Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chapter 2: The first Suspect

Heath's first gig, or rather Gunther Fretless' first gig, since Sim Nation requires all performers to work under an assumed name as some kind of futile deterrent against the paparazzi, is quite a success. Whatever name he's using Heath is a babe magnet, and quickly garners two female fans to watch his show.

And that guy. The fourth audience member is actually one of paparazzi, not here for Heath, unfortunately, but for Stella Striker, the wife of famous sports star Sebastian Striker.

When he gets home, Ashlynn is waiting up for him. Though he's been a bit apprehensive about how quickly this relationship is moving, Heath won't overlook the serious upside to having a very hot chick in his bed every night.

In the early hours of dawn, Hath is awakened by a burglar skulking around the house.

"Are you trying to steal my shit?" Heath accuses, "Or are you just trying to peep my girl's tits?"

The burglar doesn't answer, his eyes firmly glued to the window.

"All right, that's it, you're going down," Heath snarls as he defends both his stolen yard furniture and his girl's honor from further violation.

Inside, a frantic Ashlynn calls the police.

Heath is victorious. But the burglar still manages to get away with Heath's bike before the police arrive.

"Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to put a shirt on," the police officer who failed to apprehend the burglar demands.

"Okay," Ashlynn says, "But could you maybe patrol this area more often?"

"We have to protect the whole county, ma'am," the officer says.

Heath uses the freezer bunny to land himself an indoor gig, at the Little Lennon coffeehouse.

"I made you a salad," Ashlynn says when he gets home from his audition. Since she moved in, she's been busting her ass trying to be useful, cleaning, cooking and doing minor repairs.

"You don't have to do all this, you know," Heath says, taking her in his arms.

"It's the least I could do, " she says, "You've been so generous."

"I like having you here, Ash," he says, "You don't have to pay your way."

Before he tucks into the salad she made, Heath asks if she'll join him for a shower. 

It has been more than the couple of days she originally asked to stay, but Heath has stopped counting., not in any hurry to see her go.

It's been a hell of a morning, everything is breaking around her, like she needs the extra stress right now.

Ashlynn didn't want to impose herself on Heath, hated lying to him, and she really meant to find a way to leave town before a couple of days passed. But once Colin learned she'd left the house, he'd expect her to leave town as well, and the last place he'd look would be an old beach rental that had been unoccupied for years. Staying was the safest option for Shasta, and her daughter is her top priority. And of course now she has an even bigger reason to stay. Ashlynn pounds the shower head angrily with her wrench, dreading Heath's return from his morning sing-o-gram assignments.

"You look beautiful," he says, greeting her with a light kiss, "Is that a new dress?"

"No, I've had this one packed away since, well..."

"Heath, this is a maternity dress," she blurts, getting it out as quickly and painlessly as possible, "I'm pregnant."

"I've got a few gigs lined up," he answers, looking down at his shoes, "I should be able to get the money together to take care of it."

"Take care of it?" she asks sharply, "Are you suggesting I have an abortion?"

"Well, yeah, I don't seriously want to have baby right now?" he says, still unable to meet her eyes, "We're not..." In love? Capable of handling it? Ready for the commitment?

"It's not about what I want, Heath," she says, "I just can't do that. If you want me to leave and have nothing to do with it, then I'll go. But I'm keeping this baby."

Ton of bricks, Heath thinks, never having understood that expression until now. Like it or not, want it or not, he's going to be a father.

"Okay," he says, his voice hoarse and barely audible, as he grabs her into a tight embrace, "It's okay. It's going to be okay," he says, trying to convince himself as much as her.

Ashlynn was actually prepared for much worse of a response, and is surprised by how quickly Heath accepted her news. When Colin found out about Shasta...Ashlynn pushes the thought out of her mind.

"I didn't mean for it to be this way," she whispers, tears forming in her eyes.

"I know that," he says, "But we'll be okay, I promise." He's going to have to bust his ass, he realizes, to get the money together to expand this place, to give them their own bedroom, and one for Shasta and the new baby.

