Monday, February 11, 2013

Chapter 45: Our Future is Totally New Again

"I just wanted to apologize. You know, for coming after you so suddenly," Heather says, filling an awkward silence in the middle of their date.

"It's okay, Heather," Jack assures her, "I think we should take things slow, but it is nice to feel wanted."

That's some deep insecurity there, she notes, preparing to take advantage of it, "I know what you mean," she says with a shy smile, "I guess that's why I was so forward with you. My last relationship, well, he cheated on me, and I came out of it feeling so worthless."

"You shouldn't feel that way; you're a great girl. He was the one with the problem."

With that little bonding moment established, Heather moves on to more fruitful subjects. "It must be so hard for you, living apart from your son."

"His birthday is coming up. He'll be a teenager. I'm so not ready," Jack laughs, "It has been hard for me, to not be with him all the time. But, it's not that bad really. And he's with Delaney's family, so at least I know he's growing up with a lot of love."

"But doesn't her father being there make it hard for you to see him? You said he tried to separate you," Heather leads.

"Yeah, her dad's a real hard ass about me, but he moved out of the family house. Delaney lives with her uncle Farrell. Her cousin Shadow lives there too."

"You mentioned him before, you said he was a shaman? I'd love to meet him sometime. In my line of work, it's always so inspiring to meet people with true mystical abilities."

"Yeah, that stuff just goes right over my head," Jack laughs, "But you'd probably fit right in with the Brannons. When they moved into town, they took over the Hawksquill's place as 'that weird family'. And of course Shadow married a Hawksquill, because I guess weird attracts more weird. They're great people though, I don't want you to think I'm making fun of them."

"Oh, I know you aren't," Heather says, "Your town sounds really interesting and quaint. I wish I came from a place like that. This," she gestures around her, "Is very pretty, but it lacks soul, you know?"

"I finally moved out of my brother's condo," Heather says as they leave the pizzeria together, "I'd love for you to come see it." She blushes and smiles, and continues, "I promise to behave.

"It's so nice to finally get my stuff out of storage," Heather enthuses as she sits next to him. It actually took her two whole days of combing through thrift stores to throw together a trailer full of stuff for Heather, and Peridot looks forward to the day when she can go back to her clean, tidy condo.

True to her word, she makes no moves on him, and he keeps to his corner of her love seat while they chat. It's a difficult dance, trying to get him to talk about the Brannons, especially Shadow and his twin sister, without appearing too obvious in her intent. In the end, she doesn't get much more out him tonight than what she got over dinner. More than anything, he talks about Delaney, which would have killed this date hours ago if she actually had any romantic interest in him. Since it's her job to keep him talking about the Brannons as much as possible, she just smiles and encourages him.

Jack kisses her goodnight, because it's just what you do after a date. But something is missing from the whole experience. Heather is pretty, and nice, and she obviously likes him, but he isn't feeling that spark with her that he had with Delaney. 

"Is something wrong?" Shadow asks, coming onto his wife brooding their bedroom.

"Ever since you saved Jack, my visions have gotten...muddy, obscure. I can still look forward and catch glimpses of the near future, but all the big visions I've had throughout my life, it's like they've been invalidated."

"Are you saying Jack was fated to die and I've interfered with the balance?" Shadow asks.

"There's no such thing as fate, Shadow, we have the free will to forge our own destinies. We may choose to left or right, and each step we take in that direction sets us up for the next step, and a path emerges. The visions I see are points along the paths of probability, but they only come to pass if we stay on one path. If we turn, we create new paths. I'd seen futures with Jack still alive. But, all those futures happened in timelines where he didn't go into that bar that day, timelines where he never learned about Delaney's infidelity. In every timeline where he did, he died; that was the path he was on. You took him off that path, but there was no returning him to point where he didn't know about Delaney's cheating. The path is changed now, our future is totally new again. I feel like I've been blinded, Shadow. I have no idea what's going to happen anymore."

"That's how most of live everyday, my love," Shadow says with a light laugh, embracing her, "Whatever does happen, you can be sure we're going to be in it together. We don't need visions of the future to know that."

Dropping by her place so early in the morning, especially when she's undercover, breaks protocol in so many ways, and Geoffrey knows his actions defy all logic and even endanger this whole operation, should he find that Horner spent the night here with her. None of that stops him from knocking at her door before the sun has completely risen over the horizon.

