Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chapter 51: Celebrate the Way Our Ancestors Did

Guests start arriving for Weylin and Jillyan's birthday party.

Jilly goes first.

She grows into the image of her mother at that age.

Weylin's turn is next.

His brothers Ryan and Fergus favor their mother, but Weylin takes after Shadow.

In just a few days, Jace will be graduating, and he's still planning to start his family right away. He gets Kirsten alone in the kitchen to propose to her.

Delaney is still having a hard time accepting that her son is almost an adult, let alone dealing with the fact that he's now engaged, too.

"I love Jace more than anything," Kirsten assures her future mother-in-law, "We're going to be very happy together."

Delaney doesn't doubt that, she just can't help but feel her son is too young to take on the responsibility of marriage and children. Then again, she has two kids of her own and still doesn't feel like she's ready to be a parent. "I'm happy for both of you," she finally says, knowing the she needs to keep whatever doubts she has to herself, and support her son's choice, or else end up estranged from him like she is from her own father.

Now that there are no more babies or toddlers in the house, the nursery is no longer needed, so the room is converted to a bedroom for Jillyan.  An extra bed is put in Jace's room for Weylin, as there are no more spare rooms in the house. When Jace graduates and moves out, Weylin will have the room to himself.

Random party snapshots:

Aurora takes her last chance to snuggle her nephew before he ages up.

Elliot and Claire's daughter, Corrine. Claire did show up to the party but left early. She agd up to elder later that night.

Elliot and Cassidy.

Iola's younger brother, Max Hawksquill. He's a doctor, like his father.

Laurie Horner, Jesse and Cassidy's daughter. She looks just like Cass.

Danica, Elliot and Claire's other daughter.

Jack actually was at the party, but just didn't make it into any pics except this one.

Shadow and Cass. Shadow goes around hugging everyone all the time.

End random party shots.

The day after the birthday party is Love Day, so the kids have no school. Jack spends some quality time with Jilly after breakfast.

She must have learned this trick from her mother.

The whole town comes out to the festival for Love Day.

The Brannon children arrive only to discover that the promised egg hunt has failed to appear, and there aren't many other interesting activities for kids. Kissing booths (yuck!), dance floor,  playground equipment that's not even as good as the playground right next to the park...

Love Day is a day for lovers, not surprisingly. Jace dances with his fiancee.

Jack dances with Delaney.

Hey, Kyle.

Shadow and Iola drink a toast on the new hot air balloon attraction.

"You aren't afraid?" Shadow asks gently, knowing how easily his wife is frightened.

"We're not very high off the ground," Iola answers, "I'm a little nervous, but I'll be okay."

"You know why we call the vernal equinox 'Love Day'?" Shadow asks.

"Because in ancient times, it was a fertility festival," Iola answers, "And you like to celebrate the way our ancestors did," she adds with a smile.

Iola came prepared for this, and stands to draw a blanket over them for privacy.

And the couple have their Love Day celebration.

There's so little for the kids to do, Jilly and Fergus end up doing schoolwork together.

"We should go somewhere else," Jilly sighs.

To the Le Cirque park, where there's always something to do.

Now this is fun!

Souvenir of the day.

When she's not playing with the boys, Jillyan is in her room painting. She's very intent on improving her talent as an artist.

"I'm casting a fireball spell," Fergus announces, "Watch out for friendly fire!" A little behind the times, the Brannons just got their first game console.

Ryan gets up from the game suddenly as the family remembers it's his birthday.

Ryan becomes a teen, pretty much a male version of his mother.


So, no real drama this chapter, just birthday chaos and a holiday. I know I promised to get into what Cole/Rory Bowman has been up to since he left the criminal operation in Delaney's hands, and I will get to that. It requires some set building and stuff, and I'm still hammering out the details. But it will come. And of course we'll hear from MorcuCorp again. But for these few days, the Brannons just got to celebrate without a bunch of drama.

I did set up the warehouse into a rebel hangout/coffeeshop, but I haven't gotten around to taking Delaney there yet for pictures. It seems we can't buy that lot type, though.

My festival grounds are totally broken. When the spring festival started, there was almost nothing there; no stalls, no dance floor, no decor, no eggs. I wasn't up to redecorating it myself, so I bulldozed it and replaced it with a fresh copy, and swapped the broom riding thing with the hot air balloon. There were still no eggs though. At least not on Love day. Some spawned the next day, but all off lot, so when the kids tried to collect them, they reset.

Jace did roll a wish to propose to Kirsten, and I finally let him do it at the birthday party. His birthday is coming up very soon.

All the boys this generation have brown or green as their favorite colors, Jilly has Hot Pink. I'm kind of tired of brown, green and hot pink, lol.

