergus too, but Jilly has that spark of personality that I just couldn't see being something complimentary or background to Fergus. I can't wait to read what you have up your sleeves for her.

    Julian... I'm still suspicious of him and I think Fergus is right to be as well (as you pointed out). I just can't trust that beautiful face of his.

    And I love what you've done with the houses, especially that awesome warehouse. Is the coffee shop in Evansdale or is that something you made too? If the latter, would you mind sharing?? *pleading eyes* If not, totally cool. I just really love it.

    Awesome, great, fantastic, wondrous! I can't wait for the next chapter.

    1. Evansdale is nice! I did make a bunch of changes to it, though.

      Niles' nose does look great in game. I didn't alter either of them at all except for hair and clothes. I just thought they'd be the perfect Sims to live in an old warehouse turned into an artists loft. Niles picked up that guitar pretty much right away. Actually, first thing he and Cosette did was woohoo (autonomously), but after they got that out of their system, it was guitar time, lol.

      Jilly does have that heir spark. I love Fergus too, but I don't think his story will take up the full span of this generation, and playing him in the rolls I got never felt right. But Jilly just ft right into it.

      Yeah, never trust a Landgraab. Except that one, from the Roman legacy. And it was awhile before people would trust him too. Because, you just can't trust them even when they seem nice. It must be some devious plot, right?

      I'm going to eventually get the warehouse together for upload. But, lucky for you, the comic/coffeshop is not by me and is available for download already:
      It's a really great little lot.

      Thanks so much! <3

    2. Haha. That definitely sounds like Cosette and Niles. The warehouse is perfect for them! Seriously.

      Oooh! I can't wait for the warehouse and I'm going to DL that coffee shop right now. Thanks!

  9. I love Jilly's apartment! To quote Liz Lemon, "I want to go to there."

    I like Jilly and I'm glad you chose her as the heir. She's really strong, and I love me some strong ladies. I'm suspicious of Julian, but I also want to trust him because he is a cutie.

    1. Thanks! I's love to lve in Jilly's house, myself.

      She is a great heir. I like strong female lead myslf, and I've only had male heirs so far in this legacy.

      I know how you feel about Julian, he's too cute to be evil, lol.

  10. Gasp! Fergus is moved out??? Fergus isn't the heir anymore? Wait... Whaaaaaat? lol

    Love love love the shot of Jilly out on the water windsurfing. So lovely!

    But I'm with Fergus here. Julian totally needs to be kept under watch. Can't trust his name. Pretty boy or no. And here I'd been figuring that we'd be seeing more of another Landgraab opposite Jilly instead of this newcomer. Or is her really a newcomer??? *eyes suspiciously along with Fergus.

    Dadgum it! I'm so behind sitting by the pool instead of in here reading! You've already got another up!

    1. I know, lol, I made a sudden heir switch. Except, I decided it ages ago and kept it secret, lol.

      Jilly looks great on the water, she was made for these beach shots. Her generation hit right in time for IP.

      Fergus isn't ready to trust Julian. Because having this Landgraab turn up as a roommate is a little too convenient.

  11. Interesting... I have to say, I'm with Fergus on not trusting Julian; not only is there the little issue Fergus doesn't know about with the conditioning, also, even if Julian is telling the truth I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if the main Landgraabs are aware of the offshoot family and would have no compunction about using them...

    1. You are right Ali. It's not wise to just trust everything Julian says. Even if Julian is being truthful, it doesn't rule out MorcuCorp involvement.

  12. 'Trust your gut.' That doesn't sound very Reinier-ish to me, but that's probably just me.

    LOVE the new places, and I TOTALLY understand not wanting to actually send them to uni. Are we allowed to buy a degree via points?

    Sorry it's taken me so long to get to this one. Real life stuff happening.

    That shot of Jilly is GORGEOUS!

    That Landgraab boy makes me a little nervous, but that's no surprise. Maybe he's simply a red herring? He's probably not going to be happy that she forgot about meeting him.

    1. Hey, no problem, Real life does happen. =D

      We are allowed to buy degrees with points. Unless you have some goal or something that requires you get a degree, then you'd have to earn it at uni.

      The Landgraab boy should make you a little nervous. Landgraabs pretty much always men trouble. Except when they don't.

  13. Awh, it makes me a bit sad to read that Fergus won't be the heir. :( I have always liked him. Hopefully we'll get to follow his story anyhow and I'm sure Jill will make a great heir too. I just hope that she'll stay away from Julian... If Fergus have a bad feeling about it, there's probably something off.