"Is he with you?" he asks, keeping his voice low when she opens the door for him.

"No, he was only here for an hour or so last night," Peridot says, stepping aside to let him into her trailer. She's just woken up, obviously, her hair tousled around her face, still dressed in her nightshirt, which looks like it could have from his own closet. It did, in fact, Geoffrey realizes, remembering the crates of clothes he'd given her to catalog for tax purposes before donating them to a local charity. He smiles, just a little, at the thought of her taking one of his shirts to wear to bed. "We're still in the talking phase; Horner has a lot of baggage to work through over the Brannon girl before he can trust anyone else again," she continues.

"As well he should," Geoffrey responds, "But you've got him talking, at least." That joy he just felt, that gushing swell of relief that came over him when he learned of what could be considered a set back in the operation, that she hasn't become intimate with her target, that's a big, glowing sign that he needs to back away from this. But it's been so long since he's felt anything like this, since the sight of a girl's bare legs could hold his attention, distract him so thoroughly, it's a struggle to not simply indulge it.

"Well, he talks a lot," Peridot says, "Most of it about his son and the Brannon girl. Luckily, they live with our principal targets, so I can tease bits of information about them out while asking him about his boy."

"And what have you learned?"

"I was just getting some coffee. Care to join me out on the porch?"

"I don't know if this important, but Horner mentioned that Shadow Brannon married a girl from the Hawksquill family. He said that before the Brannons came to town, the Hawksquills were 'that weird family'. It could just mean they're eccentric, but..."

"No, you were right to bring that to my attention," Geoffrey, genuinely surprised, "'s been a long time since I've heard that name. Now I know why, they've been hiding themselves behind a dragon ward. And I'm sure they were instrumental in helping set the Brannons up in their new location."

"Are they a threat?" Peridot asks.

"Hawksquills tend to keep to an observational role, they rarely interfere. But anyone with the kind of knowledge they carry in their genes is a potential threat. And, a potential asset, if we can acquire that genetic legacy."

"The male Brannon twin already has one son with his wife," Peridot informs him.

"We may be refocusing his operation down to the next generation," Geoffrey says, "Strange how letting them breed in wild may produce greater results than anything we could have done with them in our facilities."

Peridot stands to lean against the porch railing, getting what warmth she can from the sun as it makes its morning ascent. Geoffrey follows, standing close to her, radiating his own kind of heat, the sun that she revolves around

"How should I proceed with Horner, then?" she asks.

"He's a valuable source of information, so keep on him," Geoffrey answers, "Keep him talking, but don't push yourself into anything more intimate with him. It's not necessary."

"I do what the job requires," Peridot chooses her words carefully, feeling the shift in tone, knowing she needs to step delicately between the professional and the personal.

"This operation has been in the works since before you were created, Peridot, and it's experienced several major setbacks under my watch. Yet, it continues to proceed, almost as though it has a will of its own. You are a more valuable asset to me than anything you can get from Horner. Keep that in mind when you deal with him, don't give him more in payment for his information than what its worth."

Peridot knows she's closer to him than anyone in the company, she's been at his side since she completed her training. She knows how to read between his words and catch the meanings he doesn't always express. "Horner's going back home today, he told me he won't be in the city for a few days, at least. So, I'll be back in my condo for the time being, if you want to drop by for another early meeting." She smiles, catching his eye as she drops that last hint.

"If you have an evening free, I'd like to have you to the mansion for dinner," he offers.

"It would be my pleasure, Mr. Landgraab."

"Please, call me Geoffrey. I think we're past formalities by now."

Ryan has become a toddler. He's the image of his mother, with Ariel Hawksquill's brown eyes.

Too young to understand or harness his abilities as a witch, Ryan is nonetheless innately drawn to the familiar cat in the house.

"How's things with the new guy working out?" Delaney asks. She didn't invite Jack to drop by early before Jace gets out of school to talk about work, but being alone with him for the first time since he walked out on her has turned out to be more uncomfortable than she expected, and saying what she has to say more difficult to get out.

"He's all right. We'll be doing our first big job next week; Cole will be heading it up personally, since he took you out of the picture. Did he do that because of us?"