Some out takes:

Bunny gnome gazes longingly at picture of shirtless Jack. So dreamy!

Jack plays with Arawn.

Smustlin' Kyle.


  1. LOL "Hey Kyle" was my favorite pic.

    I like to see a random calm chapter, where you got to show us the whole family! Well, lots of them, anyway.

    Male version of Iola is quite cute. I guess this means cuteness in poor Fergus's future. So much to deal with. All that supernatural stuff, and now, cuteness.

    1. That pic was too funny not to use.
      It was nice to get in a calm chapter...though, I'm using 'calm' loosely as those giant birthday parties make me pull my hair out. The extended family is so huge, and inviting them all over at once is chaos. But, the Brannons are the type to hold these huge family get togethers, so I do it.

      Yes, Fergus is cursed with the cute as well. It will no doubt weigh heavily, along with dreams about slaying dragons.

  2. Jilly is so pretty! I want to steal your sims and age them up to see how they'll turn out, but I can't do that. Waiting is hard. :\

    I loved the Kyle photobomb!

    I'm perfectly happy with you never getting back to the part about MercuCorp and how they're being horrible to Jack! :D
    Not really sure when I became such a Jack fangirl, I didn't used to like him. Maybe it was when you started having awful things happen to him.

    1. Jilly looks a lot like Delaney, actually. I have peeked in CAS at her as a YA, and there are minimal differences between them.

      MorcuCorp has been pretty horrible to Jack. That's not going to stop anytime soon, but for this chapter, he got reprieve.

  3. "Shadow goes around hugging everyone all the time" - Seriously? That's so cute! I love him even more now.
    I'm with Becky. "Hey Kyle!" Is the best pic in here. Or, one of. That last one of him smustle-ing, the way Jack is looking at him like 'Bless him, he's crazy' is priceless. And that one you linked to of Delaney doing what Jilly was doing. And the whole hot air balloon scene, and SQUEEE bowling alley!! And the bunny gnome lusting after Jack. Ok, so basically I love the pictures this chapter.

    I liked seeing the Brannon's as a normal family for once. And I got to see bits of their house! I'm curious about the layout, it must be a huge mansion.

    I love how the three boys all looked so similar! You can really tell they're brothers, and Jilly is gorgeous. She and *Cassidy's daughter whose name I forgot* look similar too, I guess you're happy about that so you can relive Cass and Laney again? :p

    I can't wait for all this Morcucorp stuff, but I don't want anything to happen to Jack!! :'( Noooo!!! He's too hot! Gah!

    And about the fave colours thing, do you have a mod that makes that happen? Mine all have wildly different fave colours, and I have that better genetic mod, and the one that give triplets and twins the same star sign. Just wondering.

    1. Shadow is a hugger. He wakes up in the morning and the first thing he does is hug one of his kids. He hugs Delaney, hugs his parents, hugs Jack even, when he's around.
      Maybe at the end of this generation I'll do an out takes page of Shadow randomly hugging everyone. I have a ton of those pics that never make it into chapters.

      That wasn't a bowling ally, it's skee ball. But I don want to get a bowling alley in town eventually. This whole chapter was just a bunch of fun pictures. And it was nice to see that side of the Brannons.
      Yeah, Laurie does look just like Cass. I want to include her more with my kids, but they have to develop the relationship more.

      I don't have any mod for favorite colors, but in this legacy, there's been a lot of favorite color overlap. The Hot Pink from Shelley to Cass to Jilly (Delaney's is Spiceberry, which Kyle also had). Brown was Farrell's color, and Jace and Ryan have that. Fergus and Weylin have Green and Irish Green, which are really similar. I like to dress my Sims in their favorite colors, and do their bedrooms, too. But I'm so sick of brown and hot pink. Hot pink especially, since I hate it, lol. My understanding isthat favorite color is pretty meaningless in game, but I swear my Sims age up in their colors too. When Shadow became a child, he aged up in pink sneakers. I didn't get many childhood pics of his feet, but I let him keep his pink sneakers because it made me laugh.

    2. Yes! Do the outtakes page! :D I have an outtakes page on mine, and I've renamed it just for generations 1-3 because it's so long! I'll have to try and cut back a bit on them in gen 4 :|

      Oh, I've never had my sims play skee ball, what EP did that come with?

      That is odd (about the colours) must be boring. I like dressing in favourite colours too. Shaena's was black, though, so I skipped hers as it didn't fit her bright happy character.
      And it's not 100% meaningless! Almost every time a sim tells a secret, it's 'my favourite colour is...'
      AWW Shadow is so cute. I just wanna pinch his cheeks! :D

  4. Yay for pic of shirtless Jack! I'm with the bunny gnome on that one, though I bet my keyboard is a little tired of the Jack induced drool attacks.

