Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chapter 23: Drop Out of the Sky

Farrell and Aouregan take their kids out to Le Cirque Park for an afternoon of riding on the spring riders.

The other attractions in the park are made for older children, so the toddlers also just spend some time playing with their own age appropriate toys while enjoying the carnival atmosphere. And that's when Farrell first witnesses his young daughter using magic. With a poof of smoke, her dragon toy disappears.

And then reappears in a glow of green light.

"I used to do that when I was her age," Aouregan assures him, "It's completely harmless. They won't be able to cast any real spells until they've matured. By then, I will have taught then to use their magic responsibly."

She smiles as she talks about instructing their children. No doubt their leaning were passed down in a long line, and Farrell hopes that continuing that tradition with their children will be enough to make Aouregan finally feel connected to this time and place.

For Aurora, the disappearing toy trick never fails to surprise and delight. no matter how many times she repeats it.

Elliot and Claire have their first date shooting hoops together at the sports club. As much as Shelly had been into his jockish tendencies,  she took no interest in actually playing sports. That, to her mind, was for boys, and it was the role of girls to stand by and cheer for their men. While not an avid sports lover, Claire played some basketball in high school and jumps willingly into a quick game with him.

"Are you all right?" she asks when he drops the ball mid throw, wincing in pain.

"I'm fine. It's just my back. I'm supposed to take it easy, but it's hard not to do the things you love, you know? Most days, there's no problems at all, but I'll never be what I was before."

"I'm sure there's a lot more to you than your game," Claire says with a confident smile.

Shelly never thought so, Elliot thinks. "Let's go inside," he suggests, hoping to find another distraction, something to drive Shelly out of his head once and for all.

Elliot was never particularly good at darts, but he's more than up for playing Claire's favorite game.

All too quickly, it becomes time to say goodbye; Elliot wants to be home in time to help his kids with their homework. Or, at least, be there to make sure it gets done. If they actually need help with it, their best bet would be to get it from their uncle Farrell. Elliot's own grades at school would have been a lot worse if not for his brother's assistance.

"I had a really nice time," Claire says, taking his hands in hers.

"I noticed a dance club over across the bridge," Elliot says, "Maybe this weekend, we could check it out?"

"Sure," Claire smiles. As a long time resident of the town, she's checked it out more than once in her lifetime, "It's pretty much the main date spot in town."

They've agreed to take thing slow, so there's no passionate goodbye kiss, just a gentle peck on the lips, but they both part with a dazed expression and a smile, feeling good about what they've got going on.

After dinner is eaten and homework completed, the kids are free to play.

Cassidy uses costumes and props to make her favorite stories come alive. 

Elliot comes upstairs to check up on them before bedtime. Both of his girls are more playful and imaginative than their mother was at their age; Elliot remembers Shelly's disdainful refusals to play tag with him, declaring it child's play and beneath her maturity level. Cassidy is more like his brother, living in imaginary worlds, while Delaney is more like Elliot than he likes, throwing herself enthusiastically and physically into her fun.

"Be careful you don't get hurt," he warns, knowing full well his words won't be heeded. He never paid attention to warnings, either.

Before going to bed, Cassidy initiates a duel with her older brother Kyle. Sure, pillows aren't swords, but when honor is at stake, any weapon will do.

Late at night when the kids are all in bed, Farrell and Aouregan get some time alone.

"I can get used to all the new things," she says quietly, "I think I've already reached the point where I couldn't go back to living without plumbing. But it bother me to not have a place here. I mean, back in my time, I was a healer and a priestess for those who still kept to the old ways. But here, my healing skills are not wanted, you have your doctors. And though I lived out in the woods, alone most of the time, I had a role to fill, I knew what I was. Here, I'm an outsider in truth. I feel...I wish I could explain it to you," she sighs.

"You don't have to explain," Farrell says, "I've been an outsider all my life, I know exactly how you feel."

"How are you an outsider?" she asks, "You were born here, raised here."

"And yet I've never quite fit in, never understood why people are the way they are, do the things they do. I do things that make sense to me, and people look at me like I've dropped here from another planet," Farrell shrugs, "My family, my brother especially, tried to shield me from the world growing up. You're the first person who ever just accepted me."

"I suppose it helped that I did literally drop out the sky from another world," he finishes with a laugh.

"I had resigned myself to my solitary life. There were still those in the village who required my services, but the preferred to consult with me in secret. No one would have been willing to live with me openly, not while the Landgraabs held power. My only chance at finding love would have to be from a man who dropped down from the sky."

"I would have loved you even if I were born in your village, your time," Farrell says, "I've never been afraid of being the outsider. And I've never concerned myself about my role in society; I do what  ned to do, I take care of my family, and let society make of me what they will. I don't expect to be understood."

"Well, I suppose I can be happy being an outsider with you," Aouregan says.


Big thanks to Jillyson for building the Le Cirque Park for me to replace the ad zoomsweeper track park next to the potion shop in Moonlight Falls. =D

Drake's Hollow is made from a depopulated Moonlight Falls, which I repopulated with my own characters. And I've made a bunch of changesto the community lots as well, including adding the sports club seen in Elliot's date with Claire. It's a sports bar with a basketball court and a golf driving range. 
I have not included any Showtime venues or stages in this town, which kind of kills Elliot's career. He still gets his stipend every week, but he doesn't perform. Sometimes if he has nothing to do, I have him perform for tips in the park. Luckily he made enough money in Storybrook to set us up well here in a giant Victorian house and still leave enough to handle the bills. Farrell still has his inventing career, but I also keep him busy with other things, so his income isn't huge. And Aouregan has taken over the spouse career in farming. Her garden is just starting to produce crops, a lot of which goes into the fridge rather than being sold.