"No, he just has me on other things," Delaney answers vaguely, regretting bringing up work since she can't really tell Jack everything Cole has told her. "Jack, I just wanted to say, you know, that I'm really sorry about what I did, that I hurt you. You deserved a lot better. And I know this is coming too late, but I'm really trying to get control of my impulses. Cole has got me into martial arts training and meditation, and it's really been helping."

"I started up a meditation class in the city while I was there," Jack says, filing the bulk of what she said under stuff he can't think about right now, "But I just can't get the part where you have to empty your head."

"That's the hardest part for me, too," Delaney agrees, "How is it going for you?"

"I dropped the class and started dating the teacher," he tells her.

Delaney drops her gaze to floor and stands in stunned silence, "I guess I should have expected that," she finally says, "I mean, who wouldn't want to snap you up? And I'm happy for you...I want you to be happy, Jack. Even if..." her voice gets caught on a sob, and she stops talking mid -sentence.

"Even if what, Laney?" Jack prompts her.

"Even if I have to lose you," she finishes. "You've moved on, I should let you go," she says, turning away to go have a good cry in her bathroom.

Jack  grabs her and pulls her back into his arms, letting her cry onto his chest instead, "Baby, I haven't moved on anywhere," he admits, "I miss you like crazy, and I'd give anything to make this work."

"Me, too, Jack," Delaney says, hr voice whispery quiet.

"Dad? Are you here?" Jace voice calls up from downstairs, "Mom? Dad's bike is in the driveway! Is he here?"

"I'm up here," Jack calls out, letting Delaney out of his arms, "We'll talk, okay?" he says gently before going out to greet his son.

Tomorrow is a school holiday, but Jace insists on getting his homework done that afternoon anyway, and proudly shows of his skill at long division to his father.

When his assignments are done, father and son go out in the yard to play catch before dinner.

While Jack and Jace play, Delaney focuses all her anger into her hands, which she uses to snap oak boards in half. She's like to do the same to whatever girl has been putting her hands on her man. She knows how hypocritical that is, but it doesn't stop the jealousy.

Cassidy is expecting her first baby shortly after Iola and Shadow's second is due.

The family get together is supposed to be for their weekly book club, but with all the tummy rubbing...

and attempts to communicate with the babies, not much talking about books get done.

Jesse is as excited about his latest promotion at the paper as he is about being an expectant father.

All the standing around and chatting took it's toll, and Iola comes back home with a back ache which her husband does his best to massage away.

"Feel better?" Shadow asks as she turns to face him.

"I feel as big as a house," she laughs, "I swear I didn't get this big with Ryan."

"It won't be long now," Shadow says, rubbing her tummy, wishing he coulddo more to make her feel comfortable.

"I got this for you," Shadow says, giving her a pink diamond he'd had cut into a heart shape for her, "I absolutely adore you."

"I couldn't ask for a better husband," Iola sighs contentedly, curling into bed with Shadow.

Jack meets up with Jace and Delaney bright and early at the Spooky Day Festival.

"Let's get a photo done before Jace gets chocolate all over his face," Delaney suggests.

"I never get chocolate on my face," Jace protests, "You're the messy one, Mom."

"Well, let's get a picture before I get chocolate all over my face, then," Delaney laughs.

With their relationship tenuous at best, Jack and Delaney stand in an awkward pose, arms around each other in a way that isn't quite romantic, their faces stuck in an uncomfortable smile.

"Can I go into the haunted house now?" Jace asked, nearly bouncing in his excitement.

"Go on, " Jack says, "Don't be scared of the ghosts."

"The picture came out nice," Delaney says once Jace has disappeared into the haunted house, "We actually look like a family."

"We are a family, Laney," Jack says. "We're a little messed up, maybe, but we have Jace, and we have our history. We can't get away from that."

"Do you want to get away?" Delaney asks. "I mean, from me. I know you'd never abandon Jace."

"I thought I did. I tried. But you have something no other girl has."

"Yeah? What?"

"My heart."

Jace comes out of the haunted house wanting to shoot hoops. "Are you coming trick or treating with me and Mom tonight?" he wants to know.

"I'll be there," Jack promises.

This is as much fun now as it was when she was a teen.

Shadow and Iola bring Ryan out for his first Spooky Day festival.

The autumnal equinox, the day that the spirit realm is closest to their own, would be the perfect time for Shadow to make a spirit journey, but with Iola due to give birth any time today, he's keeping his mind clear and firmly rooted in this realm. With the baby pressing so hard on her bladder, Iola ends up spending more time in the ladies room than out enjoying the festival, leaving Shadow to supervise Ryan on the spring rider.