Ashlynn tries very hard to believe that everything will be okay as Heath promised, and does her best to be cheerful around Shasta, and never let her daughter see the fear that lurks behind her smile.

If Colin were to find them, find her pregnant with another man's child...

Heath's, or rather Gunther Fretless', career is on the rise, playing frequent gigs at the Little Lennon Coffeehouse.

The ice cream truck has been parked outside their house for hours, and it's past midnight. Ashlynn's suspicions are quickly aroused. She can't go this alone any longer, she realizes. Heath could be in as great a danger as she is, and he needs to know. Tomorrow, she decides, she'll tell him tomorrow.

Ashlynn was asleep when he got back from his gig, and she continued sleeping even after he wok up in the morning, so Heath quietly gathered up the laundry and headed out to the laundrymat.

Not one to waste any opportunity to add to his growing bank account, Heath busts out his microphone to sing for tips while his clothes are in the washer.

Not only dies he get a nice wad of cash from the couple, he manages to sell one of his CDs. He can't wait to tell Ashlynn when he gets home.

When he gets home, he finds the door wide open, and Shasta sitting by herself on the floor.

"Ashlynn?" Heath calls. The house only has the one room, and she's not in the bathroom. "Where did your mother go?" he asks Shasta, who can't reply. Thinking quickly, he calls the hospital, both the one here in town and the one over in the city. Though she wasn't due this early, it seemed like the most obvious explanation. But both hospitals say she wasn't with them.

She wouldn't just leave Shasta like that, he knows that for sure. Something must have happened.

As the sun makes it way down for the day, Heath calls a sitter for Shasta, cancels his gig and heads to the local police station. As soon as he reports his pregnant girlfriend missing, he immediately becomes their first suspect.


  1. 1. Uh oh. =( Actually, a scenario like this was in the back of my mind, after reading your first chapter. Weird.

    2. Portia, what are you doing at a laundromat?

    3. Heath's face just looks so... sims 2. To me. For some reason. I like it a lot.

    4. Lol burglar.

    1. Ha, Becky, you are a very good reader. And you've been reading my stuff for long enough that you know how I think. So I'm not surprised that you know what I'm going to do before I do it. =D
      I know, Portia, in a laundrymat, lol. I'm guessing she and Rainier were lured in by the arcade games there.
      Heath is cloned from Riain in Summerdream. But with different hair and eye color. HIs face is kind of different. iirc, I made Riain from some born in game Sim I have in the bin. I'm really looking forward to seeing his kids, in Summerdream and here.
      (it's a giant Sim breeding program, lol)

  2. I think Becky sums it up pretty well. I'm lucky I was more than mid swallow when I got to the burglar or else I would have spit beer all over my computer! Also, yes, first thought at the laundromat was "aww, Portia and Rainier" though I am disappointed their love transcends reality time warp. I want him to myself damn it.

    1. Heath has random traits, but I was stoked to see Brave in his random roll, because I love scenes of my Sims beating down burglars. And this was one of my better burglar scenes (though, Autumn Enmity taking down a burglar down in her corset followed by the cop propositioning her and Darius for a threesome was also pretty classic.)

      I dropped a bunch of my Stardust couples into this town's population. I like being able to play on epic in Stardust, and play the relationships out without having to breed them so quickly like a legacy game. But I do miss getting to see generations of descendants, so, now I will get to have that, too. Portia and Rainier have a son already; Rainier knocked her up within Sim hours of me starting this legacy. Must have been quite the build up from the long celibacy, lol.

  3. Oh hi Portia and Rainier! Nice to see you here! (Does Portia actually do her own laundry?)

    The burglar was hilarious. I almost died laughing at that photo.

    Poor Ashlynn! I really hope she and the baby are okay. This Colin figure sounds like one unpleasant fellow.

    1. I know, I can't imagine Portia doing her own laundry. Especially in a laundrymat. But like I said to Becky, there ar a couple of arcade games in there, which she and Rainier were all over when Heath came in.

      The burglar was fun, I loved how he just had his eyes glued on Ashlynn.