And, an out take:

Suchandra shows up to flirt with Claire's brother's wife during their date. I totally would have used this in the story, but that's not how I wanted to bring Suchandra back into things.
And of course, Suchandra has gone and knocked someone up already (not Claire's sister-in-law, thankfully). So I guess I better work him back into the story soon. =P


  1. The community lots look amazing! =) I hope Aouregan begins to feel more like she belongs once her kids are walking and talking to her.

    1. Thanks!
      I'm really proud of my sports club. Which is funny because in real life, I have zero interest in sports. But I just love building sports bars and recreation areas featuring sporty things.
      And Jill did a great job on the circus park, I was really psyched when she made that for me.

  2. I think all the lots you've shown are just awesome (and I'm so jealous of Jill's building ability. I must practice more...)

    I'm happy Aouregon is finally connecting to her kids at least a little regarding their magic and I hope they have a good relationship with each other. Every time she and Farrell talk I just melt. <3 True love is just amazing.

    Claire seems like a good girl so I'm happy Elliot is pursuing her. I think he'll be happy with her. Also can't wait to see what Suchandra's return to the story will mean.

    1. I'm going to share my sports club very soon,I just need to finish up the second floor, and note the CC/Store items used.

      I love Farrell and Aouregan, too. nd I'm sure she'll connect a lot better to her kids while teaching them the magic stuff. They'll really depend on her for that.

      I had an idea Suchandra, but I was sitting on it until I had it more fleshed out...and then he goes and gets a girl pregnant, lol. But at least that gave me another idea for him that I think is better than what I was going to do.

  3. I. Love. Le Cirque Park. Also this chapter. Elliot's pain over his ex-wife is heartbreaking, but I am happy he's finding something with Claire. And the picture of Aurora doing her magic trick was priceless!

    1. Thanks, sparkle!
      Elliot is still not over Shelly, but he's getting there.

  4. Aurora's expression where she is doing her magic trick is just so adorable! I really like the growing relationship between Elliot and Claire and I think she's so much better for him that Shelly was.

    1. I've been wanting to get a pic of one of the kids doing the magic thing with the toy, but my house is such chaos I kept just missing the opportunity. But I knew if I took them out to the park and had them play with a toy, I could get my shot. The expression is just adorable.
      Claire is a hundred times better than Shelly already, even though we hardly know her, lol.

  5. I think once Elliott finally makes the final step and gets intimate with Claire, his final demons and regrets about Shelly will be driven out for good. :)

    Aurora's face after her spell was precious. I've only caught my test sim toddlers doing it a couple of times and never got a good screenshot. Aouregan and Farrell are bonding deeper with understanding one another's unique social troubles, that's heartwarming and promising for their future together - yay!

    Great job on your community lots, I tend to build more community lots too - I guess I enjoy decorating places for sims to visit and socialize more than houses - but I spend way too much time doing both - more than actually playing the game haha. I'm still working on the next big project that will eventually become my Supernatural story. Supernatural will have been out a year and boring to most by the time I get around to it haha.

    1. I think you might be right about Elliot. =)

      Farrell can certainly relate to Aouregan as a social outsider, and I think it helps her to know that she's not alone.
      I really love building community lots more than anything, I just wish there were more types of them to build in TS3. And more decor to set them apart from residences. I hate having to put the same paintings in shops that are in house; we need more signs and Sale posters and advertisements.

  6. I am glad that Aouregon is finally starting to settle in! Their twins are adorable!

    Elliot and Claire are pretty cute together. It's a good thing he's taking it slow, it'll give him some more time to get over Shelly.

    1. Thanks, Ali!
      Yeah, Elliot does have to unpack his baggage before he gets serious about anyone else. But Claire does seem to be a good choice for him, and he's been honest with her about what he wants.

      My house is chaos with all these children and 3 adults to manage, but they are cute. =D

  7. The lots in this chapter are beautiful! Really, amazing!

    I'm also loving seeing Elliot and Claire getting closer. It's good that they're taking it slow, they're cute this way.

    And, of course, can't get enough of the kids. I can't wait to see the toddlers grow up, although they're so adorable the way they are now too.

    1. Thanks, Tsuki!
      I posted the sports club/bar lot on the thread at MTS. I'll be adding it to this blog, too, when I get around to it.

      Elliot and Claire are a cute couple, and it is wisefor him to take it slow, so his kids don't have to deal with women coming in and out of their lives.

      The next chapter, which I just published, is totally all about the kids. I'm not used to having 5 kids at once, and the house is such chaos, lol. But it's fun.

  8. The park is beautiful! I love the circus-y theme.

    Claire and Elliot are adorable. I'm glad that things are going well for them. It's also nice to see Aouregan settling in somewhat, even if she still feels like an outsider.

  9. lol, some sims are just made for getting others nocked up :).

    I can't wait to read summerdream so I know why it's funny :P, but I am really enjoying this story - and I find it absolutely perfect how you're inter-twining these two stories. There's no way you'd know who was supposedly the "heir" without being told. :)

    1. Oh, that was more funny because SSP has Sims doing things you aren't always ready for. I moved Suchandra into the town figuring he'd show up again later, and the first thing he does is start knocking someone up, lol. Suchandra's part in Summerdream is really small, actually

  10. I'm glad Elliot and Claire's date seemed to go well. I'm glad they are taking it slow considering how it ended last time when he jumped into a relationship and marriage with Shelly.

    I loved the scenes with the toddlers and kids. I can't wait to see how they all turn out.

    1. I had so many kids in that generation! And they all turned out lovely in their own way.
      Elliot is moving on, but slowly. He is a little cautious after Shelly.