"Rain," Ryan announces as it starts pouring, holding his arms up to taken off the ride and back to the warm safety of home.

After his mother gets him painted and costumed for trick-or-treating, Jace plays a little rock-paper-scissor with his dad before they head out. Jack has learned not to throw rock every time, but Jace still manages to beat him handily.

Their first stop for the night is Elliot's house.

"Is your Dad going to be okay having me on his porch?" Jack asks under his breath. 

"We're taking our son trick-or-treating. He better not have  problem with it," Delaney answers, making Jack smile. At the very least, she's come a long way from her Daddy's little girl phase.

Elliot is an old man with a young wife and two twin toddlers to raise; he doesn't have the time or energy to be concerned about his adult daughter's love life anymore, and is just happy to get to see his grandson in his costume.

While Elliot chats with Jace, Jack and Delaney reminisce about the Spooky Day they celebrated as teens. "That burglar costume you had on was so hot," Jack remembers, "Do you still have that?"

"Probably, I never throw anything out. But I doubt I'd fit in it. And, dressing up like a burglar, I don't know, it's kind of less sexy now than it was back then."

Back at home, Iola goes into labor.

Their second son, Fergus, is born late in the evening of Spooky Day, and fittingly enough, he's inherited his father's gift of magic.

"I had a lot of fun today," Jack says after Jace is put to bed for the night. "That's such a first date thing to say, isn't it?"

"Well, one step at a time," Delaney says with a wry smile, "Do you have the time for some stargazing?"

"What about this girl you're seeing?" Delaney asks hesitantly. Maybe she should have brought it up sooner, before she started to let herself hope.

"It was just a couple of dates. It's not really serious," Jack says, "She knows about you. I talk about you, too much, probably, so I doubt she'll be surprised that I want to work things out with you. But, to be fair, I should talk to her before we get ourselves together again."

"I know I shouldn't ask this, it's none of my business..."

"I haven't slept with her," Jack answers her before she gets out the question.

Delaney sighs in relief, "Just thinking about it was making me boil over," she says. She waits for a remark, but it never comes. "Jack," she continues with a quiet voice, "I don't know if you can forgive me, but I am sorry."

"I can forgive you, Laney. I'm a little afraid to trust you, but I want to give us a chance."

Shadow gets up around midnight to feed Ryan and get him back into his crib, not regretting for one second his decision not to take a spirit journey tonight. There will be other equinoxes, but he'll only have one life to spend with his family.

Shadow turns to fins a woman standing the nursery, both familiar and strange at the same time.

"Do I know you?" he asks.

"I'm your grandmother, child," she says, "It's the equinox of autumn, and the spirits of the dead visit the realm of the living."

"You're a spirit, then?" Shadow asks.

"Childbirth is a liminal moment, as the child crosses from the spirit realm to the living world. For children born on the equinox, it's an especially dangerous moment, as the veil that separates the worlds is at it thinnest. Be wary, Shadow, for not all your ancestors have your best interests at heart, and your grandfather's spirit still burns with the rage of his loss."

"My grandfather? The rage of what loss?"

Shadow wakes with a sudden jolt before his question can be answered. The dream was so real, he's disoriented at first to find himself in his own bed, Iola sleeping beside him, the house quiet. He glances over at his clock; it's not quite midnight, a few minutes earlier than it was in his dream. With considerable trepidation, he creeps into the nursery to check on his sons, both sleeping soundly with no spirits in sight.


  1. Throughout the entire scene of Geoffrey and Peridot talking I had this song stuck in my head:

    Part of me is happy Delaney and Jack are trying to work things out, but I really doubt things are going to be easy. Obviously Peridot will be pissed, but part of me still doubts Delaney has changed... at all.

    Hope Fergus isn't possessed by the soul of a thousand year old evil wizard. : ( (If he is though can you tell me so in a PM? Because it would be AWESOME if I called that).

    1. HaHa! That video was great, and that's a great theme song for Geoff and Peridot.
      Like all the Landgraab clones, he has the hopeless romantic trait, and if I leave him unposed for a second, he'll do some goofy romantic idle, and I can't help but run with that in her personality.