    OOoooooh! All the birthdays! Phew! I can imagine you are glad that is over for a little bit. But you've got another round coming up soon still don't you? Yikes!

    Fun chapter though, just seeing how family still exists even with the knowledge that something isn't quite right was wonderful.

    1. Oh, I missed your comment, Sunny!
      Jack is dreamy. =D
      I am glad I got that round of birthdays over. The next will be Jace's. I probably won't throw a party, though. I'm looking forward to having one leave the nest. Playing a household of 10 is more than I can manage most of the time. But, playing the wishacy has made me more accustomed to the chaos of autonomous Sims. Because while I'm focusing on one or two of them, the rest are doing whatever they want, lol.

  5. Yay! Bunbuns gazing fondly at Jake. :D You know how I am about gnomes. ;)

    I really liked all this in this chapter! It's so nice to have a little down-time. Jillyan looks so so so much like her mother! Weylin really does look like Shadow too. It just thrills me when stuff like that happens. Sometimes it doesn't take much to entertain me.

    Then they forgot all about Ryan's birthday after all that celebrating for the twins. Bad bad bad parents! Ah well, I forget too (not my own kids, I mean in sims! lol) Plus, for some stupid reason the game has Skye aging up again. The ages are all effed up. anyway.

    Oh yeah, that pic of Kyle just cracks me up too, and Iola's brother is H.O.T. HOT! I wanna see a frontal pic. (no, not that kind of frontal, I just wanna look at his Face.)

    1. (Pssst, I'm not here, but Iola's brother face is in pic #4. He's pulling a face and blowing a horn thingy tho. And lol at the frontal thing :p)

    2. LOL, I know you and gnomes. =D That house has a bazillion Bunbuns. I've been told they appear when Sims woohoo during Spring. And as you can imagine, with so many adults in my house woohooing, I have an abundance.
      I love how both Weylin and Jilly turned out.
      I thought about having a party for Ryan, but I was just partied out, and I didn't even bother with cake. Poor kid, lol. And he still has to share a room with Fergus, lol.Though maybe I'll be nice and kick Fergus upstairs into Weylin's room when Jace moves out.

      As Gem said, there's a few pic of Max elsewhere in the chapter, but I can try to get a better one where he's not blowing a horn. He looks a lot like his father, but he's got his mpother's pouty lips (like Iola and Ryan).

  6. I loved seeing all the other Brannon's, and how much their kids have grown! Neat chapter! Sometimes it is hard to show all of that, especially when embroiled in a long, complicated plot, lol And the Brannon's (and you!!) deserve a break after all they've been through! :D

    Shadow is adorable, going around hugging everyone.

    Iola's younger brother is very good looking!

    Loved the outtakes. =)

    1. I am guilty of long, complicated plots, lol, so it was nice for us all to take a break from that and just have a birthday and holiday chapter.
      I just adore Shadow, myself.
      Thanks, Nirar!

  7. "Hey, Kyle." is my favourite pic too :)

    1. Everyone loves that one. I know I laughed when his head popped into my shot. =D

  8. It was lovely to see the whole family happy together :)

  9. New reader here :-)
    I must say you know how to capture an audience. I have spent the last two days reading your legacy from the very beginning to now and I am already anxious for more. You are a brilliant writer and just when I thought I knew what was going to happen next you threw a curve ball.
    Keep up the amazing work, I look forward to another update. Also, if you read other peoples legacies please read mine, the writing gets better after chapter 5.5 (not nearly as good as yours though.)

    1. Hi, Mommy! Thank you so much, I'm so happy you are enjoying my legacy.
      I do read other legacies. Lots of them, lol. I will definitely check yours out.

  10. What a fun chapter! It was so nice not worrying about the ever-present threat of MorcuCorp for five minutes. All the kids are so cute. And Jilly looks so much like Delaney, it's scary!

    1. Thanks! It was nice to have a MorcuCorp-free episode for once.
      I did get a generation of cute kids. Jilly looks jut like DElaney. But she'll have her own personality.

  11. How nice with a happy and drama free chapter. :)

    The kids are all adorable. I love the genetics in your game. My favorite pic - like many others - was Kyle's photo bomb. :D

  12. Happy couples, 'cept one maybe. hahaha.
    Bored kids. ;)
    Do we get to see Max again? yumyum... or maybe I have in other episodes and I missed it? haha
    The gnome was funny. :)

  13. This was a pretty happy chapter all around. Except that the spring festival had nothing going on for the kids.

    You will get to see Max again in upcoming chapters. He is a nice mix of his parents' features, I like the way he turned out.