      Colin is very much the typical abusive, controlling spouse I'm afraid. =(

  4. oh I love it :)
    Heath is such a bit of a dolt, huh? He is trying though, he really seems to be trying hard.

    I love the cross over from town to town.. Portia bought a CD! :)

    and now the worry begins.... where has she gone, or who abducted Ashlynn?

    1. Heath is a bit clueless, but he does mean well and he is trying to make this all work.

      I did move a bunch of Stardust characters into town. I don't know how many of them will actually appear on screen, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how their descendants get on here.

      Ashlynn's fate will be coming out soon enough.

  5. Wow so much going on in your story! I totally knew that there was a baby coming before you said it. I noticed the change in clothes. :D

    But now where is Ashlynn?

    Your burglar made me giggle. I love how he was oblivious to Heath, completely entranced by Ashlynn's tits... Maybe he is the one who took her.

    1. LOL, yeah, the maternity wear is kind of a dead giveaway.
      You won't be in suspense for long, the next chapter will reveal what happened to Ashlynn.

      That's an interesting idea about the burglar, lol. Must...have...tits...

  6. Oh wow, poor Ashlynn. I hope Heath finds her and I can't wait to find out her backstory.

    You write such amazing stories!

    1. Thanks, Ali!
      You'll find out what happens with Ashlynn soon enough, I promise!

  7. EEK what happened to her??? Who is Colin? Her crazy husband or possessive ex??? She wouldn't have just left Shasta so it has to be something bad for her?

    Stupid police why would he report her missing if he did something to her??? They always think that.

    Ok quit stalling, next update please.

    1. Yes, she wold never have just left Shasta like that.

      Next chapter is up, no stalling!

  8. ASHLYNN!!!! Getting kidnapped while pregnant - goodness! Poor girl. (Well getting kidnapped period would be horrible, but ya' know).

    I hope Colin gets what's coming to him - in the form of an angry Heath (because Heath has some serious muscles that must not be trifled with).

    1. I wish it had turned out that way. =(

      Heath is pretty toned, lol. I probably should have pulled that slider down when I had him in CAS. The guy he's cloned from was very muscular, for the reason of being a dragon, but I just didn't think of it while I was making Heath for this legacy.

  9. Since I never got to read your Stardust storyline, seeing some of your characters here in a separate legacy will be new for me, and fun when I ever get around to going back to your old stories!

    I also agree with you on the timing thing. I have an island I play on epic age span too and love it, but sometimes its refreshing to play the 'faster' version meant for legacy stories even though timing and cramming all the details in is pretty tough!

    1. My Stardust isn't a legacy at all, it's like a soap opera where no one ages. Or at least, with aging on epic, no one has aged up yet,and there's no real generational play. So, I get to fulfill my wishes to see what the kids would look like if of the couples in Stardust were going to get that far before the story ends, by dropping them in a ten generation legacy town and see what happens.

  10. Oh dear. This is a very concerning chapter. I don't see this ending well

  11. Replies
    1. Haha, yeah, things did get dramatic real fast for Heath.

  12. No! Say what? Where did Ashlynn go? You are real good at writing cliffhangers! Did I say that I am really hooked...?

    1. Thanks! I do like a good cliffhanger.

  13. loving it all ready :) will comment more when I get caught up

  14. Only the second chapter, and already there is suspense! I love it. I hope Ashlynn is ok! Can't wait to see how Heath will react to Colin.

    1. Ah, yeah, Ashlynn did disappear before she could tell Heath about Colin...

  15. I love that Ash just walks out side to talk to the cops with her boobs out haha, and Heath is a babe magnet, its so to the point!

    1. Ash and her boob were pretty funny. Heath has incredible magnetic powers, it's true.

  16. Aww so sad he became the first suspect, especially since he reported it. :( Poor Heath. LOL. I'm glad I found this too, haha, I'd missed seeing you around my stories. XD ROFLL at Heath wondering if the burglar was just checking out Ash's boobs, and her going to talk to the police officer like that. o.O LOL I suppose this is Sims and they don't really think they're naked when they have invisible clothes on.. LMAO.