      Delaney hasn't completely changed, but she's trying, and she has made the effort to be more conscious of other people's feelings. Still, it's not going to be easy for them.

      Fergus is not possessed by the soul of thousand year old evil wizard. It's a 999 year old evil wizard. =D
      LOL, no, sorry, not that either.

  2. Oh many so many pictures I loved. The ones where Jack and Delaney are having their talk, and the pictures of them as teens are in the backgroud (I know we see that a lot, but it was particularly heartrending here). I love show Shadow is dressed, and the stuff you picked out for Heather's condo. Ryan is SO CUTE OMG. Your cutest toddler ever I think.

    Jace's spooky day costume when he's playing rock paper scissors.

    ...Grandfather, huh. I had my thoughts on who that would end up being, and now that I've read this, I'm not so sure.

    1. Thanks, Becky!
      It's hard not to get a shot of teen Delaney and Jack when shooting in her bedroom, but it does stand out in moments like that.
      I love Shadow's Fall/Winter outfit, too. And decorating Heather's condo was fun.
      Ryan has got his mother's big round face, which is especially adorable in the toddler phase.
      Jace costume was selected by the game, but it did look to me like something Delaney would dress him in.

      I'd be interested in knowing who you were thinking the grandfather might be and what has changed your mind. You can PM your crazy theories if you like, lol. I've been thinking I've thrown out so many hints by now that everyone must see what's coming.

  3. Grandfather and grandmother; so Aouregan's parents? I'm trying to remember back in the story if anything was said about them. Which means I'll probably have to go take a look.

    Fergus with Shadow's magic and possibly some taint or strong tie to the spirit realm is definitely perplexing. And Iola's pregnant outfit was adorable this chapter!

    1. Yeah, it's definitely Aouregan's parents. I haven't said all that much about them, but she did tell Farrell a little bit about how she ended up living alone in the woods. She was orphaned at 15.

      Fergus right now is the strong frontrunner for heir, even though I have no idea what he looks like and there are still two babies to go, just because he was born on Spooky Day and I'm developing this whole story around it. I didn't even plan that, though I could have looked at the calendar and figured it out. But I just had Shadow and Iola try for baby again as soon as he rolled the wish for another child, and that's how it worked out.

      Iola's outfit is something that just came out by Rayne's factory. It's really nice for maternity wear, I think.

  4. I am so glad that Jack and Delaney are finally talking. Jack is such a sweet guy! I hope they are able to move past the affair, and that Laney continues to keep her inner-dragon in check, lol

    I loved the Geoffrey/Peridot scene. Funny how Geoffrey was trying to tell her not to sleep with Jack, because he wanted her. I'm glad that Jack is a little less of a target now, but I worry for Shadow and Iola's children.

    I can't wait to see how Fergus turns out, his big brother Ryan is a doll!

    And what a *dream* that Shadow had. I'm glad I don't have those kind of dreams!

    1. Thanks, Nirar!

      Jack and Laney have some work to do to get back together, but they do really love each other. So hopefully they can make it work.

      I thought Geoffrey's line about how Peridot was a grater asset to him than Horner's information was very romantic, lol. I do enjoy the two of them as a team, and as a couple.

      I'm looking forward to seeing how Fergus turns out too, since it's very likely he'll be heir no matter what. Unless I really end up hating his face or something, lol.
      Yeah, having a dream like Shadow's would be disturbing. But he's already been opening himself to visitation from the spirit realm, so he's more able to handle it.

  5. Oh, Jack! I'm totally going to drag Jack off if I have to. He must be saved! (j/k) Though, really, I'm very afraid of what Peridot will do when he tries to break ties with her. I certainly don't imagine it will be very pretty. Or nice. Or end too well.
    Ryan is adorable, can't wait to see Fergus! Also can't wait to see what Shadow's dream means, especially in relation to baby Fergus.

    1. It's true, Peridot won't appreciate any wenches thrown into her plans. Jack's whole involvement with MorcuCorp has been some risky business for him (though he has no clue, he thinks he's just been dating some hippie chick), and if he tries to get away, well...

      Shadow's dream is very important, especially in relation to baby Fergus.

  6. I'm so glad Jack and Delaney are trying to work it out. I'm hoping this means 'Heather' won't be invited into the town and so Morcucorp will never find the Brannons! But I am also now equally worried for the Hawksquills. Now Shadow and Iola are in just as much danger as each other, and they have two young sons who are magical too, and now Fergus... Oh, little baby Fergus... Fergus is such a cute name that I actually went 'Awwwww' when I read his name. I'm sure he won't be ugly, look at his parents!

    I have a feeling I know why Iola's visons are 'muddy'. I think maybe there is equal probability of Peridot and Geoffrey finding the Brannons to them not. It all rests on Jacks shoulders now, if he knew he was going to make such a major desicion then I think he'd have a nervous breakdown. Poor boy. :(

    Delaney seems to be finally growing up! Admitting to Jack that she loved him, she was sorry, and she wanted him to be happy even if it meant losing him was a very adult thing to do. About time, if Jace is about to become a teenager then there was a chance he'd be more mature than his own mother! :| I loved the little family picture they did. (I'm trying to get the Mattells to go do one, but there is just too many of them to organise them enough that they're all happy enough to go out) I'm glad Elliot didn't say anything to Jack. He really doesn't need that right now anyway. Though I don't think Elliot would have said anything in front of Jace anyway. (but hes old :'( That means Farrell is nearly old... waaa)

    I loved the bookclub meating (maybe it should have been called the baby club for that meeting?) It was so sweet to see all the distant relatives cooing over babies :) I'm jealous of how pretty Iola looks when she's in labour though. All my sims look awful!! As I said, Fergus is an adorable name, but I'm now terrified for his safety! I'm not sure if Shadow's dream was just a dream, or if it's actually about to happen at the start of the next chapter?! Of course, by 'just a dream' I don't mean *just* a dream. I mean not foreshadowing. Clearly this is the next big thing in your storyline, and I hope baby Fergus will be ok. Of course, I feel safe knowing that Shadow, Iola, Farrell and Aouregan are there to help. They're all really clued-in to that kind of stuff, and Farrell has rescued people in odd ways before.

    Ryan is so cute!!!! And I have stolen Iola's maternity wear, because maternity wear is something my sims wear a lot, but I just don't have any. (Plus, in that backrub pic, Iola's boobs looked amazing...) Also, if you're fretting about having Fergus as heir, does that mean you've not rolled a +1?!

    ...and breathe....
    (ps, I seem to have jumped about a lot in my reply, sorry, I was excited :p)

    1. LOL, thank you for your long, excited comment.
      So, yeah, if Jack ends things with 'Heather;' it would make it less likely that he'd bring her home with him. But little setbacks won't stop MorcuCorp for long, and they do now also have the Hawksquills in their sites. And how convenient for them that Shadow and Iola keep popping out little guys with both Brannon and Hawksquill genes in one neat little package.
      I love the name Fergus. I almost went with the Irish spelling Fearghus, but I have a dragon named that in Summerdream (he hasn't shown up yet, but he's the son Arienh had with Kirwyn before he went and died in that war.)

      That's an interesting theory about Iola's visions. The future is pretty uncertain now, and a lot does rest on Jack.

      Delaney has been making some pretty big steps forward. I really love those two as a couple, and I hate keeping them separated. But they have a ways to go yet.
      Elliot just got old, and Farrell will be just a few days away. It does make me sad.

      Those bookclub meetings are such a nightmare. I love that little venue, but I get so many routing issues with Sims not being able to get to each other, or sit down. So I don't get nearlyas many decent pics as I like, there's always some stomping or flailing in the background, lol. I'm going to have to change the location of that.

      The dream Shadow had is the start of the next storyline, and it will start coming out in the next chapters. But baby Fergus is not in some immediate danger, it's more of a long plot I'm conceiving.

      Anubis has some nice dresses that are maternity wear too, if you are looking for more.
      I don't usually reveal my rolls this early, but what the generation is not a plus one. And I already miss being able to pick two heirs. =(
      On the plus side, I have a story brewing for Fergus that I think will be interesting and something quite new and different for me.

  7. Wow, I loved that dream at the end and I can't wait to see what happens in relation to that! I'm glad Jack and Delaney are going to try and work things out and I hope he can get out of Peridot/Heather's clutches

    1. Thanks, Ali! That dream is ahead in for the next big story arc coming up.

      I'm happy to be letting Jack and Delaney have a second chance. =D

  8. Awesome! Go, Jack & Delaney! I don't know if they can ever repair their relationship, but I sure hope they can. Take THAT, Peridot! Ha ha! Geoffrey making the moves, and Perri making them back! I wonder if she feels anything for him, or if she's just "Keeping the boss happy"?

    Fergus! I LOVE that name - that name alone should make him heir! Lol! And his birthday is spooky day? Can you say PERFECT!?!

    Now the vision...let me ramble here...Grandpa can't be on Farrell's side, because that Gramps is totally cool. That leaves Auregon...who's parents are Sterrin (who appeared to Shadow) and possibly...Landgraab the DragonSlayer? And the veil being so thin on Spooly Day, plus the baby being born that same day, plus him being magical...Could the DragonSlayer be coming thru to cause chaos for my little Fergus? *Makes stern face

    1. I *knew* you'd love that Fergus was born on Spooky Day, Jilly. I really didn't plan that out, but when I realized that was how it would work out, I was pretty stoked.

      Jack and Delaney love each other a lot, so they have a really good chance. Their biggest problem is MorcuCorp trying to use Jack, because Peridot won't want to lose her hold on Jack.

      That was Sterren who appeared to Shadow, and she is Aouregan's mother. So that does make the Dragon Slayer a pretty good bet in this scenario. =D

  9. Yikes. I was on the edge of my seat with this chapter. I'm glad Delaney and Jack are getting back together, but I'm concerned about Peridot's reaction. I don't see it going well. And Iola's lack of visions is freaking me out a bit.

    1. Iola is a little freaked out about not being able to see the future clearly right now, too.
      I know, it would probably be better off for Jack if he were the kind of jerk ass that ends things with a girl by just not calling her. But no, he's going to tell Heather/Peridot in person.

  10. So, screwing with a vision doesn't look to have the best results does it? *she says to Iola's character in a very Marge-esque voice* :)

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    That said, I'm happy he's at least willing to work things out with Laney.
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    Oh, Geoffrey and Peridot. They're going to so blow this whole operation. I wonder what the superiors will do to them when they find out.

    1. No, I don't think Iola would prefer for Jack to have died, even if it means she's not seeing the future as she had before.

      LOL, no, Heath would never make trouble for his descendants, and I don't see him a raging vengeful spirit. No doubt he still haunts the venues of Storybrook, singing wig wig wag or whatever that song was.
      But, there, you've probably figured it out.

      Geoffrey actually is the superior, he's the head of MorcuCorp, so he can do whatever he wants and screw his own operation into the ground as many times as he feels like, lol. He does seem to be willing to make some sacrifices to the operation for the sake of indulging his sudden swell of feelings. But he's not totally throwing the whole thing overboard, so the Brannons aren't totally safe yet.

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    And I think it's quite fitting that Shadow and Iola's second child was born on Spooky Day, it will be interesting to see how he turns out. I am hoping to see a girl though, before they're done with kids. Just because your girls are so pretty. Although given how handsome your boys are I don't think I'd be too disappointed if they ended up all being boys either XD

    1. Thanks, Tsuki!
      Geoffrey is the bad guy, but he's not really a bad guy, lol. Well, he has him warm fuzzy moments, anyway.

      I'm hoping to see Shadow and Iola have a daughter too! Even though I'm pretty set on Fergus being heir.

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    The vision at the end was neat, too. Took me a minute to figure out that it was Aouregan's mother, not Aouregan herself standing there.

    1. Delaney has changed enough to be wiling to work for something, and that's a start.
      What the Landgraabs want will become more clear as this story progresses, but it does involve their DNA, and magic.

      I love the name Fergus, too. And it does fit in with my general love for using Celtic names.

      Aouregan's mother does look a lot like Aouregan. I just cloned her from Kairi, who was Uvie and Ardax's daughter in Summerdream. Kairi was their ancestor, too. Though sometimes I feel funny about letting Uvie/Ardax's features remain so dominant after like 30k years between the pre-historical and medieval eras.
      But it helps establish that sense of family connection.

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    Why are you writing picture stories? Get that real hardback done, I want to read it. ;)

    1. This generation has absolutely failed to communicate with eacxh other. They all hold some piece of the puzzle, and they could put it together if they actually got together with what they know.
      And the past really did create their present, here.

      Mm, I wrote the first draft of a novel once. Maybe Ishould go back to non-picture story writing again someday. Thanks so much, Zhip!